15 Best Morrowind Mods That will increase the fun factor by 1,000%

best Morrowind Mods
Never before gazing at the evening sun in Morrowind looked so good.

Looking For The Best Morrowind Mods?

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was one of the greatest RPGs of its time, and some fans of the Elder Scrolls series believe that Morrowind is the best game in the series due to its more rugged design that does a far better job of respecting the intelligence of players. Anyone who styles themselves a “serious gamer” should definitely check this game out if they haven’t already, and fans of Skyrim should check it out in preparation for the release of Elder Scrolls VI. Like Skyrim, Morrowind has an active and creative modding community. Here are 15 mods that will up the fun factor by correcting for some of the game’s more tedious and dated elements, and provide players with an even greater experience than the “vanilla” game provides.

15. Morrowind Code Patch

The Morrowind Code Patch by Empirical Sword gameplay

This mod fixes a LOT of bugs in Morrowind’s code that cause crashes and save file corruption. A real lifesaver and a must-have.

Check out the mod here

14. Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds and Graphics

Morrowind Overhaul mod by GamerZakh

This mod improves upon the textures of Morrowind, which might look pretty garish to players who have been spoiled by the amazing photorealistic graphics of some of these modern games.

Check out the mod here

13. No Arrow Weight

In Skyrim, arrows weigh nothing and don’t slow you down, but in Morrowind, this wasn’t the case. Download this mod and you won’t have to choose between ammo for your bow and a neat piece of gear.

Check out the mod here

12. Sotha Sil Expanded

Sotha Sil Expanded mod trailer

Put together by some dedicated players who were disappointed with one of the gods gamers will meet in Morrowind. Essentially adds an ENTIRE new massive questline to the game. A must for anyone looking to get the most out of their experience.

Check out the mod here

11. Ashlands Overhaul

Ashlands Overhaul mod

This mod turns the grey, somewhat bland Ashlands region of Morrowind into a much more visually interesting space for players to explore.

Check out the mod here

10. Epic Balmora

Epic Balmora mod

This mod enormously expands the city of Balmora, which players will find themselves returning to throughout the game’s main story and many side quests.

Check out the mod here

9. Natural Healing - Morrowind

Adds natural, passive healing to Morrowind, so players won’t have to rest or use a spell or potion every time they want to get some health back.

Check out the mod here

8. More Detailed Places

More Detailed Places mod

This mod adds a bit more life to the settlements of Morrowind, adding more clutter and filling up more of the empty spaces.

Check out the mod here

7. Magic Diversity - Complete-

Magic Diversity -Complete- mod by 07Arkann

This mod gives all of Morrowind’s many spells their own HD effect, to make your experience as a mage a little more visually appealing.

Check out the mod here

6. Accurate Attack

One of Morrowind’s most frustrating features that it uses a dice-rolling system to determine whether your attacks hit or miss, resulting in frustrating point blank misses. This mod fixes it entirely.

Check out the mod here

5. Caverns Overhaul

Caverns Overhaul mod

This mod turns Morrowind’s caverns into beautiful and complex environments that are a joy to explore and fight in.

4. Birthsigns are More Fun

Birthsigns are More Fun mod

Morrowind’s character creator has players select Birthsigns that give them special abilities and affect their base stats. This mod enhances and balances these birthsigns and gives players new abilities that will change up their playstyle.

Check out the mod here

3. Vanilla Remastered 4K

If you’re not a fan of trying to make old games look new, try this graphics mod, which takes vanilla Morrowind’s textures and takes them up to 4K resolution!

Check out the mod here

2. Passive Cliff Racers

Cliff racers are one of Morrowind’s most irritating enemies. They are high in number and will pursue the player across all terrain, as they can fly. This mod will make most cliff racers passive, so they will be less of a pestilence on your journey.

Check out the mod here

1. Skywind

Skywind mod by Kyle

This MASSIVE mod could be the final boss of all Morrowind mods. An almost complete remaking of Morrowind that seeks to put the game’s world, story, and characters into Skyrim’s engine. This mod is currently in its alpha stage, but make sure to follow the creators’ Twitter pages, so you can finally get your hands on this amazing mod when it’s finally released!

Check out the mod here

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