Virtual Reality Could Let Us Live In Virtual Worlds With Sex and Romance by 2030

Could Virtual Reality remove the need for sex in real life?

Could VR give humans a future like in the Surrogates movie?

Living in a world like in the Surrogates certainly sounds interesting. Living as whoever you want in a different reality is something that sounds intriguing, but is it actually possible? Could VR allow us to be who we want while living in a different reality? Well, it certainly is possible.

The renown Dr. Canton has stated that we are getting closer to immersive virtual worlds. This will allow humans to explore and have different experiences not seen before. This would make the life in virtual reality very similar to that of Surrogate.

In a virtual world like Surrogates, we would have control over who we would be and how intimate we can get.

Erotic Adventures in Virtual Reality 

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