[Top 15] Best Roblox Military Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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Tanks, soldiers, and amazing graphics! via Indie Box Studios

With the rise of military/war shootout style games today, you can definitely count on Roblox and find high quality games that can compete with stand alone games. With amazing game technology and stunning graphics from talented developers, here are some of the best military games on the platform.

15. Tank Warfare (Mobile / PC / XBOX / Tablet)

Tank Warfare cinematic trailer by IndieBox Studios

An 8-on-8 takeover and shootout game, Tank Warfare doesn't have a main goal. Play as a war tank, take over enemy bases, and shoot the opposing team members that get in your way.

Once you get a base for your team, there’s a cool off if you leave that area, after a few game minutes after taking it over, it will become the other team’s again.Whichever team has the most bases will win after the time out. You earn the game currency by winning games to buy better tanks, upgrade and design them.

Tank Warfare has won the 8th Bloxy Awards for Best Use Of Tech, Best Incubator/Accelerator Game, and Best Game Trailer. And yes, upon joining the game, you see the graphics are really nice and it makes you feel like you are playing one of those big ticket PC and console games.


14. Fallen Flag (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Fallen Flag official trailer by Defender Games

Based on the historic Napoleonic wars, Fallen Flag is a battle strategy game. There are only two nations to choose from, France and Britain, though you can buy Russian and Austrian troops. You are given a line of troops which you can command and place anywhere.

Each soldier’s skin tone facial and main hair is customizable. There are daily missions which can earn you gold. If you love history and war, you will enjoy Fallen Flag.

There are also old souls, historians and Napoleonic era lovers  in real life who constantly role play here. This is a little similar to the game Waterloo, so expect to use your legendary winning tactics to achieve victory.


13. Military Tycoon (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Military Tycoon gameplay by Digito YT

As the name suggests, it’s a tycoon game, so you have to first build your army base. You will have a lot of war vehicles and even warplanes. There are also a lot of cool upgrade items like the RIOT shield.

You play as a nation, and after building and equipping your base fully, you can declare war with other nations(players) and conquer their bases. It is a tycoon game, so expect to wait to be able to have your soldiers.

Double the fun of taking over enemy bases with the new Spitfire warplane from the current game update. The new Spitfire plane has great details, it looks like the real deal.


12. Operation Overlord (PC / Mobile / XBOX)

Operation Overlord movie video by LoLxDNoHax YT

Inspired by the historic Battle of Normandy, aka Operation Overlord, the Roblox game Operation Overlord is truly something else. The game opens with a short cutscene that tells us about the well known battle, it feels like watching a movie. You can choose to play as an Allied or Axis force, after selecting your role, you board the boat that will take you to the Normandy beach.

If your team survives the boat ride, you land on the beach and fight down the Germans and take over the base points. For each win, you earn game currency and be able to buy better weapons and cosmetics.  Developer Red Bear Community has really done a brilliant job with this game. It’s highly realistic and as soon as you enter the game and board the boats, you will feel like you are really there.

They also did well with the era appropriate music, stunning gun and explosives sound effects and soldiers’ talking voice sound effects that really add to a realistic battlefield experience. Landing on the beach, hearing gunshots, the first thing that will come to mind is take shelter, quickly reach and get under the trenches. 

This game really hit home. Suddenly, under those trenches, even if it’s just a game, you feel what your grandfather or the great soldiers may have felt. If you are familiar with and are a WWII aficionado, this is the game for you. Also expect some intense war roleplaying and reenactment from other players.


11. Wings of Glory (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Wings of Glory gameplay by BaronVonGames YT

Wings of Glory is a dogfight shooter game that has over 60 fighting jet and warplane models from the WWII and the Cold War era, each with stunning and historically accurate details. Two teams of 8 or 16 players.

Eliminate player jets, earn game currency for upgrading your jet and unlocking better and more powerful ones. This is an exciting take on war/military games if you want something different. And with the current update of added misiles, this is a great game to have fun with friends.


10. Blood & Iron ( PC / Xbox)

Blood and Iron gamplay by BaronVonGames YT

Set during the historical Napoleonic wars, this game is a battle strategy game. Unlike other games set in the same time frame, Blood & Iron offers more Allied nations that you can play as, from the Austrian Kingdom, Dutch Republic to the Kingdom of Sweden and more. And the developers did a great job in creating accurate uniforms.

They also have a great variety of historical weapons with  great attention to detail and each weapon has cool and well made reloading animations with the musket and gunpowder. Blood & Iron is the best game to roleplay the historical wars, or just enjoy being a Napoleonic soldier guarding your base. 

You can even learn a lot about the era from this game. There’s a lot of dedicated people who love to reenact the war and it’s a delight to join in.


9. Trench Warfare ( PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Roblox Trench Wafare gameplay by BlueConX

Set in World War I, Trench Warfare is a shooter game for two teams. Once you spawn, the fight is already on. Move along the trenches to finish off all of the enemy team. You can also find maxim guns, canons, and tanks to use in the trenches.

