Devil May Cry 5 Characters And Cast

devil may cry 5 cast and characters
Learn more about the characters and cast you'll meet in the new Devil May Cry game

Years after the legions of hell invaded Earth, a new demonic invasion has begun. Now, it’s up to demon hunters Dante, Nero and their companions to save humanity. The latest instalment is set after Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 2, following Dante’s disappearance from earth.

While Dante is stranded in the demon world, Nero has established own branch of the demon-hunting business Devil May Cry. The latest invasion begins after the seeds of a demon tree take root in Red Grave City.

Nero must fight the demonic invasion with help from his mechanic, Nico. He also chases after a man who severed his arm – the Devil Bringer.


Nephelim and demon hunter Dante returns to save humanity from demons and keep his business alive

Dante, the main character of the entire series, is a mercenary, private investigator and vigilante dedicated to exterminating demons and other supernatural enemies. He is part-demon and has superhuman powers as a result of his heritage.

Much of the series revolves around Dante’s vengeance against the demons who killed his mother and corrupted his older twin brother, Vergil. He’s incredibly flippant and loves to show off – often by taunting demons.

Dante never seems to lose this care-free attitude, except in Devil May Cry 2. In Devil May Cry 5, he seems to have aged, rocking flowing white hair and stubble.

He runs the Devil May Cry business, offering  both investigative and demon killing services. In the new game, he seems to have passed on the business to his nephew, Nero.

Reuben Langdon continues his role as Dante’s voice actor. He’s consistently played the demon hunter in both games and the animated series since Devil May Cry 3 in 2005.


After the legions of hell invade earth, Nero must fight alongside his uncle and friends to save humanity from demons

Nero is one of the main protagonists of the Devil May Cry series. He first appeared in Devil May Cry 4 and offers players a break from Dante’s laid-back attitude. Nero is more serious, cynical and prone to mood swings.

He is the son of Vergil and was raised in Fortuna. We first meet him when he serves as a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword. But in Devil May Cry 4, he fights the Order after meeting Dante and uncovering a conspiracy to conquer the world.

In Devil May Cry 5, Nero appears as a more seasoned demon hunter. The trailers show Nero being confronted by a mysterious cloaked figure who steals his arm – Devil Bringer. The figure attaches it to himself before opening a portal and leaving.

After losing Devil Bringer, his arm is replaced by a cybernetic one called the Devil Breaker. From the gameplay, it looks like it will still pack a punch in battle.

Johnny Yong Bosch returns to his role voicing Nero. Since Devil May Cry 4, Bosch appeared in many popular animes including Bleach (as Ichigo Kurosaki) and Artemis the cat in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Nico Goldstein

Nico grew up listening to her grandmother's stories about Dante and eventually comes to work with his nephew in the new mobile Devil May Cry van

Nicoletta (Nico) Goldstein is the expert inventor and craftswoman of the new game. She appears to the mastermind behind the various gadgets that Nero wields. She’s an associate of Nero’s branch of the Devil May Cry business.

The trailer reveals Nico is the granddaughter of Nell Goldstein, the creator of Dante's twin pistols Ebony & Ivory. Nico reveals that she knows a lot about Dante from her grandmother’s stories, commenting that she’s always wanted to meet him.

She seems to take great joy in watching Nero kill demons, mostly because he uses her weapons. Nico even designed the cybernetic prosthesis that Nero uses after Devil Bringer was wretched from his arm.

Actress Emily Bader joins the series as the foul-mouthed craftswoman. This also appears to be Bader’s first foray into voicing a video game character.


Trish started the series as a cruel demon but eventually becomes one of Dante's closest companions 

Trish is a demon created by Mundus, the final boss and main antagonist of the first Devil May Cry game. She resembles Dante’s mother, Eva. She’s a major character in the game serious though she started as one of Dante’s enemies.

Trish was cruel and uncaring while acting as Mundus’ puppet. Once Dante saved her, she eventually came to care for him and even sacrificed herself to save him from Mundus' attack.

After Dante defeats Mundus, Trish joins Devil May Cry as a demon hunter. She also briefly joined the Order of the Sword under the alias of a woman named “Gloria”.

She has gone off on her own in the animated series, but she always reappears to tease Dante. This seems to be the case in Devil May Cry 5 where she banters with Dante throughout the trailer.


Though still a human, Lady is a skilled demon hunter and firearms expert, able to help Dante and Nero on their missions

Lady is a human demon hunter and first appeared in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening as both supporting character. She is the daughter of villain Arkham, and her real name is Mary – getting the nickname “Lady” from Dante later. Arkham became obsessed with the legend of Sparda and killed Lady’s mother. Lady disowned him, and she meets Dante during her quest to hunt down her father.

After Devil May Cry 3, she joins Dante at Devil May Cry. She’s also a playable character in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Though still a human, Lady is a skilled firearms expert, able to easily kill demons with her weapons. Lady is also capable of holding her own against Trish in hand-to-hand combat, despite being physically weaker.


Meet and possibly play as the mysterious figure "V" in the new game 

Not much is known about “V”. He is another playable character alongside Dante and Nero. In the trailer, he first appears reading a passage from English poet William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell.

His looks reminded many fans of Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) from the recent Star Wars movies.

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