[Top 15] Best VR Adventure Games To Play Right Now

 Best VR Adventure Games
Make a mouse friend and go on an adventure together. Isn't she adorable?

Don't you love the thrill of adventure?

Adventure games are one of the most versatile genres out there. They can have all kinds of other genres attached to them. No matter what the others are, though, adventure games are always full of fun stories. It’s hard to not find yourself addicted to the thrill of the story, pushing you through intense fights or head-scratching puzzles to reach completion. For an extra kick, experience the game in VR to fully immerse yourself in the feeling. You can start with these VR adventure games, which are some of the best to play right now.

15. L.A.Noire: The VR Case Files (PC/PS4)

L.A. Noire trailer

Play as Detective Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. Solve crimes, plots, and conspiracies in a world inspired by real cases in 1947 Los Angeles. You can search for clues, interrogate suspects, and more all within the confines of your room. With seven cases specifically rebuilt for VR, you’ll have a lot of fun solving these crimes.

In VR, you can manipulate any object you want. Dig through drawers and inspect every item if that’s what you’d like. Take actual notes in your notebook as you hold it with a pen in your hand—or just doodle something as the game fills in the information you’re receiving. There are even chase scenes, fistfights, and shootouts to experience. You can lose yourself in the world of a detective with this game. 

14. Defector (PC)

Defector trailer

Travel the world with a team of highly trained agents on your side in Defector. Your goal is to track down the parts of a missing doomsday device. With branching story paths and action scenes requiring you to overcome impossible odds, it guarantees a unique experience. Survive certain death scenarios and save the world before it’s too late.

This game takes you through the funniest scenes of a typical spy thriller movie or game. Feel like you’re James Bond as you play through different scenes. There are even some card games available to play as you go along. Put on the VR headset and disappear into the thrill of being a spy without the consequences.

13. Phantom: Covert Ops (PC)

Phantom: Covert Ops trailer

In Phantom: Covert Ops, play as a phantom—a member of an elite covert operative—on an important mission. You have one night to prevent an all-out war. Dispatched into hostile wetlands, utilize weapons and other equipment you find to neutralize the enemy from your military kayak. There are two options available to you: engage the enemy or stealth your way through the game. Either way, you need to take out the enemies to stop the war.

As movement in VR can be strange, the game neutralizes these problems and leaves you in the kayak for the entire story. It’s a unique solution that offers a different perspective, letting you move around the wetlands without actually moving or feeling the need to move. The graphics are all on a 1:1 scale, so feel as if you are really sitting there in this wetland. Unlock different modes, collectibles, and achievements as you go along too. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

12. Batman: Arkham VR (PC/PS4)

Batman: Arkham trailer

Some of the best game concepts to come out of VR are superhero games. Everyone wants to be a superhero at some point, and now, you can be. In Batman: Arkham VR, play as Batman in this standalone game. Experience the world through the caped crusader’s eyes as he tries to solve a mystery. Save his closest allies in the process.

This story-driven game offers a lot of insight into who Batman is and how he operates. With different places to explore throughout the Batcave, Wayne Manor, and the surrounding Gotham City, experience for yourself what it’s like to be a superhero, using some of Batman’s gadgets to save the city. Though the game is on the shorter side, there’s still a lot to enjoy as you piece together the mystery and meet other popular characters related to Batman.

11. No Man’s Sky (PS4)

No Man's Sky trailer

In No Man’s Sky, explore a story written in the stars. You, the Traveller, wake up on a strange planet with amnesia. You must find and repair your nearby starship before you can get back into space. Once you do, you meet strange aliens and other Travellers as the plot starts to pull you to the center of the universe. Over time, you’ll come to find out not everything here is as it seems.

Though there is a story to the game, it is also an open-ended survival game. Mine for resources, explore planets, or even hyperjump into new star systems. One cool feature is that the servers are connected for all players. Earn extra credits, the game’s currency, for being the first to discover new planets, flora, and/or fauna. You might even get the opportunity to name your discoveries. Play in VR to experience space as you’ve never seen it before. Different aliens may attack you for your cargo, however, or for disrupting a planet, so be careful as you explore.

