Witcher 3: CD Projekt Red Spends $67 million. Makes back $200 million.

Witcher 3: CD Projekt Red Spends $67 million. Makes back $200 million.
Geralt enjoying the fruits of CD Projekt Red’s labor.

The Witcher 3 has proven just how effective marketing really is.

Surprising, right? I know I was shocked when I heard that brave little CD Projeckt Red had decided to spend only $32 million on developing their game… and a whopping $35 million marketing it! You don’t spend time thinking about it, but marketing has a significant impact on us mewling simpletons. It’s not just that, however.

We live in an age where every new generation of games gives us nothing more than a face lift. A good amount of development costs go towards making the in-game models, textures, and skyboxes look attractive.

By spending over half of their budget on marketing, CD Projeckt Red put faith in the quality of their game and the talent of their developers, and devoted a large sum of their time and money towards convincing you, the public, that you needed to buy their game. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel pretty special right there. ​

Geralt meets with the King

Geralt feeling pretty special too, as he speaks with the King.

Scoring in at 350% profit, Witcher 3 is a success.

No one can laugh at the Witcher’s four million game copies sold. It’s proof of an effective system that, no doubt, will be replicated many times in coming months. And successful systems, I’ve found, have an alarming habit of breeding like rabbits once let loose.

The best part? (For CD Projeckt Red, at least) These numbers are only after the first two weeks after the Witcher 3’s release. I would anticipate DLC and a Game of the Year edition to come in the next year or so and invigorate sales even more.

That’s not to forget that the Witcher 3 only recently put out a patch to fix their infamous experience bug. A number of gamers have a habit of waiting until the launch bugs clear out before purchasing the game, which compounds the Witcher 3’s stupendous sales even more.

In short; CD Projeckt Red is making waves and profits with their revolutionary focus on marketing. 

Watch as Geralt fights a female vampire in this cinematic trailer. (she almost kills him)

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