Battlefield V Best Anti Tank Weapons [Top 7]

BF5 Best Anti Tank Weapons
Maybe if he took off his gasmask he might see that giant, lurching tank just over yonder.

If an explosion goes off and no one is around to hear it, then they probably got blown up.

Combined-arms, vehicle-based gameplay has been a staple of the Battlefield franchise since its inception; fighting armor in Battlefield 5 as mere infantry is a daunting situation, but DICE does provide tools to even the playing field. Each one centers around infantry’s superior agility and ability to out-maneuver clunky, heavy armor. Listed below are the seven most effective anti-tank weapons available to players, which you can use to always be prepared against armor in any match.

7. AT Grenade Pistol

AT Grenade Pistol Gameplay

Unlocked after reaching Support Rank 6, the AT Grenade Pistol is a close-range, low-damage option - one of the only two available for the Support Class. While nothing to prolific, it does give Support players at least some defense against light-to-medium armor - their only other competitive option being the Anti-Tank Mine.

Why the AT Grenade Pistol is Great Against Tanks
● While it probably won’t finish off a tank at full health, it will, however, disable most tracks/turrets after a few well-placed shots.
● It’s handy for finishing off already-damaged vehicles or wearing them down for other players to finish dealing with.

6. Anti-Tank Bundle Grenade

Available to the Assault Class after Rank 9, the Anti-Tank Bundle Grenade is a risky but still powerful weapon against armor. While lacking in range compared to rocket launchers, the Bundle Grenade still packs a decent punch and has meant death for many a foolhardy tanker.

Why the Anti-Tank Bundle Grenade is Great Against Tanks
● It packs incredible damage to make up for its single ammo count, one accurate throw will be more than enough to disable tracks.
● The Bundle Grenade explodes on contact with vehicles, giving them no chance to escape.
● Even lightly damaged vehicles stand a good chance of being destroyed, especially if you can hit them in the rear.

5. M1A1 Bazooka

Introduced in the latest Tides of Ware update, “Into the Jungle,” the M1A1 Bazooka is a long-range solution for dealing with light-to-medium armor. While not the hardest hitting, it has a far reach for a rocket launcher and a high projectile-velocity

Why the M1A1 Bazooka is Great Against Tanks
● You can easily hit tanks at range due to the minimal drop-off - the rocket fires in almost a straight-line.
● The Bazooka’s rocket is the fastest flying out of all the launchers, meaning moving tanks will not need much, leading to score a successful hit.
● It also has the highest ammo count out of all the launchers, allowing players to keep the pressure on armor and prevent them from repairing.

4. Panzerfaust

Coming in at the smack-center of our list is the Panzerfaust - a jack-of-all-trades, yet master-of-none, anti-tank rocket launcher. All around, it is balanced but, at the same time, un-remarkable because just how average it is compared to other launchers.

Why the Panzerfaust is Great Against Tanks
● It has a medium-range without too much drop-off, allowing you to engage armor at a decent distance without too much difficulty.
● The damage is high enough to disable tanks after a few direct hits and finish off damaged vehicles.
● There is a very low ricochet chance, and the penalty of such poor-angle shots is significantly reduced.

3. Anti-Tank Mine

AT Mine Gameplay

A simple weapon to be sure, but brutally effective and available from the onset. The Anti-Tank mine is deadly when placed correctly, being able to instantly kill depending on how many are placed. Putting them in chokepoints and accessible routes are guaranteed ways to score kills on unsuspecting tankers.
Why the Anti-Tank Mine is Great Against Tanks
● The damage is insane, and Track/Turret disables a sure thing if the tank isn’t destroyed out-right.
● They can be placed and forgotten, allowing you to focus on other things.
● The mines themselves are very hard to spot, especially from the third-person view in vehicles.

2. Sticky Dynamite

One of the most versatile weapons available to players, the Sticky Dynamite is one of the few gadgets that are just as effective against armor as they are infantry. The high damage per charge, coupled with the simultaneous explosion once deployed, creates a deadly tool that can insta-kill most vehicles so long as you get all three charges on target.

Why the Weapon Name is Great Against Tanks
● The Dynamite itself sticks to tanks (provided they don’t have the Zimmersmit Specialization equipped), meaning they won’t be able to cheat death should you not be able to detonate immediately.
● Dynamite is the most reliable in terms of raw damage- even those that survive the initial blast will be critically injured and vulnerable to a killing blow.
● Dynamite can be placed preemptively, giving you the perfect tool to set-up an ambush on an unsuspecting column.


The PIAT takes our number one spot for being the go-to choice for aggressive play against armor. With a low range but high damage output, the PIAT is perfect for Assault players who want to take care of tanks while teammates focus on infantry and objectives.

Why the PIAT is Great Against Tanks
● It has the greatest per-hit damage out of all the rocket launcher, meaning just one well-placed shot can disable most tanks.
● The launcher can be used as an anti-tank mortar in conjunction with the mini-map to compensate for its high drop-off and low-range.
● It is possible to single-handedly take on light-to-medium tanks with the PIAT equipped, so long as they aren’t the heaviest - although even those will be critically injured.

So those were our picks for the seven most effective anti-tank weapons in Battlefield V, hopefully, now you’ll have the knowledge to cripple even the most seasoned tank veteran.

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