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Best Story Games 2021
If your story is not that great, get a new one.

Story games are games where you play a role. The genre also goes by ‘role-playing games’ or games that follow a specific plot/storyline. In these games, you play as the main character and build up relationships with potential love interests as you make choices. 

You also get to collect glory/strength that will help you further down the road, depending on the game's reward currency. The plot mostly depends on in which direction you’re playing or who your potential interest is, except for the main plot, of course. 

You can expect world-turning plot twists and action scenes. It’s an excellent way to spend time and keep your imagination wanting more! Definitely worth the diamond spend.


Here are 15 great games in the genre:


15. Heaven's Secret (Romance Club / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


This game is extraordinary. The choices you choose for your MC may vary, you can either go on the angel path, collecting angel points along with glory. Then there’s the demon path and the path of Malbonte, of course. This also influences how the other characters treat you, and how your MC thinks and reacts.

The plot follows the main character as she dies and ends up in the “Angel/Demons academy” where she has to choose a path. Later in the game, the villain is introduced, which if you’re following the Malbonte path could turn into a potential love interest.

The plot is excellently written and very entertaining, also the action/fighting scenes are very good and the creation of characters are very realistic. This game is one of Romance Club’s best written yet and has accumulated many lady fans since the release in January 2020.

14. Moonborn (Romance Club / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


This supernatural mystery follows the MC as she stumbles upon the supernatural. The main attraction in this story are vampires, werewolves, and then the Moonborn of course. Playing as the MC you can collect Fortitude/Diplomacy, which changes the way your MC will react, or the gift of Blood/Moon which either increases her physical power or, telepathic abilities. 

The MC can choose one of two love interests: the handsome yet private vampire Victor van Art or the lively werewolf Max Fall. The characters are very realistic and the plot is amazing. There are a few surprises at the end of the game though, that can either bring tears or joy while playing. 

Moonborn is a great story game with an exceptionally good plot line! Definitely for those of you who have a thing for the supernatural. The first season of this game was released by Your Story Interactive in August 2018. 

13. Dracula A Love Story (Romance Club / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


This story completely looks at ‘Dracula’ from a different perspective. It’s a modern version of the story following the MC as she finds out the secrets of her past life. It has some elements from the actual movie, just more 21st century.

 Making choices throughout the game improves your relationship with either Vlad or Leo, both very intriguing characters, one is a creature of darkness and the other no less. Choosing between the two for me is a little difficult they’re both great.

The plot is written excellently with a twist here and there. The game has a mysterious feel about it and keeps you wondering about what will happen next. There are still a few updates left for the game, so the ending is yet to be revealed, I have my fingers crossed though, for a happy ending.

The first season of this game was released by Your Story Interactive in June 2020.

12. Once Burned (Chapters / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


After proving herself trustworthy, she ends up staying in Vlad the Impaler’s castle for both his and her safety. Growing closer and more inseparable with each passing day. I wouldn’t call it an everyday love story, but it’s very peculiar and interesting. The characters are customizable and the game offers an outfit for every occasion, some of which are paid options. 

The fact that you can choose what your main characters look like, definitely adds to the excitement! The game draws you into the story and keeps you entertained for hours. This is the first story game in the ‘Night Prince’ series and the first season was released in May 2020. I’m keen on playing the rest in the series, it’s definitely on my list!

11. Fueled (Moments / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


This is a very interesting and fun story game. From start to finish you can feel your emotions boil, it has drama, romance, and a lot of issues! The main character is a broken girl and she meets the playboy race car driver Colton, who’s just as broken as she is if not more.

As she tries to fix him, many problems creep up, constantly keeping them from being together. The plot is intense and brings a lot of emotions to the surface. The characters and their unique personalities are great, and sometimes even angering.

This is an original story game from Moments: Choose your story and the first episodes were released in 2019. Fueled is a highly interactive game and is very addictive. It has a whole series that follows their story from beginning to end.

10. The Royal Romance (Choices / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


This is a very addictive story game, your character is a waitress from new york and as you make choices that influence her life, it can either go well or well. The MC gets a chance to go to a fabulous kingdom as part of the courtly ladies competing for the hand of a prince.

The characters are beautifully created and the game gives you options on what you want your MC and your prince to look like. The Royal Romance is the first story game in the series and as you play further you’re living the life of the MC as the story takes you through every stage of becoming the queen of Cordonia. 

If you don’t like the prince, you can choose to marry his best friend instead! This is a very addictive game and also has a very humorous plot that will make you laugh until your tummy hurts. The characters are awesome and relatable. The first chapters were released by Pixelberry Studios on the Choices app in April 2017. 

9. Sails In The Fog (Chapters / Android / Buestacks / Nox)


Sails In the Fog is a pirate adventure. From the beginning, it pulls you in as you physically go through the adventures with the MC. It follows a story of pirates and nobles, with an element of magic and a brutal Governor chasing the MC and her crew all over the sea.

It has gunfire and sailing along with romance and great-looking love interests. It’s a very addictive game with excellent graphics. If you enjoy historic adventure games and pirates then this is a game you will enjoy playing. 

