Top 15 Best Custom Beat Saber Songs

est Custom Beat Saber Songs
With great songs comes great amounts of boxes.

So you downloaded the custom songs mod for Beat Saber. Where do you start?

Beat Saber is a Virtual Reality game involving awesome music, cool light shows, dodging glowing walls, and slicing boxes with laser swords. What could possibly make it better? How about playing YOUR favorite songs? That’s right, there are people out there making custom maps for your dream come true! While you’re downloading the mod, read through this list of the best custom Beat Saber songs you should play.

15. Shake It Off - by Taylor Swift (made by jovian)

Shake It Off gameplay

Say what you want, but this is a good box slicing song with a lot thrown at you. I know custom songs are all about preference, but just treat this list as if I was your friend. And I’m in your living room. And you ask me what song to look up next. Give it a whirl for me.

Where to download:

14. Seven Nation Army - by The White Stripes (made by blueasis)

Seven Nation Army gameplay

Hard-hitting and intense, this song is perfect for slicing boxes. While some maps are hard to follow because they’re either slightly offbeat or have weirdly placed boxes, this one is clean.

Where to download:

13. Centuries - by Fall Out Boy (made by theab)

Centuries gameplay

Try not to get distracted by the light show in the background. A fantastic song for slicing boxes, you totally play the song right on the beat. This one is a crowd favorite and definitely worth downloading.

Where to download:

12. Can’t Stop The Feeling - by Justin Timberlake (made by bennydabeast)

Can't Stop The Feeling gameplay

This song already gets you dancing, so why not slice to it too? You can dance and slice at the same time, I know it. Everyone in the room will appreciate this song choice. Also, if you see maps made by this creator, you know they’re going to be good.

Where to download:

11. Levels - by Avicii (made by synodic)

Levels gameplay

Fun, upbeat song ready to pump you up and make sure you’re paying attention. These boxes seem to appear closer to you with less time for you to react. So keep your eyes glued on the arrows.

Where to download:

10. Believer - by Imagine Dragons (made by rustic)

Believer gameplay

Powerful drums and beats practically made for this game. I seem to hit the boxes harder because of the hard hits in the song. You can’t tell me you don’t feel the same thing when you play this one.

Where to download:

9. Burn - by Ellie Goulding (made by bennydabeast)

Burn gameplay

Large, sweeping swipes combined with slicing with the bass are the reasons this song is a must-play. An expertly created level and an awesome song to play to.

Where to download:

8. Blue (KNY Remix) - by Eiffel 65 (made by freeek)

Blue (KNY Remix) gameplay

If you’ve never tried the single saber mode, this song will force you to try it without even asking. There are quite a few parts of this song where you only use one saber or the other, but the creativity of the boxes is so fun, it’s worth the challenge.

Where to download:

7. Blue (Da Ba Dee) Metal Cover - by Eiffel 65 (made by tehreapre)

Blue (Metal Cover) gameplay

Speaking of creative boxes...I know this song is just a different version of number eight on this list, but I think both are worth playing. Try this one out for the sole reason of the box spirals on the guitar riffs. Or just the guitar in this song in general.

Where to download:

6. Get Low - by Dillon Francis & DJ Snake (made by styngme)

Get Low gameplay

“Get low.” And you will. The walls force you to. If you’ve ever heard this song and found yourself tapping along to the beat, playing it in the game is so satisfying. Sharp on the beats and clever with its boxes and walls, this song is entertaining.

Where to download:

5. Last Dance (Custic Remix) - by Dua Lipa (made by bennydabeast)

Last Dance gameplay

Smooth, on beat, and sharp, this song just flows while you play. The unique chorus and charming vocals just make it that much better.

Where to download:

4. Pompeii - by Bastille (made by dietmoxie)

Pompeii gameplay

Virtually play the drums? Sure! This song will make you feel like you’re rocking out onstage with a three hundred and sixty-degree drumset. Just be sure not to smack your viewers.

Where to download:

3. Beat It - by Michael Jackson (made by freeek)

Beat It gameplay

If your favorite part of the game is the walls, this one's for you. They are inserted in such a clever way, and definitely make you dance. Even the patterns in the boxes and bombs seem to make you move to the beat more than usual.

Where to download:

2. Sandstorm - by Darude (made by skylarwallace)

Sandstorm gameplay

This song is a little sentimental to me because it’s the first song I beat on Expert+, but play it and you’ll see why it’s on this list. Boxes right on the highlighted notes of the song and patterns lined up to the beat, this song is perfect. If you can keep up with it, it’s a must-play.

Where to download:

1. Shatter Me - by Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale (made by StoicBlue)

Shatter Me gameplay

The version uploaded by nitronikexe is also excellent. If the sheer amount of boxes and speed in this song doesn’t overwhelm you, it’s one you have to try. The strong vocals and violin (of course) make this song reach a whole different level, and that’s why it’s at the top of this list. Fair warning: There’s a LOT of bombs.

Where to download stoicblue:

Where to download nitronikexe:

I hope you are pumped up and inspired to play through this whole list. If you have to narrow it down, definitely make time for the top five! If you want more about Virtual Reality, here’s a few more articles you might like:

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