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The burned bridge is a metaphor for developer-community relations.

It wasn't exactly a "hit the ground running" situation but DICE found their footing... eventually.


When Battlefield V first launched, it only came with a paltry eight maps, nine if you count Panzerstorm being released in the first update. That being said, the roster has grown beautifully over the years, despite DICE’s late start in producing new levels to play on. As such, we’ve listed our top ten maps that give the most rewarding and intense gameplay.

10. Panzerstorm

Panzerstorm gameplay

The first post-release map for Battlefield V, Panzerstorm, was released during the first Tides of War chapter, “Overture,” back on December 5th, 2018. Set in the vast, open countryside of Belgium, Panzerstorm is a perfect map for vehicles and long-range fighting.


What Is Awesome About Panzerstorm

  • The sparse farmland gives tanks plenty of space while planes have clear skies to fight it out.
  • Gameplay is centered around the farming facilities dotted around the map, providing intense infantry combat.
  • Deep ditches scattered across the map offer routes to flags, out of sight from snipers and tanks lying in wait.


9. Rotterdam

Rotterdam gameplay

One of the original eight maps launched with Battlefield V, Rotterdam takes place during the German invasion of the Dutch city during the Battle of the Netherlands. The map features a canal that runs through the middle, which players can hop across using the anchored boats for quick access.


What Is Awesome About Rotterdam

  • Intense urban combat that spills out into the streets and room-to-room fighting.
  • The canal draws a clear separation between sides and offers excellent gameplay when fighting over the bridge.
  • A lot of flanking routes and verticality give players multiple ways to engage enemies.
  • Tankers can expect a lot of targets in narrow alleyways but also have to be wary of hidden ambushes in buildings.


8. Narvik

Narvik gameplay

The first map people got their hands-on, Narvik, was the only playable map during Battlefield V’s open-beta back in September of 2018. It is set in a coastal mining town in Norway, under invasion from the Germans in their desperate bid for iron.


What Is Awesome About Narvik

  • Offers a decent enough mix of everything for all types of players, pilots/tankers included.
  • The broken railway gives infantry a critical strategic point to fight over, which, when captured, gives a devastating vantage point over most of the map.
  • The mountainous terrain gives snipers and machine gunners ample sightlines to pick off targets and support pushes.
  • The central town gives way to heavy CQC fighting while tanks level buildings and cut down anyone still in the streets.


7. Devastation

Devastation gameplay

Another of the originals, Devastation, takes place right after Rotterdam – the bright and peaceful architecture replaced by burnt out buildings, wrecked vehicles, and rubble. It is meant to depict the Dutch city of Rotterdam after the bombing by the Germans in May of 1940.


What Is Awesome About Devastation

  • The burnt-out church in the center is the star of the map; infantry players struggle endlessly in this meat grinder while the upper floors and windows offer vantage points against counter-attacks.
  • The surrounding city is full of makeshift fire positions and fortifiable strongholds that players can engage with some relative distance and safety.
  • There are countless hidden alleyways, lanes, and crossroads in between flags that give players a plethora of options for getting around the map and flanking vehicles.


6. Provence

Provence gameplay

Added during the fourth Tides of War chapter, Defying the Odds, Provence was originally going to be a launch-map for the ill-fated 5v5 competitive game mode similar to Battlefield 1’s ‘Incursions”. Back then, it was only available for smaller game modes like Squad Conquest, but now after the Summer Update on June 4th, the map is available for Conquest.


What Is Awesome About Provence

  • Probably the most beautiful map in the entire game, the map features rolling fields of lavender situated next to a compact French town.
  • The town offers pure, uncut street fighting between alleys, apartments, narrow streets, and courtyards.
  • There is a ton of cover to hide behind as well a whole network of flanking routes to exploit.
  • The outskirts give players much more room to breathe and vehicles a chance to offer decent fire support on enemies taking cover inside buildings.


5. Wake Island

Wake Island gameplay

Making its sixth return to the franchise, Wake Island is yet another remastering of the fan-favorite. Originally a part of the “War in the Pacific” update, it takes place on the island of the same name and has remained relatively unchanged except for a slight size increase.


