The 10 Best War Games On Steam 2019

Best War Games Steam
War games immerse players in history’s most important and crucial battles.

Fight in history's most epic battles with the best ranked war games on Steam!

Over the years, war games have consistently dominated the gaming industry. The year 2019 is not going to be any different. Prepare your game pads, people, because terrific war games are coming your way. You might be thinking, what are these games? This article is here to answer your questions. The list of best war games on Steam for the year 2019 has been compiled. Stay tuned…


Foxhole Early Access Trailer

Ever seen a game where war lasts four days? I am sure you’ve probably seen one, but trust me, it is definitely not like Foxhole. Foxhole is worth being rated as one of the top ten best war games. Set in an alternate timeline around the great wars, Foxhole pits two teams against each other. The war of attrition between the two teams can last two hours or up to four days.

The weapon fire in the game is slow and deliberate. This rewards players who have a good sense of how to lure their opponent and anticipate their movement.

On a persistent battlefield that can host wars that take days to complete, it’s sabotage that really gets the pieces moving around the board.

Work together as a team to gather resources, build military bases, and repel enemy attacks.


War Thunder Release Trailer

In War Thunder, you are given the chance to fly through the skies in classic aircraft; you can also stick to the land or drive hulking tanks across large battlefields. War Thunder undoubtedly stands as a title of great interest for both die hard historical fans of war games and novice players. It is a single and multiplayer game which allows for a strategic approach. It is a visually beautiful, full-bodied and engaging game.

Defend your teammates and crush your enemies with armored tanks.

Become the next best aerial dogfighter, raining fire on your enemies from high in the sky.

8. ARMA 3

Arma 3 Launch Trailer

It is the story of Ben Kerry, a soldier who gets caught up in a Mediterranean flashpoint. Experience combat at its peak in a massive military sandbox. It is a variegated backyard for a player to war in.

This new addition to the Arma series truly has the technology its landscape deserves. Arma 3 is an unrivaled war generator.

Arma 3’s capacity for stimulating atmosphere and problem-solving is fully intact. Bohemia’s graphical improvement has made this game one of the most visually impressive games on any platform.

Defeat your enemy on an open battlefield. Engage in true combat.

The stunning graphics and vast world map immerse the player in brutal, realistic combat.


This War of Mine Gameplay Trailer

This war game is all about survival. In the game, you do not play as an elite soldier but as a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. They struggle with lack of food and medicine as well as constant dangers from snipers and hostile scavengers. This War of Mine serves as a reminder that war does not follow a pattern or predictable manner. Sometimes everyone just dies with no rhyme or reason. Overall, This War of Mine is a tough and demanding survival and resource-management game.

This War of Mine has a day and night cycle.

Experience war from an entirely new angle.


Call to Arms Gameplay Trailer

Call to Arms is another top war game for 2019 on Steam. It offers an innovative take on real-time strategy. Set in the time of modern warfare, the game offers realistically modeled vehicles and heavy weaponry as well as dozens of firearms and customizations. This engaging game allows the player to conquer rural areas, factories, railway stations and towns during intense missions.

Go to war and engage in bloody battles.

Use a wide variety of high-powered vehicles and weapons to attack the enemy.


Heroes & Generals Launch Trailer

Shoot, blow sh*t up, fly, or bark orders in the ultimate multiplayer shooter series. Fight alongside newfound brothers from all over the world. The first team to capture 15 cities takes the glory. Every kill a player makes matters in the game. Experience the rush of close quarter combat.

Experience close combat and kill your enemies at close range.

Work together. Face the enemy and defeat him.


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Launch Trailer

While a lot of games have tried to emulate the realistic experience of providing suppressing fire and being under enemy fire, Rising Storm 2 gets it right. The game is brutal, authentic and gritty. It also has character optimization. It is equally a multiplayer game. Rising Storm 2 boasts 64-player battles and six different armies to play, each with their own weapons and abilities. Rising Storm 2’s maps are more naturalistic than battlefield maps.

One well-positioned soldier can bring down an entire squad.

Experience the harsh and unforgiving nature of jungle warfare.


Hearts of Iron IV Trailer

Victory is at your fingertips. Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in World War II. It has single player and multiplayer features. From the heart of the battlefield to the command center, you will guide your nation to glory.

War is not only won on land, sea and air. It’s also achieved in the hearts and minds of people.

Choose from any WWII power as well as ancient civilizations in “what-if” situations.


Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Launch Trailer

It is a deep, complex, real-time strategy game that is set in the theaters of World War II.

The game features new single-player combat modes. These player modes take players from life-threatening tank combat to deadly sniper missions. Commanders can now face off against opponents on various new multiplayer levels. The game boasts a lot of new features.

This is also one complex game. Assault Squad 2 is like being handed a three-dimensional puzzle with no picture.

Level up and play this addictive game that creates non-stop thrills.

Build an army, defend the base, conquer the enemy, and win.


Company of Heroes 2 Trailer

It is set in World War II’s frigid Eastern Front. The game is loaded with half-explained and unintuitive systems. Delivered in a visceral WWII gaming experience, Company of Heroes 2 redefines the scope of RTS. It brings the sacrifices of heroic soldiers, battle-weary environments and vibrant battlefields to life. It absolutely has the ultimate WWII RTS platform to thrill you. Company of Heroes 2 is the USSR of real-time strategy games: huge, powerful and a little bit fragmented.

Many missions allow you 135 tiny humans to reduce to bags of shot meat.

Enjoy an uninterrupted stream of meaningful tactical choices that can turn the tide of the war.

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