[Top 10] VR Games With Full Body Tracking

Wee arrrrrr!!!

VR games. You love it, can’t afford it. It’s especially fun when there are games with full body tracking, you can either put yourself in odd and uncomfortable positions and be a complete clown in front of other people or dance and have a splendid time. Anyways, let’s get into it:

10. VRChat

9. Monster Awakens

You’re always playing as some boring human, but in this game, you’ll be playing as an angry, blue Godzilla. What are you exactly supposed to do in this lovely game? Run around and wiggle your little arms, grab cars and throw them out of the skybox, ravage buildings and use your LAZOR against buildings, cars, helicopters, tanks, and everything else that moves even slightly!

8. Fit It

This game is simple but at the same difficult. You’ll have to squeeze through obstacles that will be slowly coming towards you. If you fail, you’ll receive words of “encouragement”, if you succeed, you’ll be congratulated. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but fun and awesome if you want to lose weight!

7. Island 359

You’re on an island. But before that, you’ll be in a helicopter. Then you’ll get off the helicopter and THEN be on the island. What’s on the island? Well, it’s filled with dangerous DINOSAURS that wish to eat you whole or partially!

The graphics are grim and the atmosphere is pretty unsettling, but you’ll become a badass dinosaur hunter in no time. Try this game out, you’ll love it!

6. Beat Saber

Do you remember Audiosurf? Because it’s very similar to this game, instead you wave your hands like a lunatic, trying to kill cubes that did completely nothing to deserve being sliced in half…

In summary: 

Cubes come with the rhythm of the song that you’ve picked and you’re supposed to slice them as you’re flying in god knows where!

5. Neos VR

It’s like VRChat, but with less annoying children. It’s a game made for socializing, changing worlds where you can be stranded on some raft in the middle of the ocean, doing stuff like fishing, or maybe being in the mountains, doing snowboarding and other fancy stuff as you’re hanging out with your friends. It’s perfect for making friends!

4. Full-Body Rhythm VR

A game designed to make you learn how to dance. Just kidding, this game will make you look like a crackhead fighting off imaginary ghosts. Works in a similar way Beat Saber does, random objects will come flying at you with the rhythm of the song that you’re currently playing - you’re supposed to smash them and collect points. Fun game!

3. Mystical Mayhem

Your name is Bob. You’re struggling to become famous, so you decided to visit some haunted mansion and hunt some ghosts. Is the game spooky? Nope, as a matter of fact, it seems like a game that was developed for children, so if you’re not a manchild you won’t find this game spooky. It’s a cool, tiny adventure game that’s surely worth your time - try it out!

2. Hubris VR

The game is gorgeous. You land your ship on an alien planet with your friend and guide, Lucia. The planet is extremely harsh to humans, filled with dangerous wildlife, so you better gather resources and craft weapons in order to survive on this beautiful, but deadly planet!

1. Blade and Sorcery

What can you do in this game? You can jump, kick others in the face, stab them with your sword, commit atrocious acts against both genders, grab corpses or alive people and throw them down the well or use deadly magic against your foes. The choice is yours and this game is awesome - especially if you’re a psychopath and you don’t want to act out on your urges!

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