ACNH Best Ways To Get Villager Photos [Top 3 Ways]

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Villager photos are the most sought-after reward in Animal Crossing, mostly due to the amount of work required to receive one. They can take weeks to get, and because of this, a lot of players consider them to be endgame with regard to villager friendships. Some take this as a cue to allow the villager to move out, with seasoned collectors creating trophy rooms (and for the more macabre, graveyards) as an homage to their departed resident. Some people simply sell these precious commodities on sites like Nookazon. However you choose to use the photos, here are three ways to help you on your way to becoming besties with your villagers.


3. Talk

It really is as simple as that. While there are more effective ways of raising your friendship with your villagers, talking to them at least once a day will set you on the right path.

How to socialize like a pro:

  • Talk to your villagers at least once a day.
  • If a villager wants to buy an item from your inventory, let them.
  • If a villager has a flea, catching the critter will raise your friendship by five points.
  • If a villager asks if you want to play treasure hunt, do it. (If your friendship is high enough, the reward may be their photo!)


2. Katrina

The 2.0 update blessed the Animal Crossing community with a great many things, one of those being the fortune-telling feline, Katrina. This mysterious moggy can cast a friendship blessing on a villager of your choice once daily, which can increase your friendship level by two points. 

How to utilize Katrina:

  • Unlock Harv’s island if you haven’t already, using the guide in the video linked above.
  • Talk to Katrina daily and pay her 10000 bells to receive a friendship blessing on your chosen villager.
  • It’s also worth asking Katrina to read your fortune, as a positive friendship fortune can raise your level by one point with a random villager. Every little helps!


1. Gifts

Once you’ve chatted to a new villager for a couple of days, the option to give them a gift will appear. You can only do this once a day, but it’s a crucial part of building friendship. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts? 

How to be the gift that keeps on giving:

  • Once you’re able to give gifts to your villagers, do it once daily.
  • Wrap your gifts. Wrapping adds an extra 1-3 friendship points, depending on the price of the item.
  • Because price matters, anything with a sell price of over 2000 bells is considered a top-tier gift.
  • The absolute best gift to give your villagers is a wrapped, duplicate fossil. They have a high sell price, are very easy to find (especially after you’ve completed your fossil collection), and they won’t be displayed in villager homes.


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