[Top 10] D&D Best Sorcerer Feats To Have

D&D Best Sorcerer Feats to Have

10. Lucky

When betting everything, a steady combination of subtle magic and unnaturally good luck are the best friends a sorcerer can have!

Lucky is arguably one of the best abilities in the entire game, and not just when compared to other feats, but class features, abilities and beyond! Being given 3 luck points a day that can be used to reroll skill checks, attack and damage rolls, and even saving throws means having 3 opportunities to change a potentially deadly fail into a game-changing success. No matter how you look at it, this is something that will never not be useful.

And when we consider that you can reroll an enemy’s attack or damage, that the luck point rolls aren’t considered advantage or disadvantage and can therefore be used after rolling with disadvantage, and can be used before your DM tells you if your roll succeeds in order to avoid using spells or abilities that cost some kind of resource to gain advantage, and this feat is more then viable for any build.


9. Mobile

Just grab that cool magic hammer you said, what could possibly go wrong you said!?

As a spellcaster class that starts without any armour proficiencies, most of your defence strategy will be utilizing the timeless art of running away. And if you’re not running away from something, you’re usually running around an area to try and get a better angle for a spell or ability anyways.

That's where the Mobile feat comes in. Right off the bat, your character gets an additional 10ft movement speed, which can be a lifesaver when avoiding traps and a huge help when chasing someone down as almost every humanoid has a 30ft movement speed.

Something to note as well, with the way the rules are written, this will apply to any form of movement, so your swimming and climbing speed also increase, making lots of difficult terrains easy for you to take on.

The second benefit granted by the feat is being able to ignore the movement penalty difficult terrain normally applies whenever you use a Dash action. So not only are you running double your speed (plus an extra 20 from this your increased speed), but you’re doing it across terrain that cuts other creatures' speeds in half, making you 4 times faster than them!

And if those two boosts weren't a big enough draw, when you make a melee attack against a creature, they can’t make opportunity attacks targeting you for the rest of your turn, even if you don’t hit or do damage! This can be huge, especially if you have to complete an objective somewhere nearby but you’re being harassed by a big enemy!

With a combination of a steady speed boost, completely ignoring difficult terrain and even making yourself immune to an enemy’s retaliation, you’ve gained a permanent boost to your movement options, something that doesn’t happen often beyond subclass-specific boosts from a couple of classes! 


8. Elemental Adept

Being a great sorcerer is one part powerful spellwork, one part mysterious lineage and two parts dramatic flair!

As players progress in their campaign and face more diverse enemies, they’ll often run into trouble when facing creatures that have resistance to certain elements. Cutting the damage in half of any attack using a certain element can make any fight harder, especially for characters like Sorcerer whose spells are very often elemental in nature.

With this feat, you select an element type from the options of acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder and from that point on you ignore any creature’s resistance to that element. This feat is good on its own, but with subclasses like the Draconic Bloodline or Storm Sorcery giving bonuses to elemental damage this resistance cancel can quickly add up. 

And with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything adding the Transmuted Spell Metamagic option, and the feat having a secondary effect of making any 1’s you roll on a damage die of that element into a 2, you can make some of your best spells deal your damage of choice for even more effect!


7. Tough

Though he hated to admit it, he was suddenly very grateful that his teacher had made him practice those defensive spells over and over again.

As anyone who’s played a Sorcerer or Wizard can attest to, hit points are a precious commodity. Getting only a d6 hit die every level, they can be quickly left in the dust by their fighter or barbarian teammates and made an easy target for enemies!

With the Tough feat, this major problem becomes a much more manageable and less stressful distraction and can make a massive difference in life-or-death fights. The basis of the feat is simple; your hit point maximum increases by a number equal to twice your level, a nice boost already! 

But the beauty of the feat shines brightest when you read that you get an additional 2 maximum hitpoints every level, on top of your regular d6 hit die. This is huge, acting effectively as a +2 bonus to your Constitution when determining hit points, and boosting your overall hit point gain to a d8, matching with the Monk, Cleric and every non-martial class besides wizards!

With hitpoints being much more valuable to Sorcerers than most other classes, any boost is a good thing, but the boost the Tough feat gives is enough to make it an excellent choice to keep yourself conscious and in the fight!


6. Eldritch Adept

I know making a deal with an eldritch being for more power isn't the best idea, but just look how cool these magic tentacles are!

Toying with forces beyond your comprehension isn’t a new thing for sorcerers, so why not add in some cool bonuses while you do it? The Eldritch Adept feat lets you pick one of many abilities from the Eldritch Invocations list that Warlocks get as a class feature, and some of these invocations are absolute game-changers.

While you won’t have access to all of the Warlock invocations because of pre-requisites or certain sub-class requirements, with options ranging from gaining a whopping 120ft of darksight in both normal and magic darkness, to being able to cast Speak With Animals without a spell slot, to being able to read literally any writing, the list you can pick from has some incredible abilities to make your spellcaster even stronger. 

Plus, with Warlock being (in my totally expert opinion) one of the best classes for role-playing opportunities, when you combine this with another great role-playing potential class like Sorcerer it's a recipe for greatness!

With this feat, you gain a really cool ability, and when you add in the option to change your invocation choice every time you level up, you have an awesome way to customize your sorcerer and compliment your metamagic class feature.


5. Spell Sniper

Three blocks away, a wizard is about to learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of telling sorcerers they're "just cheap knockoffs with no real talent".

While the Sorcerer class has access to the Distant Spell Metamagic to increase their spell’s viable distance, the Spell Sniper feat does that and more, plus frees up a slot for a different metamagic option, so it’s a great alternative to think about.