10. Falcon Age (PC/PS4)

Falcon Age trailer

Experience Ara’s journey in Falcon Age. Ara fights to reclaim her culture’s legacy with the lost art of falcon hunting. Befriend a baby falcon and watch it grow as you fend off the automated colonizers together. They have stripped the planet of its resources and turned it into a desert wasteland, effectively destroying it. Play as Ara and, along with her falcon, join the resistance and free what little is left of the world struggling to survive.

Armed with only a stun baton and your falcon friend, gameplay can be difficult yet thrilling. Though VR is optional, it adds depth to the game that makes it all that more intriguing. It will feel as if you are there trying to fend the robots off of your own land. More importantly, though, there are specific buttons to pet and play with your falcon, something that’s fun to do in VR as it sits on your virtual arm. It’s something you’re not going to want to miss out on.

9. Skyrim (PC/PS4)

Skyrim VR trailer

This game almost needs no introduction. Skyrim, the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, is a widely popular game. Since 2011, people have explored Skyrim, fighting dragons, giants, and all sorts of other creatures, and getting themselves wrapped up in different guilds and quests. Create your own character, discover what the Dragonborn is, and save Skyrim from the newly reincarnated dragons. Only you can stop them.

Skyrim was reimagined for VR in 2018. Though the graphics quality didn’t change much, it’s still an experience you want to have, especially if you’ve played the original. Immerse yourself in this fan-favorite world. With proper scale and depth, you’ll feel like you’re really there, finally awake and crossing the border into Skyrim. 

The VR version also includes all three DLC packs for the game. Fight or join the vampires in the Dawnguard DLC, discover a new island in the Dragonborn DLC, or build your own home in the Hearthfire DLC. The choice is up to you, as this game lets you go off on any path you want, picking and choosing what quests to do or what build to play as. There’s a large modding community too, so you’re bound to have a new experience every time you play.

8. The Talos Principle (PC)

The Talos Principle trailer

The Talos Principle is a VR version of a first-person puzzle game with the same name. Reimagined for VR, you play as if awakened from a deep sleep, finding yourself in a strange world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Solve increasingly complex puzzles as you continue through and decide whether to have faith or start asking questions. These questions are who are you, what is your purpose, and what are you going to do about it?

Choose your movement through this game both in the story and your physical movement. The non-linear story means you can choose wherever you want to go and solve whatever puzzles you want to solve on your own time. You can physically move in different ways too, whether you prefer teleporting from place to place or moving there on your own. This puzzle game is worth the buy and will challenge your mind as you immerse yourself in the strange world.

7. Vader Immortal: Episode 1 (PC/PS4)

Vader Immortal: Episode 1 trailer

Vader Immortal: Episode 1 is the first of three games in the series. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe as a smuggler near Mustafar, where Darth Vader currently lives. After your ship is unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace, find yourself uncovering a mystery for Vader with the help of your droid companion. Navigate the dangerous fortress, meet new characters, and hone your lightsaber skills as you discover what Vader is truly up to.

There are very few people on Earth who would pass at the opportunity to wield a lightsaber. Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars you’ve definitely heard of it, and they’re quite irresistible. In this game, you can achieve this goal with VR. Your main weapon as you traverse through the fortress is a lightsaber. What else could you ask for? This is one of the games selling points, as they also have an included game mode where you can train your skills in the multi-level lightsaber dojo. Don’t hesitate, go try this game out now.

6. Star Wars: Squadrons (PC/PS4)

Star Wars: Squadrons trailer

If hand-to-hand combat isn’t your style or if you just want to experience more of the Star Wars universe, you should try the VR Star Wars: Squadrons. In single-player mode, alternate between a pilot for the Galactic Empire and one for the New Republic. Set after Episode VI and the battle of Endor, the Republic is trying to build a stronger fleet with the remnants of Imperial Star Destroyers. Fight to either protect or destroy this ship, depending on which side you’re on, and discover the story around it as the Empire tries to regain power.  

In VR, feel like you’re actually sitting in the cockpit of these ships. Look around at the controls, showing you stats like your shield status, or stay focused out the front window to blast any enemies out of the sky that come within sight. There are also two online multiplayer modes: a team deathmatch mode, or a game similar to capture the flag, except it’s destroying a ship. 

