10 Best Soul Calibur 6 Character Creations

 Best Soul Calibur 6 Character Creations
What kind of character creation has gotten the best Soul Calibur VI?

A character creation of 2B from Nier: Automata, weeks before she would be announced as a DLC fighter!

Soul Calibur might be known for its unique style of combat with characters using weapons, but starting in Soul Calibur III, characters can be created from scratch, encouraging players to get creative. Ever since then, it has been a mainstay throughout the series, getting better and better as each sequel arrives. Soul Calibur VI has brought us incredible and interesting created characters. Ranging from other video games, mascots, and anime characters, fans have brought us amazing interpretations of these custom characters. Here are 10 of the best Soul Calibur VI custom created characters.

10. Bowsette (Super Mario Bros.)

Bowsette has become an internet meme ever since the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch dropped with Toadette being able to use a Super Crown to transform into Peachette. Artist and original creator Ayyk92 sparked a huge following of the character, resulting in other creations like Boosette. This character creation might be simple compared to other custom characters, but the idea of a gender bent version of Bowser resulted in one of coolest and deadly gorgeous characters ever made. Bowsette has become a popular character to create, and the one featured from Arekkz Gaming takes a spot on this list.

Creative score: 70/100

9. Griffith (Berserk)

Hailing from the manga series Berserk, Griffith looks absolutely stunning in Soul Calibur VI. The creator HelicopterV went into further detail by making sure the armor had the right sleek color and added angel wings to capitalize his gracefulness. While his hair might not exactly be perfect due to the limited hair options so far in the game, this adaptation of Griffith is truly the eye of the beholder.

Creative score: 74/100

8. Ryuk (Death Note)

ShonenGames proudly gave us amazing creations of anime characters from the shonen genre and the one that looked terrifying yet awesome is Ryuk from Death Note. The creation of this memorable Shinigami is on point and the weapon of choice is fitting for Ryuk. His eyes, his skin, and his outfit remain true to the original character’s design. The only part missing is his wings, but the limited character creation has offered enough to make Ryuk look intimidating yet epic.

Creative score: 79/100

7. Batman (Batman)

Everyone loves Batman, and his version in Soul Calibur VI looks as nightly as ever. BorderlineStupi did an excellent job in making Batman in the style of the game, while also taking liberties of how the caped crusader would look like if he was sucked into the world of Soul Calibur. Using Grøh’s fighting style is a perfect fit for Batman, due to the latter’s number of gadgets he uses in combat.

Creative score: 81/100

6. Tracer (Overwatch)

The cute and bubbly Tracer from Overwatch might have some parts where she looks off, but there is a lot of heart and effort put into this creation. SugarPunch Design Works paid attention to how Tracer would be in the game, and this is the closest that anyone can pull off. While there are no dual pistols, Tracer taking on Xianghua’s fighting style fits her agility and flexibility.

Creative score: 85/100

5. Roy (Fire Emblem)

Fire Emblem has come a long way thanks to its debut in 1990 and with Marth and fellow entry Roy being in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Another creation brought to us by ShonenGames, Roy looks as fierce and bold as his appearance in Smash Bros. The outfit is topnotch and the details ranging from the patterns to the colors are fantastic. If this does not hype fans up for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then we don’t know what will.

Creative score: 88/100

4. Killer B (Naruto)

Killer B is one of the coolest Naruto characters for being a rapper but also a Jinchuriki. Out of the characters on this list, this character creation has the best accuracy for clothing detail, physique, and overall look. NRG did an excellent job and fans of Naruto will be happy to see an awesome adaptation of Killer B.

Creative score: 91/100

3. Cindy (Final Fantasy XV)

One of Final Fantasy XV’s bombshells Cindy always had a fitting design that fits her occupation, and that carries over in Soul Calibur VI. Her being in the fighting style of Ivy is a unique choice. Rob Cram’s showcase of this character is overall adorable and brings an interesting twist on how Cindy would fare in combat compared to the main four boys in FFXV.

Creative score: 93/100

2. Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

This brave and brash lady from Kill la Kill has one of the most controversial designs in anime, but that is what makes Ryuko Matoi stand out. Thankfully in Soul Calibur VI, this take on Ryuko’s battle suit is less risqué but just as epic. If there is one magical girl anime that can fit the Soul Calibur world perfectly, Kill la Kill certainly excelled in that department.

Creative score: 96/100

1. Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat just has the perfect design in this game’s style. RainOOGames went all out to create a version of Sub-Zero as if he is a guest character in Soul Calibur VI. What makes this creation stand out is the use of the Malfested race. It can be interpreted as Sub-Zero being a revenant or him being normal, but with his eyes being clear as day due to his cryomancy. Players that get the chance to see this creation will be thoroughly impressed.

Creative score: 98/100


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