Of course, the main benefit of the feat is getting the range of any spell with an attack roll doubled, but an underrated secondary effect is making your spells ignore half and three-quarters cover. Being able to curve spells like Chaos Bolt around cover to hit targets that think they’re safe can be very helpful in close-quarter locations with lots of cover for the enemy.

And finally, you get to learn one cantrip that uses an attack roll from any class, which uses a different spellcasting modifier depending on your choice. This means that spells from lists for Clerics or Druids use Wisdom, Wizards use Intelligence, and Bard, Sorcerer and Warlock use Charisma.

This is great because as a Charisma-based class, you have some of the greatest damage-dealing cantrips at your fingertips! Green Flame Blade, Chill Touch and of everyone’s favourite Warlock cantrip, Eldritch Blast!

With Eldritch Blast and Chill Touch already having a casting range of a whopping 120ft, now any enemy that’s 2 ½ football fields away or less and not completely in cover is in for a rude awakening!


4. Healer

Take two of these and call me in the morning if that stab wound hasn't cleared up, that'll be 300 gold pieces.

Aside from the Divine Soul subclass, there aren’t any great healing spells available to the Sorcerer class in official content. While not a huge issue, as classes like Cleric and Bard can usually keep up with the party’s needs, it never hurts to have a backup plan!

The Healer Feat allows players to utilize the healing kit (which you probably just remembered existed) to use an action and one of the kit’s 10 charges to heal a character 1d6 +4 hitpoints. While this amount isn't especially impressive in higher levels, if you decide to take this feat when you hit level 4 or take this feat as a variant human, you’ll already be healing an average of 7hp, which is really solid for something not requiring a spell slot.

What’s more, whereas the healing kit can normally bring a dying creature to 0 hit points and stabilize it, with this feat you can instead make that 0 a 1. This is a huge deal, as bringing a character back from the negatives means they can get out of the fight, risk it all and jump back into the fight, or just take a second to appreciate what a great friend you are!


3. Moderately Armored

It had cost him a bit extra, but when he started fighting this beholder he was glad he bought the brown pants.

Sorcerers are one of only two classes in the game that don’t start with any armour proficiencies, the other being Wizard. While certain Sorcerer subclasses like the Draconic Bloodline offer alternatives to regular protection through natural armour or added spells, your character can still be hit pretty easily, and with a d6 hit die, any damage is a lot of damage.

Three feats can help this problem; Lightly Armored, Moderately Armored, and Heavily Armored. While any of these are viable options and depend more on your playstyle or role-playing, Moderately Armored is the best option for most characters because it is the only of these three that also gives proficiency with shields.

Shields are often underappreciated, but since having one gives an additional +2 AC (and more if you can find an enhanced or magic shield), this item is a great option for spellcasters as they can still use their spellcasting focus or a weapon in the other hand. 

Also, the feat gives you a +1 in your choice of Strength or Dexterity, either of which can be a great choice, with Dex meaning an even higher AC. And with new access to the Medium Armor Mastery feat, you can further increase your AC and negate that pesky Stealth disadvantage that comes with some of the heavier Medium armours next time you can pick up a feat!


2. Metamagic Adept

Despite sorcerers calling wizards nerds, there's something to be said about studying up on your mysterious and barely controllable powers.

This may seem like a redundant feat as you already get access to Metamagic as part of your class, but when you look at the ability as is, it can feel a little lacking. When you first get the ability at 3rd level, you get to pick two metamagic options and have a total of 3 sorcery points, but you don’t get to add any additional metamagic options until 10th level, a huge gap for a game where campaigns can have a long wait between level ups.

But with the Metamagic Adept feat, you double your metamagic options with another 2 choices, as well as getting another 2 sorcery points to add to your pool. The rules specify that these two points can only be used in metamagic and not in other Sorcerer class features, but being able to reduce a potentially party-saving metamagic use by 2 free points isn't a bad deal.

This feat is great for anyone looking to make full use of the Metamagic class feature by giving it a much-needed expansion of choices!


1. War Caster

"White is definitely a bad color for wearing to a battlefield, but man those stains are worth it for how cool we look!"

While feats almost always change the way your character plays, few change the fundamental rules of how the game works and give you abilities that no one else can get without that feat. One of these few is the amazing War Caster feat, an essential pick for any spellcaster looking to get themselves into the fight a bit easier.

The primary effect and the one that everyone knows about is being given advantage on Constitution saving throws to keep concentration spells going when you get attacked. With a ton of major spells like Fly, Banishment and Stinking Cloud (I’m sure someone has used this unironically, and not only as a fart spell) requiring concentration, getting such a good boost to keep them functioning is awesome.

The second and least known effect is performing any spell’s somatic components while holding a weapon or shield in both hands, instead of normally requiring one hand to hold your spellcasting focus. This is a nice addition, as utilising other equipment while still being able to cast spells makes defence in combat much easier.

The third and most underrated benefit is potentially its best bonus; when an enemy provokes an opportunity attack, instead of having to use a melee attack like normal, you can instead cast a spell at the target. This spell has to have a casting time of one action and can only affect the creature you’re reacting to, but this opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Ray of Frost, Mind Sliver, Firebolt, higher level spells like Blight and even non-damaging spells like Banishment can now be used instead of a physical strike, and this can make your sorcerer capable of either applying magic damage or taking an enemy out of the fight entirely. 

With so many options at your disposal, including some of the best damage-dealing cantrips in the game, you’ve gone from being a minor annoyance to being the thing preventing an enemy from running in the first place, in fear of incurring your magic wrath!


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