Top 10 Games Like Devil May Cry (Games Better Than DMC In Their Own Way)

Games Like Devil May Cry
Everyone's favorite demon

Let's Countdown The Best Games Like Devil May Cry!

10) Darksiders 3

“Darksiders 3” Gameplay 

Set in a parallel universe to the previous games, Darksiders 3 allows players to become Fury, sister of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In this hack-and-slash RPG, Fury is on a quest to hunt and eradicate the Seven Deadly Sins. Twirling into battle with her whip and nimble aerobics, Fury lives up to her name by unleashing a swarm of graceful, yet unforgiving combos. Both powerful and fun to watch, she leaves little room for the enemy to retaliate. Boasting an open exploration map with a variety of puzzles, Darksiders 3 is ready to give players a unique experience not seen in its predecessors.

Explore beautiful terrains, such as this jungle city

Perfect for long distances, the whip is a one-way ticket to pain for anyone in its path

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