Top 15 Best Beat Saber Songs

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Attack of the boxes, revenge of the saber.

Looking for the best Beat Saber songs? Here's your list.

Beat Saber is a Virtual Reality game taking the world by storm…or song I should say. The game involves awesome music, cool light shows, dodging glowing walls, and slicing boxes with laser swords to the beat. Are you overwhelmed by the number of song choices?? Fear not, padawan. I’m here to help you sift through the albums and find the top fifteen best Beat Saber songs.

15. Origins - by Jaroslav Beck & Jan Ilavsky ft. Mutrix

Origins gameplay

“The heart, the brain, the body, and soul.” Honestly, playing Beat Saber uses all these elements listed in the lyrics. Many of the songs on this list are here because they are unique. This one definitely slices that box. With hanging pauses perfectly placed and a great beat to swing to, this song kicks off our list at number fifteen and is worth a play.

14. Legend - by Jaroslav Beck & Generdyn ft. Backchat

Legend gameplay

While most songs do have a few lyrics, this level is a full rap song. You’ll almost be distracted by trying to listen. But the beat keeps you on track and slicing like a boss.

13. Turn Me On - by Jaroslav Beck ft. Tiny C

Turn Me On gameplay

“You and me…” You’ll for sure be nodding along to this song as you slice. Timed as the second shortest song on this list at one minute and fifty-one seconds, it’s still definitely one to play. This song has some harsh tones and hard hits making it excellent for slicing boxes.

12. Country Rounds - by Jaroslav Beck

Country Rounds gameplay

If you’ve never played Beat Saber before, play this song. It will teach you the ways of the laser sword. “But I don’t want to play a country song.” me. Country Rounds is a unique sound, but it works and it’s interesting.

11. Be There For You - by Sedliv ft. Kinnie Lane

Be There For You gameplay

It may have a slow intro, but once the beat drops, this tune has a perfect pace for slicing boxes. With a snapping beat throughout, catchy lyrics, and cool vocal sounds, this is a fun song to play.

10. Beat Saber - by Jaroslav Beck

Beat Saber gameplay

Worthy of its name, this song is the perfect Beat Saber song. Strong beats, enough repetition to get patterns in the boxes, but enough variety to keep you entertained. Although it’s the shortest and sweetest at one minute and fifty seconds, it’s definitely one to beat. Get it? Beat? No? Okay...

9. Crystallized - by Camellia

Crystallized gameplay

The title of this song says it all. With ringing tones and sharp beats, this whole song is crystallized. You’ll fall in love with its little trills, bells, and bass drops. It’s a challenge but will charm its way into being your favorite.

8. Light It Up - by Camellia

Light It Up gameplay

Coming in as the second longest song at six minutes and ten seconds, this one is a fast-paced workout and will keep you on your toes. The tones are fast and light with nice, flowing breaks for your poor arms. But it WILL leave you exhausted. It will make you think you’ve reached the end more than once, but the real ending is very satisfying.

7. Escape - by Jaroslav Beck ft. Summer Haze

Escape gameplay

“If you wanna escape with me…” This is the first song I completed on Expert, so it has a little sentimental meaning. Once you play it though, you’ll know I have a good reason for putting it on this list. It has feeling, emotion, a killer chorus beat, and the power to suck you in. You’ll be listening to this song and pretending to slice boxes in your car, just wait.

6. Burning Sands - by Boom Kitty

Burning Sands gameplay

Picture an action movie. Set in Egypt. Then speed it up. That is this song, and it’s so exhilarating. The purple and gold boxes are a fantastic touch, and I’m always distracted by the mysterious, dark edges of the level.

5. Unlimited Power - by Jaroslav Beck ft. Frank Bentley

Unlimited Power gameplay

“WE’RE PLAYING BEAT SABER!” If this song doesn’t get you excited about playing Beat Saber, I don’t know what will. It literally mentions the game in the song. With fast-talking lyrics and good beats, this song gets you headbanging along with it.

4. Crab Rave - by Noisestorm

Crab Rave gameplay

The green and blue boxes may entice you to try this song because it’s something different...but be warned. The colors make this one even harder. Don’t run away though! It’s a good challenge and an upbeat, catchy song. Definitely worth a spot in the top five and the multiple plays it takes to get used to the colors. And the mental image of crabs at a rave.

3. Rum ‘n’ Bass - by Boom Kitty

Rum 'N' Bass gameplay

Do you like pirates? I like pirates. And this song will have you feeling like a pirate, cutting and slashing to a beat worthy of an epic sword fight. With growling pirates in the background and unique tones throughout, this song will practically transport you into a certain movie set in the Caribbean.

2. Angel Voices - by Virtual Self

Angel Voices gameplay

If you want a challenge, start this heavenly song without knowing how long it is. You’ll be wondering if you’re stuck forever! At six minutes and twelve seconds, this is the longest song you can play, but so worth the effort. Demanding endurance, focus, and the will to work up a sweat, this song brings a level of extreme few others reach. With intense beats and powerful bass, it will definitely pump you up.

1. Pop/Stars – K/DA - by League of Legends

Pop/Stars - K/DA gameplay

Warning: Tunes will get stuck in your head! This one rolls in at number one because it’s the most unique and engaging to play. With a bopping song making you move, purple and gold boxes setting the mood, and such on beat swings you can pretty much dance while you slice. This song will have you singing along as the greatest pop star of your living room. Definitely a crowd favorite and worthy of a number one ranking.

I hope you are pumped up and inspired to play through this whole list. If you have to narrow it down, definitely make time for the top five! If you want more about Virtual Reality, here’s a few more articles you might like:

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