[Top 10] Anime with Mask Characters

Anime with Mask Characters
Team Skull is the most badass gang in all of Alola. This is one of their members. (Anime: Pokemon Sun and Moon)

10. Tokyo Ghoul 

Ken Kaneki 

In a world where Tokyo is haunted by creatures that enjoy human flesh, people fear them especially for how they can blend into humanity. After what was supposed to be a date turning into something far darker, Kaneki finds himself becoming one of these creatures. Half-creature, half-human.    

This is Kaneki (middle). On the left is what he looks like now after a girl screwed him over. On the right is the girl that screwed him over. 

9. Goblin Slayer 


This anime is all about literal naming. 

After her party is taken down by goblins, all hope seems lost for the newly-licensed Priestess. However, she is saved by the one called Goblin Slayer. High-ranked, mysterious, and not exactly popular among other adventurers, his only goal is to exterminate the goblin population.  

Goblin Slayer with Priestess (yes, that’s literally her name in the anime)

8. Bakuon!!


Raimu Kawasaki 

After witnessing some girls on their motorcycles, Sakura decides to ditch her bike and get one herself. Getting her license and vehicle, she joins the motorcycle club at her high school. With her friends and lifestyle, Sakura couldn’t imagine what the world would be if motorcycles weren’t around!   

Notice how everyone else’s helmet but Raimu’s (in the back, you can see her red bow) has a see-through visor?  

7. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 


Agares Picero

When his parents sold his soul to a demon, Iruma thought his life would become Hell, both metaphorically and literally. However, Lord Sullivan proves the opposite: warm, affectionate, and merely a lonely old man who wants a grandkid. As newly-adopted Iruma starts attending demon school, he slowly touches the lives of every person he encounters.  

Iruma (middle) keeps his humanity a secret while attending Babylus Demon School. 

6. How to Keep a Mummy 

The goddess of the shrine Sora and co often visit. 

Supernatural creatures are nothing new to Sora, especially with the gifts his father sends from travelling. One package in particular arrives in a sarcophagus---with a tiny mummy! Naming it Mii-kun, they form a sweet bond that could compare to Ash and Pikachu!    

Sora and his little mummy pal Mii-kun

5. Pokemon (particularly the Sun and Moon series)

Tupp (middle), Rapp (left), and Zipp (right) are members of the infamous Team Skull.

It’s off to a new adventure! Ash and Pikachu are always exploring different regions, meeting friends and Pokemon along the way. Whether Kanto, Sinnoh, Kalos, or even Alola, the journey never ends!

Team Rocket finally met their match. Who else is as goofy and mediocre as they are?

4. Kirby! Right Back at Ya! 

Meta Knight

Baby Star Warrior Kirby crashlands in Cappytown, the hero everyone didn’t expect but definitely need. King Dedede, envious of the pink ball’s popularity, uses monsters to get rid of him. Monsters that easily come to him at the dial of a rather shady hotline.    

Just like the games, Kirby is too cute to even consider a threat!

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Rimuru Tempest

An average man is suddenly killed, then wakes up to find himself in a different world. Reincarnated as a slime. Although he’s not dismayed by this new form. In fact, being a slime has to be the best thing ever! 

Well, he HAD the mask for most of season 1. 

2. Sailor Moon

Tuxedo Mask 

Monsters and sinister magic-users terrorize Japan, hoping to bend humanity to their will. It’s up to Sailor Moon and her party of Sailor Scouts to drive them away and keep the world safe. That’s less stressful than getting to school on time or dealing with romantic woes.

It’s 2020. We know who they are. 

1. Naruto 

Kakashi Hatake 

An orphan who was cursed with the Nine-tailed Fox at birth, Naruto is not exactly the most popular person in his village. Despite the constant rejection and verbal abuse, he vows to one day rise as their Hokage. First he has to deal with a bunch of classmates who tend to be even dumber than he is. 

He’s a sweet kid. Mess with him and you’ll regret it. 

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