What Is Awesome About Wake Island

  • For veterans, it’ll be a hit of nostalgia, and for newer players, it’s an insight into what used to make Battlefield so great.
  • The open island gives way for tanks and planes to cut down targets but also gives infantry good cover /concealment options to spring ambushes.
  • Despite this, there are many rock formations and scattered buildings for infantry to hide behind.
  • Fortifications work well on the island for repairing bridges and setting up de-facto chokepoints for incoming attacks.


4. Arras

Arras gameplay

A fan-favorite among the stock selection of maps, Arras offers some of the best infantry combat available in-game, perhaps in the franchise. Taking place in a quaint French countryside town, players find themselves fighting from room to room while vehicles fight over the lush yellow flower fields on the outskirts.


What Is Awesome About Arras.

  • Mostly focused on CQC infantry combat, most of the buildings are explorable and gives you lots of opportunities to hide.
  • Fighting over 
  • Fortifications shine as players can build some of the most comprehensive mini-fortresses in the streets to fend off attackers.
  • Taking a position on the outskirts gives players who prefer to fight at range a deadly vantage point over the flower fields.
  • The ‘E’ flag in the Village is where all the chaos is unleashed as players grind endlessly against each other for control.


3.  Operation Underground

Operation Underground gameplay

If you’re a veteran, then you’ll know this map better as Operation Metro, which makes its third appearance in the franchise with Battlefield V. Just like its predecessors, in a town subway and the surrounding area. With a mix of outdoor and high-intensity CQC, Operation Underground is perfect for players who don’t like vehicle-heavy maps.


What Is Awesome About Operation Underground

  • The subterranean fighting is chaotic, intense, and never lets up.
  • Long subway tunnels give way to open platforms – funneling players into tight chokepoints for easy-pickings.
  • The subway is full of hidey-holes, crawl spaces, and discreet hallways for flanking behind enemies digging-in up on the center flag.
  • You can submerge part of the metro, flooding old fighting positions and making them only accessible through swimming.


2. Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima gameplay

Definitely one of the best maps available in Battlefield V, it first arrived as a part of the ”War in the Pacific” chapter in October of 2019. Primarily designed for the Breakthrough game mode, the map is set on the titular island during Japan’s desperate defense at the end of the war.


What Is Awesome About Iwo Jima

  • While having just as much playable space as the map Hamada, it doesn’t feel anywhere as empty and provides a decent amount of cover for movement.
  • It highlights the famous Battlefield combined-arms gameplay with infantry, tanks, planes, and even boats joining in on the fray.
  • Tons of bunkers, trenches, caves, and fixed gun emplacements are interconnected by a tunnel system that sprawls across the entire map for quick and discreet movement.
  • The black-sand beach is littered with wrecked landing craft and tank defenses that you can use as you push up.
  • There’s a decent mix of verticality that scales the further you are up the volcano.


1. Twisted Steel

Twisted Steel gameplay

Our personal choice for the best of the original maps available at launch, Twisted Steel, is the pinnacle of what Battlefield V has to offer in terms of map design. There are chokepoints, thick swamps, and a destroyed bridge that gives all players perfect scenarios for their preferred playstyles


What Is Awesome About Twisted Steel

  • All combat is centered around maintaining the two bridges that go across the center river, both providing excellent gameplay.
  • The destroyed bridge lets players provide fire support for attackers from both sides, and gives good verticality for shooting over cover.
  • The standing bridge lets players have sight over the entire map and is perfect for snipers and machine gunners.
  • However, that same bridge is another meat grinder, players and tanks will be continuously fed into the chaotic storm of bullets and explosions.

Today, Battlefield has a total of twenty different multiplayer maps, not including Halvøy - the map for the ill-fated Firestorm game mode. At the end of the day, it really comes down to preference and how playstyles mesh with the environment. At any rate, the ones listed have the biggest potential for racking up a ton of kills.

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