[Top 10] Gaming Technology That Will Be The Future of Gaming

Technology That Is The Future of Gaming
Travel into the virtual world of gaming with the newest tech.

10. Razer’s Project Ariana

Razer's newest Projection Tech transforms your room into a virtual gaming paradise.

Project Ariana from Razer is a unique product that was the first to offer an immersive projection experience for gamers. Project Ariana has the capability to extend your game’s display and project stunning visuals throughout an entire room. 

Why gamers will love it:

  • Razer’s iconic colorful gaming devices now expand to include wall-to-wall projection
  • Gamers will feel completely immersed in whichever game they’re playing
  • Project Ariana will measure the dimensions of a room to offer a customized visual experience

Tech in action:


9. Microsoft’s Hololens 2.0

The Hololens 2.0 allows for seamless manipulation of virtual holograms.

For gamers seeking to upgrade their current VR headset, look no further than Microsoft’s Hololens 2.0. The holographic technology of the Hololens 2.0 is unparalleled, and promises to immerse users into a user-friendly, futuristic experience.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Advanced hand-tracking allows gamers to seamlessly manipulate holograms
  • Hololens 2.0 offers some of the best eye-tracking on the market
  • Offers voice-enabled commands for when your hands are busy gaming

Tech in Action: 


8. Vrgineers’s XTAL 3

Strap into the cockpit of a fighter jet with Vrgineer's XTAL 3 headset.

The XTAL 3 offers a futuristic virtual reality experience that teleports players  into the cockpit of a fighter jet. Vrgineers advertises the headset as pilot-dedicated, as it was actually built with professional pilots in mind.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Stunning 8k resolution – the highest quality any VR headset can offer
  • Train like a pilot with virtual crew training
  • Leads the market with a 180 degree FOV (field of view.)

Tech in action:


7. Cyberith’s Virtualizer Elite 2

Take on your opponents in VR from the security of the Virtualizer Elite 2's playform.

Many VR users know the pain of running into their furniture while immersed  within their headset. Cyberith’s Virtualizer Elite 2 has made this a problem of the past with their 360 degree treadmill. With this VR simulator, you can walk and run in any direction seamlessly while never leaving the platform.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Move as freely as you like without worrying about obstacles
  • Compatible with many SteamVR games
  • Includes harness and slip-on shoes that promise safety and security

Tech in action:


6. Fasetech’s RacingCUBE

Race car gaming has never been better than with the RacingCUBE rig.

For gamers  looking for an innovative racing experience, the RacingCUBE delivers. The user is strapped into a driving rig that rivals what you’d see on the road today. Race car gaming has never been better than this.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Road-ready gear, including a steering wheel and gas/brake pedals
  • Works with gaming titles such as Need for Speed and DiRT
  • Comes equipped with a 35” inch Ultrawide monitor

Tech in action:


5. Kat VR’s Kat Walk Mini S

The Kat Walk Mini S is compact enough to fit in every room.

While similar to the Virtualizer Elite 2, the Kat Walk Mini offers a unique VR ‘treadmill’ experience. The Mini features haptic immersion, which unlocks another sense of the virtual reality  experience. Its harness is also more of a small backpack, compared to the Virtualizer Elite 2’s center-secured rig.

Why gamers will love it:

  • The most compact VR locomotion experience on the market
  • Feel the ground beneath your feet shake and rumble with haptic immersion
  • Increased mobility allows you to squat and kneel within your VR environment

Tech in action:


4. The Void

Step into The Void, one of the most intriguing VR experiences on the market.

Perhaps the most futuristic tech on this list, The Void’s branding is as ambiguous as it is innovative. The project previously shut down to COVID constraints, but is making a comeback via pop-ups around the world. The Void’s unique take on VR includes different tools at the user’s disposal, including backpacks, guns, and more.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Promises to appeal to all senses, including smell, feel, and touch
  • Partnerships with huge IPs such as Star Wars and The Avengers
  • Tech was previously used to power theme park attractions

Tech in action:


3. SensoryX

Sensory's controller-free experience is gaming reimagined.

VR gaming can sometimes be clunky, as holding controllers while playing can downgrade the level of immersion. SensoryX looks to eliminate this burden with their VRFree gloves. Simply slipping on the gloves will allow complete control of any compatible game with no need for handheld controllers

Why gamers will love it:

  • Ditch the controllers for a sleek pair of futuristic gloves
  • Ideal for sports gaming and training
  • Hardware modification isn’t necessary for use

Tech in action:


2. Teslasuit

It's time to throw on VR's new supersuit.

Honey, where is my Teslasuit?! For complete VR immersion, Teslasuit covers the user from head-to-toe in high-end tech. This suit enables haptic feedback, biometric scanning, and more.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Owning a full VR suit is futuristic gaming at its best
  • Sizes offered for any body type
  • Robotic-like gloves also offered for an additional layer of immersion

Tech in action:

1. Birdly VR

Soar the skies as a pterodactyl with Birdly VR.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait…no. It’s a guy strapped to a pair of VR bird wings.

The most unique experience on this list, Birdly VR transforms the gamer into a bird of its choosing – whether that be a pterodactyl or an eagle. While session times are considerably short, no other piece of tech better captures the exhilarating feeling of flight.

Why gamers will love it:

  • Trek across a prehistoric world as a Pterodactyl
  • Live your dream of taking flight
  • Ditch the joystick of common flight simulators, and flap robotic wings instead

Tech in action:

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