Top 12 Gladiator Games Where You Fight to the Death

Gladiator Games
These guys have a lot of blood to spare

What's your favorite gladiator game?

I love tooling around in sim/management games, tweaking my business or team to the best of my ability. Sometimes, however, it gets tedious. I need something to break up the monotony.

That’s when I turn to gladiator simulator. These allow me to nitpick and feel in control while also murdering and maiming anyone who challenges my greatness. These 12 games are gladiator games where you (youre team, usually) fight to the death. To glory!

12. Age of Gladiators

Age of Gladiators Gameplay

Age of Gladiators is a strategy/management simulator set in Ancient Rome. This single-player game allows you to manage your own gladiators, building their attributes and abilities to create the fighter of your dreams. You set your gladiators up in matches to level them up and gain expertise points to add to your fighter’s attributes and abilities.

Your staff members will scour the local provinces for more fighters to hire, manage their morale, and equip them for battle. There are side missions, stables to upgrade, and wealth to manage. All while killing in order to grow your business as a gladiatorial icon.

Detailed Character Sheets: This is a screenshot of the character sheet for the gladiator Crispinus. Keep their morale high, their pay good, and their health in check, and they will fight to the death for your honor.

Campaign Mode: is the only game mode in Age of Gladiators. It takes you through events that unfold throughout Utica, Leptis Magna, Brundisium, and Rome. Your goal? Dominate the arenas of each province. Become the ultimate victor!


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