The 25 Sexiest Pictures of Ciri We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

Ciri, the perfect combination of beauty and danger

Since her appearance in The WItcher 3: Wild Hunt, Ciri, also known as Cirilla, was almost immediately a fan favorite, captivating the player with her fierceness and beauty, she also inspired many cosplayers to try and impersonate her, so here are the 25 best cosplays of Cirilla of Cintra.


25 - ksana_cosplay

Cosplay by ksana_cosplay

When Ciri is not slaying monsters alongside Geralt, she rests on the roadside but always keeps an eye out for another fight! ksana cosplay perfectly captured this apparently relaxed moment with her cosplay.


24 - marriyanego

Cosplay by marriyanego

In this beautiful cosplay from the talented marriyanego we can see Ciri observing her next pray, she is fierce but also cautious of the dangers in the snowy wilderness of kaer morhen


23 - jellyxbat

Cosplay by jellyxbat

Ciri doesn’t only fight, she is also an avid gwent player, in this cosplay by jelly bat we can see her smug face, you can tell she already knows she’s about to win!


22 - DamnAvenger

Cosplay by DamnAvenger

As her mentor Geralt taught her after a fight it’s always good to meditate to regain strength and control, here we can see how well this cosplay by damnavenger captures that moment of solitude and contemplation.


21 - DrosselTira

Cosplay by DrosselTira

As a wise woman once said: “The night is dark and full of terrors”, but this doesn’t faze Ciri as she grabs her torch and her silver sword ready to embark in a journey through the forest, and this cosplay by drossel tire does her justice even in an alternative costume


20 - Jessica Nigri

Cosplay by Jessica Nigri

The beautiful and talented Jessica Nigri perfectly impersonates a pensive Ciri, maybe she’s thinking about her next fight, or what she’s going to order at the tavern that night? We may never know.


19 - armoredheartcosplay

Cosplay by armoredheartcosplay

Armoredheartcosplay's Ciri is truly spectacular. The model brings to life an extremely gritty version of the co-star of The Witcher, extremely faithful to the character of the books and video games, compared to that of the Netflix version.


18 - Likeassassin

Cosplay by Likeassassin

In this perfectly crafted cosplay there is also blood, a fundamental element in an image that represents a warrior and a huntress. Even the snowy setting is perfectly linked to the typically Nordic imagery of The Witcher.


17 - Hana Bunny Cosplay 

Cosplay by Hana Bunny Cosplay 

The reinterpretation of Ciri made by the Russian model Narga is a candidate to be one of the most "realistic" and adherent to the original character, here we can appreciate the incredible quality and the care placed in every single detail, from the pose assumed by the warrior to the garments worn.


16 - Katssby

Cosplay by katssbym

In her time at kaer morhen Ciri learned that a witcher must have knowledge of the plants to identify healing ones from poisonous ones, here we can see katssby perfectly reproducing a Ciri looking for some plants to trap her next pray!


15 - Marzena Rygielska

Cosplay by Marzena Rygielska

Every adventurer needs their trusty steed, in Ciri’s case hers is called Kelpie, she knows she can trust her horse as much as Geralt trusts Roach, here marzena perfectly represents the bond between a huntress and her horse


14 - Charess

Cosplay by Charess

Charess decided to impersonate a Ciri entering what it seems to be a tavern, maybe she’s going for a drink after a long day, or maybe she’s following up on a clue about a monster…


13 - Lucas

Cosplay by lucas.cosplaycastle

You don’t have to be a woman to cosplay a female character, especially if you do it as well as Lucas did, capturing her femininity and a rare happy moment in Ciri’s life


12 - Sladkoslava

Cosplay by sladkoslava

Every hero needs a moment to themselves. Ciri's way to relax it’s simple, she just needs a tub and some hot water…


11 - Kuroi Ana

Cosplay by KuroiAnaCosplay

Now this is a different one, Kuroi Ana asked herself how Ciri would be in a “modern” setting, so this is her interpretation of Ciri in the Cyberpunk world, and it’s incredibly accurate


10 - rgtcandy

Cosplay by rgtcandy

No one is invincible, not even a Witcher, not even Ciri, in this photo we can see how rgtcandy represents a Ciri with her back to the wall, but she never surrenders, pulling out a knife to defend herself


9 - Akarana

Cosplay by Akarana

You can’t take Ciri by surprise, even if you are an angry werewolf she will spot you, she was trained by the best hunters in kaer morhen, it’s not wise to cross paths with such a skilled warrior, that werewolf met its match


8 - Matissa-Shiro

Cosplay by Matissa-Shiro

Every warrior has to have a trustworthy sword, in Ciri’s case that sword is Zireael, a silver sword gifted to Ciri by a sword merchant, perfect for slaying foes, human or not.


7 - Lyumos

Cosplay by lyumos

Lyumos tried to impersonate a Ciri that after a long day hunting monsters wants to take a break and undress herself before a hot bath…


6 - Happymanek

Cosplay by Happymanek

Ciri senses something in the air near these ruins, she learned from Geralt that there are power stones to enhance powers for a small period of time. “so it’s a place of power, gotta be…”


5 - ver1sa

Cosplay by ver1sa

Ciri has had many encounters with wolves and wild animals, and apparently her charm is able to tame even the wildest of beasts


4 - MilliganVick

Cosplay by MilliganVick

When Ciri enters a tavern her charm turns all heads towards her, but you better not bother her, because you will meet your maker…


3 - static-sidhe

Cosplay by static-sidhe

Just as an expert Witcher would do, Ciri sneaks through the forest surprising every unaware beast and monster on her death list


2 - Neito-Dorio

Cosplay by neito-dorio

Ciri, thanks to geralt, is a deadly and experienced swordswoman, if you are on her sight this is the last thing you’ll see


1 - DenikaKiomi

Cosplay by denikakiomi

Ciri, travels a lot in search of her next objective and during these trips by horse or by boat she relaxes polishing her trusty sword, Zireael.

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