[Top 15] Best Adventure Board Games In the World

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When we said 'adventure' we didn't think we'd be fighting giant tenticled monsters.

Welcome Adventurers! What quest would you like? You have 15 to choose from.

Looking for a board game to try out that feels a bit like a good video game? If you love RPGs in video games, then maybe you can try your hand out in adventure type board games. These games have the usual themes you’ll find in almost any adventure video game such as heroism, exploration, puzzle-solving and great stories, most of the time they even mix in a lot of fantasy elements. Completing an adventure board game can also be just as satisfying as completing an adventure video game.

If you’re curious as to what to try, we’ve compiled a list of 15 adventure board games that we love that you can try out and see which adventure you like. Let the quests begin!

15. Runebound (3rd Edition)

Runebound Map

Adventure games are perfect with a touch of fantasy in them, you get that mix in Runebound where you get to complete quests across a vast map using one of eight playable characters (your teammates choose from this pool as well). Your choices will lead you to either fight off 1 of the 2 game’s big bosses, the Corpse King or the Dragonlord. How will your party overcome these monsters and save Terrinoth?

What’s fun about Runebound (3e):

  • Rival heroes, you’re all racing to save Terrinoth…but doesn’t that make you in the same team? Not really.
  • 2 scenarios, but a lot of things to do, so every playthrough has its own twist
  • Magic or Brawn, choose if you want to focus on magic or sheer strength.

14. Aftermath

 Aftermath Minis

Humans mysteriously disappeared and we now enter a dystopian world. You and your companions are a band of rodents struggling to survive in this new world. Scavenge for food and supplies to build your colony for better chances of survival. Be careful as you journey outside your colony, several predators are out for the same thing, and you and your rodent family may just be their next meal.

What’s fun about Aftermath:

  • 20 + story-driven scenarios, it may be a while before you are through with this game.
  • Plan and prepare ahead, don’t leave your colony defenseless, this is why we scavenge for good materials.
  • Writing, the stories on the information about this post-apocalypse game adds a lot of flavor. Makes the first playthrough really fun.

13. Mage Knight (Ultimate Edition)

 Mage Knight Inclusions

This game is a good combination of deck-building, puzzles and other traditional boardgame elements mixed into one. You play as one of the four optional Mage Knights in the story and explore (and take control) of the Mage Knight universe which has been under the ruthless control of the Atlantean Empire. Will you be able to shift other cities to your cause or must you win over the land with an iron fist? 

What’s fun about Mage Knight:

  • Co-op or Competitive, you can go against each other from the get go despite the common goal.
  • Solo is possible, want to hone your skills before you introduce the game to your friends? Mage Knight is fun alone and can be used for practice.
  • Card/spell/item management, the deck building feature is something I loved about this game.

12. Plunder: A Pirate’s Life

 Plunder Box

How about a pirate’s adventure this time? Adventuring the great seas where riches and glory await you!. Command your fleet, wage war against other pirates and build and upgrade your ships with the best weapons and defenses. The game is a competitive strategy gateway played on a modular ocean map. The goal is to gain 10 Plunder Points by conquering islands, sinking enemy ships and burying treasure, just like an actual pirate.

What's fun about Plunder: A Pirate's Life:

  • Fun in the theme, the game itself feels like it’s up to the winds of luck but the pirate theme makes up for it (Well, a  number of us had fun with this adventure game).
  • Easy Learning Curve, I’d consider teaching my family this game or at least my siblings.
  • Miniature ships, obviously a lot of care was put into making them and it makes the whole experience of controlling them fun.

11. Mice and Mystics

 Mice and Mystics Box

Just like a fantasy book you (and some friends) are turned into mice! Things just became a whole lot bigger and more dangerous from your point of view. You and your fellow mice comrades now have to defend your kingdom against adversaries such as rats, cockroaches, spiders and let’s not forget the Big Bad housecat: Brodie. What will you and your companions do to keep yourselves safe from all these dangers?

What’s fun about Mice and Mystics:

  • Sharing Cheese, a great co-op game where you can share each other’s gains. There’s no backbiting here.
  • Storytelling, probably it’s strong point in making it a great adventure to go through.
  • Family game, may or may not be a good thing but I always look for games that I can introduce to my family.

10. Sleeping Gods

Sleeping Gods Box Art 

Aboard the Manticore, a steamship where you play as Captain Sofi Odessa and her crew get trapped out on sea. In order to reach home you must awaken the gods by seeking out their totems in order to awaken them. Work together to survive, explore and meet NPCs as you search for the totems. Will you and your crew ever reach home?

What’s fun about Sleeping Gods:

  • Played in several sessions; you can save your progress and play another day.
  • Play with other people; you don’t always have to have the same band of friends play with you all the time. If one person can’t show up then have someone else fill the role for you.
  • Storytelling, it is a storybook sort of game so you can definitely expect great narratives from this.

9. Robinson Crusoe

 Robinson Crusoe Box

Getting shipwrecked on a deserted island may be less than ideal. Being a castaway on a cursed island is even worse! But don’t worry, at least you are still alive and there might be other survivors too! And despite it being a cursed island, there’s still a lot of stuff you can work with. Will you be able to survive this crazy adventure? Play to find out!

What’s fun about Robinson Crusoe:

  • Fun in difficulty, well, you are a castaway and there’s nothing easy about that. Kidding aside, this game is actually difficult; be it if you play it as a solo adventure or co-op.
  • Fun Co-op, while this game can be played alone it shines as a great co-op game since there’s a lot of decision making to be made. It’s great to gather inputs from your fellow castaways.
  • Unepic ways to go, you can die in an unexpected way, I don’t mean dying heroic but you can get sad enough to die which makes you recount your in-game life choices to drive your character to die that way.

8. Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon


D&D Wrath of Ashardalon Box

When you think about adventure themed games; Dungeons and Dragons will probably be part of that list. Probably a whole campaign might be a bit overwhelming for new adventurers—so let’s start with something easier. With this story: A heavy shadow falls across the land, cast by a dark spire that belches smoke and oozes lava. Deep within the labyrinth lurks a red dragon. Level up and prepare before you fight this monster.

What’s fun about D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon:

  • What we love about D&D, creatures from the world? Check. Boons? Check. If you’re an old player then most of the stuff from a classic D&D game is here. If you’re new, this is your chance to get familiar with the game.
  • Simple Dungeon Crawl, maybe not for all but there are harder dungeon crawl games out there.
  • Campaign rules, while I do love a good homebrew, rules are needed so at least things stick to a certain track.


7. War of the Rings (2nd Edition)


War of the Rings Box

Based on its name, you can pretty much guess this is based on the novel series: Lord of the Rings. War of the Rings allows you to immerse yourself in the world of J.R. R. Tolkiens’s The Lord of the Rings. The game has both warfare and adventure components as it captures the epic battle featured in the novel. The players at the start of the game decide which side they would like to battle for. From there the opposing teams engage in warfare while trying to complete quest conditions at the same time.

What’s fun about War of the Rings:

  • If you love Lord of the Rings, probably one of the better board games that features this theme.
  • Adventure and War, it’s under both categories but seems to lean more to war board gaming.
  • Win Conditions, you can win by overwhelming your opponent or completing the quest.


6. Defenders of the Realm

 Defenders of the Realm Box Art

The King has summoned you and other fine heroes to defend against the darkness that engulfs the land. You have to repair the outer borders of the kingdom that were affected and defeat 4 creature factions before they breach the city. While you are all allies in defending the kingdom only one can be dubbed as the King’s Champion.

What’s fun about Defender of the Realm:

  • You get attacked on all sides of the map, so planning on how to beat them before they hit the city goes a long way.
  • King’s Champion, good old friendly competition, depends on your group really.
  • Choose your class, they have their unique abilities, by the way, the enemy does too.


5. KOSMOS’ Adventure Game Series

 Two Titles of Adventure Game Series

Similar to EXIT, KOSMOS has also created the “Adventure Games” Series. Each box is a different story. Explore places, combine items, talk to NPCs and try to solve the missions per story in this exciting series.

What’s fun about Adventure Games:

  • Replayability, while not as much as other games, it’s actually replayable as opposed to its escape room counterpart: EXIT.
  • Chapters, 3 chapters and no time limit, EXIT had a time limit which did not sit well with a lot of people.
  • A series, so several other stories and scenarios if you get invested, but if you want to choose one, people seem to enjoy The Dungeon.


4. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven Box

Welcome to Gloomhaven, adventurers! Your journey starts here. You meet up with your fellow partymates (or if you’re alone) and complete the city’s quest. But this is only the beginning of your adventure. Soon you will venture further, discover more dungeons and treasures. What awaits your party? Your choices may either reward or punish you in the future.

What’s fun about Gloomhaven:

  • Big box, big fun: really, just look at the size of the box and the inclusions, you can tell that this is going to be a loooooonnnnggg campaign.
  • Several Scenarios to work with, you get your money’s worth by playing through all of them.
  • Retire a character, this option is given in the first few phases of the game, don’t like how your character plays, retire it and get a new one!

3. Legacy of Dragonholt


Legacy od Dragonholt Box

Set in the same setting as the Runebound universe. You are a seasoned traveler/adventurer on your way to Dragonholt. Celyse, a former travelling partner of yours has summoned you to the town, however something doesn’t sit right. Aside from the letter that states there might be an impending danger that requires your help, a note that says “Refer to my first letter” is written on the back of the letter. You do not recall receiving any previous notes prior to this one. Could the previous letter have been intercepted?

What’s fun about Legacy of Dragonholt:

  • Gateway RPG Boardgame, It has all the adventure elements you need to get used to the genre and is pretty simple to understand. 
  • Character Creation, Just like D&D you get the opportunity to create your own Playable characters instead of choosing a premade one.
  • GM/DM free Choose Your Own Adventure, usually you would need a DM for these type of adventure games, here, not really.


2. Mansion of Madness (2nd Edition)


Mansion of Madness Inclusions

Now the role of the keeper is replaced with the app. All of the players take the role of investigators trying to solve a mystery of a cursed mansion. There are different scenarios to choose from and you’ll have to set the map accordingly. You and your team must navigate around the map and keep yourselves and your teammates safe from any creature that you may encounter while trying to solve the mystery.

What’s fun about Mansion of Madness:

  • Lovecraftian Lover, if you’ve loved his books now’s your chance to face some of his creations via this board game.
  • App-Driven, the 1st edition had a keeper instead of the app, now all of you can join in on the fun. The app guides you through instead of the keeper.
  • Expansions, seems like replayability is possible with all the things they add to the deck and new investigators per expansion.


1. Eldritch Horror 

 Inside the Box of Eldritch Horror

The world is now under threat of being destroyed by an Ancient One- an elder being who is intent on destroying the current world. You, and your fellow investigators take it upon yourself to uncover the mysteries of the Ancient One in order to prevent the world from its demise. The Ancient One may not be the only horror you have to face in your quest. The world is full of mysteries and every choice you make affects the future of the entire human race.

What’s fun about Eldritch Horror:

  • Travel the World, you most likely will.
  • Lovecraftian Lover, Like Mansion of Madness every time a monster from the books pop up you, can’t help but remember the lore.
  • Easy to learn, definitely easier than its predecessor. It’s something you can start out with if you want to try out co-op board games, maybe start with a lower player count.


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