Everything is highly customizable from the ship to the pilot you play as. Not only can you change the looks of the ship, but you can choose what kind of ship you want to play in. Have fun out in space and try not to get blown up.

5. Stormland (PC)

Stormland trailer

In Stormland, play as a robot in this futuristic game. Your character, Vesper, starts as an android gardener taking care of an alien planet. That is until an alien faction known as The Tempest comes along and shoots him. Rebuild Vesper and enact your revenge on this faction, collecting gadgets and resources to upgrade yourself as you progress. Where will your revenge lead you?

Dive deep into the story as you destroy the members of the other faction. They will drop the components you need to level up when you kill them, so it’s not hard to find them. There’s a multiplayer mode if you want to play with your friends, too. Then, once you finish the story, the game enters a mode called Cycling World. It resets game locations and missions every week, so you can keep playing with new content. Get a taste of what the future could be when you play this game.

4. Journey of the Gods (PC)

Journey of the Gods trailer

Become the hero in Journey of the Gods. Something threatens the peaceful inhabitants of the land—the chaos moon. You must unlock the power of the gods to battle against the intruding darkness. Engage in ranged and melee combat with the celestial servants of the chaos moon. Solve ancient mysteries of the gods. As you’re doing this, explore the world you’re trying to save. Unlock the power of the gods before it’s too late.

Though the graphics are simple, there’s a lot of plot and exploration to find here. Keep unlocking new ways to fight as you get involved in the story. You can gain weapons and powers through the knowledge of the gods. In VR, experience having god-like powers of your own and fight off the coming evil. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

3. Pixel Ripped 1995 (PC/PS4)

Pixel Ripped 1995 trailer

In Pixel Ripped 1995, experience the world of games—literally! Join the video game hero Dot and the 9-year-old boy David as they work together to restore balance to multiple dimensions. David struggles to maneuver around the real-life struggles of a kid, like his mom telling him to stop playing for the night. He has to find a way to help Dot as she jumps from game to game to restore this balance. Experience the nostalgia as you play through multiple game worlds and save the day.

One of the things that makes this game so fun is how it takes you through the worlds of multiple old games. Not only that, but you can play it in VR, fully immersing yourself in these universes. They even imitate what the original graphics of these games looked like, using 16 and 32-bit graphics to make it feel more real. If you love retro games and want to experience them like never before, you’ll want to give this game a try.

2. Trover Saves The Universe (PC/PS4)

Trover Saves the Universe trailer

Trover Saves The Universe is a one-of-a-kind game you won’t find anywhere else. This comedic game is played in second-person. You are an unnamed Chairorpian, or a humanoid alien race confined to chairs. You’re accompanied by Trover who you control to play the game. The villain, a being named Glorkon, has kidnapped your dogs and plans on using their power to destroy the universe. With Trover’s help, it’s up to you to save the universe and rescue your dogs. 

Though this is played in second-person, there are still a lot of ways the game immerses you. You aren’t just a floating, bodiless entity, the actual plot begins because of you and others interact with you as a character. The chair your alien is confined in also has features like moving blocks around for Trover or just looking at your stats. Sometimes you even have to have Trover change the environment around to move your chair to a different perspective so you can see the puzzle. If you want a fun game to play and you want to laugh, this is the game for you.

1. Moss (PC/PS4)

Moss trailer

Moss is another interactive second-person game. One difference in this one, however, is how the game considers you, the player. You begin in an old library with a book in front of you. Once you open it, you get pulled into a fantasy world as the reader. Characters in the world know of you and what you’re supposed to be there for.

 You control the main character, a small white mouse named Quill, who stumbled across a magic glass that connected the two of you. Interact with the world in a way only you can and help her solve puzzles as you search for her Uncle. Along the way, save her ancestral lands from the great evil residing there.

This game wouldn’t be the same without VR. Though the game assumes you’re sitting as the book is on a desk in front of you, you have a unique perspective of the map with the headset on. Some collectibles you can’t see unless you can look at it from a different angle, meaning moving your head around yourself to get a different view. You might even have to stand to see what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s just best to experience it for yourself, and this is definitely one of those games.

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