You gain points after each victory to unlock more roles. Get ready to be hooked on Trench Warfare. It’s a shootout game, only you are true heroes. It’s a different touch from your usual shootout game, with a realistic WWI experience. 


8. Phantom Forces (PC / Xbox)

Phantom Forces gameplay by SomeSteven YT

Two teams fight it out in this intense shooter game. There are over a hundred weapons you can obtain for your armory as you level up. Fight the enemy team,  achieve victory. More wins and XPs means ranking up, a rank up unlocks weapons too. 

With the different game modes and maps, Phantom Forces is a well known  favorite of shootout game lovers on Roblox. Using different classes in different maps is advisable because of location and things that get in the way. Being the Elite Forces in this hit game, it feels like you are on a secret mission specially on desert maps.


7. D-DAY (PC / Xbox / Mobile)

Roblox D-Day trailer by TheGreatSunTzu YT

Also a battle simulator of the famous Battle of Normandy. D-Day has really great graphics. You can choose to play as an Allied or Axis force, and pick whether to be in the battle front or medic.

The higher rank roles and character cosmetics are unlockable by game currency as you win more matches or through buying Robux. D-Day is a great game to play with friends. Make it a fun shootout game or have a historical D-Day roleplay. You may encounter players who are knowledgeable on this war era and have a fun time roleplaying the battle.


6. Battle Sails (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Roblox Battle Sails trailer by Narriatic YT

Great job to WarGames Entertainment on this amazing naval battle game. Battle Sails features historical navy warships that have stunning graphics and attention to detail. There’s also realistic physics of wind energy here to navigate the ship, and  that is amazing feature.

This game is a different take on shootout games, if you are tired of shooting players and soldiers, Battle Sails is the perfect game to try. Fire cannons to the enemy ships, reenact Revolutionary naval battles, or simply enjoy your own ship and sail away.

The ships with their sails out in the open waters is really quite a lovely view. You might get a feeling of playing or watching  Master and Commander, or fighting alongside Captain Jack Sparrow or Luffy.


5. Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 (PC/ Xbox)

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 trailer by Seasonable Pleasure YT

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 is a PvE in a really beautiful open world map. After customizing your character and simple armory at first, you enter the island and drive around different cities and villages, bases, mountains and more.

You have missions to complete and civilians to rescue. After completing a mission, a jet will fly around and drop down a care package of ammos and bandages for your health. You earn money, and get more weapons and cosmetics. The map is huge and you’ll see the lovely views of mountains and oceans, it feels like you’re playing a stand alone game.

You can also make a server for a group of friends.  A lobby of random players is available too, but with an open world game like this, you may simply want to enjoy the game on your own first and take in the beautiful scenery.


4. Polybattle (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Roblox Polybattle gameplay by Galifran YT

A takeover and shootout game for two teams. You can ride many historical vehicles here, from WWII and motorcycles, military passenger trucks to attack helicopters. There’s also incredible detail on guns and on the vehicles, also the gun reload animation is something. Groups of friends are going to love this game.

The maps are big, but you won’t have a hard time finding  the others and won’t take long to get to where you are going. Because in other games, the big maps make it hard for you to reach anyone.  The controls are easy point and shoot too, and the weapon skins are a nice touch from the developers.


3. Energy Assault (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Energy Assault gameplay by Zeelon YT

A first person shooter game from the creator of the famous Roblox game, Epic Mini Games, the map in Energy Assault has the same feel and vibe. Only a little more intense with keeping your guard up from snipers trying to keep their base or racing you to it.

The team  who has kept more bases wins, you earn money, rank up and get better weapons and skins. The graphics are great, kind of an upgraded and detailed map on Epic. Energy Assault is fun to play and will get you hooked after playing it.

Especially once you get familiar with the map and remember where your and the other team’s spawn locations, so you know where they’ll be and you can get the upper hand by taking them on by surprise.


2. Call of Roblox (PC/ Mobile /Xbox)

Call of Roblox trailer by Dellkiller123 YT

The recently updated Call of Roblox is yes, a little like Call of Duty. This game is one of the best military simulators on Roblox, there are also modes for co-op. Battle with the troops and with your friends and take over enemy bases in the city,  or in the jungles of North Korea.

Call of Roblox has huge maps with stunning graphics and realistic environments. Play in first or third person in the enjoyable gameplay. The guns and other weapons are also very detailed and have insane power.

The zombie mode is a favorite of many players, definitely has that COD zombies or RDR: Undead Nightmare feel. This game mode is more fun with more players because the zombies come in waves.


1. Task Force (PC / Mobile / XBox)

Roblox Task Force trailer by SnipaBoy45 YT

Task Force is a Roblox story mode game where you enter a lobby and pick a story/mission and then be teleported to that story map with the players who chose that too. It is a very realistic military simulation of a secret mission you are assigned to.

Task Force bags the number one spot on this list, and the game completely deserves it. Being a high ranking military officer, you get to be part of official top secret missions, right? You’re also going to use real life military skills and tactics here. The story lore is also quite intriguing, and will make you want to finish the quests and find out what wil happen fast.

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