This is one of the first story games released on the Romance Club app and has an excellent reputation among its players, I’m one of them and this is one game you don’t want to miss out on!

8. Perfect Match (Choices /Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


Perfect Match is a great sci-fi story game, it has robots impersonating humans. In this game, you play as the main character and you get to choose what your MC and her ‘Perfect Match’ look like. The player and her team of friends have to expose Eros, the corporation that creates these matches as they are planting ‘bad ones’ in high places, like in the white house, for instance, influencing the decisions of presidents and politicians.

It has a very exciting plotline that keeps you guessing the whole time and waiting for what comes next. It also has an LGBTQ+ option, where you can choose your love interest as a female. Highly addictive and enjoyable. The characters are very interesting and realistic, graphics and choices are amazing. 

The first chapters were released on 28 February 2018 by PixelBerry, which, studios on the Choices app.

7. Bossman (Chapters / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


In the game Bossman, you play as a newbie employee at the company of the handsome man who happened to save you from a boring date. Finding it difficult not to mix business with pleasure, the MC falls for her flirty boss. It’s, and I quote “a red hot romance” story game.

This is a very good story game, in which, the characters have a lot of personalities and are created very realistically. The choices you make influence the relationship between the characters, so it’s completely up to the player how the game ends and whether it’s happily ever after or all alone. 

Bossman has made quite the impression on the lady fans and we’re still waiting to see if there might be a sequel to this one, fingers crossed! The first chapters were released on the Chapters app on January 31, 2020.

6. Flirting With Fire (Chapters / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)


Going in as ‘damage control’ to save an overconfident Chicago fire fighter’s reputation, you play as the MC and end up ‘flirting with fire’. The choices you make during the game influence the outcome, and also the relationships between the characters.

The plot is excellent and very entertaining, the characters are realistic and the game flows well. It has a sequel game in the same genre, I haven’t played it yet, but those who have, say it’s worth it! Flirting With Fire was released on 21 May 2019 on the Chapters app as the first in the ‘Hot In Chicago’ series

5. Shadows Of Saintfour (Romance Club / Bluestacks / Nox)


Shadows Of Saintfour is a horror/mystery story game, following the MC who goes back to her hometown to attend the funeral of an old acquaintance. It’s been ten years since she last saw her high school friends. This game contains ‘flashes’ between the past and present.

The choices you make in this game can take you on three different roads being, courage, caution, or image. The characters are great and the game is very enjoyable, with a little horror magic. It will give you chills. Being the fifth story game released on the Romance Club app, it has accumulated tons of fans and made a lot of ladies smile, and of course curse!

4. Lust Under The Moon (Moments / Bluestacks / Nox)


In this story game, the player plays as a she-wolf, who just found out about her abilities. The choices you make influence your points for your desired mate. It’s a supernatural game featuring werewolves, vampires, and magic. This is surely one of my favorite series to play.

Lust Under The Moon is the first of four-story games. The characters are cool and the plot is interesting to follow. This game will keep you entertained from beginning to end however, it has an age restriction of 18+ due to mature scenes, violence, and language. It’s action-packed and easy to follow with great background tracks.

3. Enigmatis: The Mists Of Ravenwood 2 (PC / Android / Bluestacks / Nox)

Trailer: N/A

Enigmatis is a very entertaining mystery story game. It’s the second game of three, now if you haven’t played the first one yet, don’t worry, I haven’t either. The player plays as an investigator, investigating the case of a missing family. 

It has a great plot and a lot of fun mystery games in between the scenes, as you collect all the clues to what happened on the night of the disappearance. Searching for items to help with your investigation, you also work from a ‘clue board’ which is fun. 

This game also has a lot of twists to make your brain work a little. It’s very entertaining from beginning to end. The full game is worth it if you love mysteries and it’s also available in a video game and was released on 25 September 2013 by Artifix Mundi.

2. The Witcher: Wild Hunt (Win / PC)


The Witcher is quite a famous game on Microsoft Windows. It’s the story of Gerald of Rivia, who is a genetically enhanced human being with special powers. The MC in this game slays monsters and the game contains three different paths the player can follow.

These paths are alliance with the Scoia’tael, alliance with the order of the Flaming Rose, or witcher neutrality. The witcher is a single-player game in the genre of action- role-playing. It’s a game to play and can keep you entertained for hours and with its historical theme feel, you can never go wrong along with the excellent graphics and realistic characters.

1. Linda Brown: Interactive Story (Android / PC / Bluestacks / Nox)

Trailer: N/A

Linda Brown has broken up with her boyfriend and meets two potential love interests on her trip, but will she choose one? The game contains drama, romance, and mystery.

It’s a very entertaining game with all the right notes from romance to drama, the player plays as the MC Linda brown, and all the choices you make drives her life in a direction. Having a personal life and also solving a big mystery. Linda Brown is entertaining and fun to play. 

The game was released on 9 December 2012 on all android platforms by ‘The Other Guys’.


As we take a look at these 15 games, they all have one thing in common. The entertainment of course, whether it’s Romance, Drama, Action, or my personal favorite, the supernatural, all serve the purpose to entertain us gamers. These are only 15 of my collection, but check them out, and let me know if your reaction, in the end, was ‘wow’. 


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