D&D Best Wizard Cantrips To Have (Ranked Good To Best)

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Wizards are shrewd magic users who seek, collect, and covet esoteric knowledge, drawing on cultic arts to work wonders beyond the abilities of mere mortals. While some might choose a particular field of magical study and become masters of such powers, others embrace versatility, reveling in the unbounded wonders of all magic.

In either case, wizards prove a cunning and potent lot, capable of smiting their foes, empowering their allies, and shaping the world to their every desire.

In 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, the mightiest spells require a spellcaster to expend Spell Slots, however, repeated practice can fix a spell in the caster's mind and infused the caster with the magic needed to produce the Effect over and over, these are called cantrips.

Cantrips are your bread and butter for when you need to save up your Spell Slots, delivering useful although minor effects that change the battlefield.

Since the wizard has the largest spell selection to choose from in the whole came, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to take, but worry not, for we have divined the best cantrips to have to help you claim the title of archmage!

10. Light.

Traveling dark, ageless crypts is part of the business for adventurers, and a bit of illumination can go a long way.

Light does as it implies, it imbues an object with heatless light to provide as much illumination as a torch. This might not seem like much, but if you lack dark vision this can turn the tide of a fight, and even with dark vision sometimes you can miss out on the finer details.

Why Light Is Great:

  • Areas of deep darkness can make a character blind, a status effect so bad it can spell the doom for your adventurer: Being able of summoning illumination on demand can quickly lower a dungeon expedition’s mortality rate.
  • Darkvision is, commonly, a scale of greys. If you’re facing off against puzzles or challenges reliant on color, it is important to know what you’re seeing.

Light details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:light

9.  Prestidigitation.

Part of every player’s bag of tricks, prestidigitation lets you create several, harmless sensorial effects to flex your creativity and lead to interesting role-playing scenarios.

This cantrip shines in the hands of a creative player, granting your wizard an arsenal of minor tricks to get by.

Why Prestidigitation Is Great:

  • Dirty shoes, wet clothes, smelly odors. It's usually the weirdest things that have the biggest impact, and Prestidigitation does just that, deals with the littlest of things, fixing minor inconveniences!

Prestidigitation details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:prestidigitation

8. Mending.

The broken axle of a cart, a torn dress, or a damaged lock. These are things that can spiral into obstacles that derail your plans.

Worry not, for mending can fix and repair minor tears and breaks on certain items. It might not look like much but properly used you can take most carpenters out of commission with this here cantrip.

Why Mending Is Great:

  • Item-based obstacles are not common, but they happen. With mending, you no longer need to care about being subtle or careful, you can just repair the object afterward.
  • If your campaign places a great deal of importance on equipment, its durability, and maintenance, then Mending can completely take a load off of your shoulders.

Mending Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:mending

7. Mind Sliver.

By forcing a target to make an Intelligence saving throw, you can cause considerable psychic damage and impose a d4 penalty on their next saving throw.

Not only does it deal decent damage, but it also makes it more difficult for the target to succeed in saving against the effects your party can bring to bear!

Why Mind Sliver Is Great:

  • Intelligence is, overall, an ability score most creatures tend to dump. From goblins to beasts and even most high CR creatures, it’s usually low, so you’re going to be constantly landing the spell.
  • A d4 penalty on a saving throw can spell the difference between safe and afflicted thanks to 5th edition’s bound accuracy.

Mind Sliver details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:mind-sliver

6. Chill Touch.

With its deceiving name, Chill Touch does neither cold damage nor is it a touch spell, instead, you send a ghostly hand towards a creature in range, dealing necrotic damage, and, guess what, it can’t regain Hit Points for a turn.

If the creature is undead, it comes with the bonus of granting it disadvantage on attacks against you for the turn.

Why Chill Touch Is Great:

  • Healing can be problematic in 5th edition, some Spells can bring a foe to full Hit Points in the blink of an eye, by denying them this, no amount of enemy healers will make a difference.
  • Undead creatures are problematic, granting them disadvantage on attacks against you, as well as denying the natural healing some of them have (talking to you Vampires!) is a great way of dealing with them.

Chill Touch details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:chill-touch

5. Fire Bolt.

The classic choice for a damaging cantrip, this spell lets you fire off a beam of flame that strikes a foe for fiery punishment. If you hit a flammable object, it lights up in flames if it isn’t worn or carried.

The reason for picking this up is simple, it’s the highest damage cantrip available to the wizard.

Why Fire Bolt Is Great:

  • Unlike other damaging cantrips, Fire Bolt has a d10 damage dice, putting in On Par with ranged weapons when it comes to dealing damage.
  • 120 feet is no joke when it comes to range, letting you snipe at foes from a relatively safe distance.

Fire Bolt details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:fire-bolt

4. Encode Thoughts.

With an amazing duration of 8 hours, this non-concentration spell lets you pull a memory, an idea, or a message from your mind and transform it into a string of energy.

If you’re reading someone else’s mind through a spell or a class feature, you can pull it instead into a string of energy. This is particularly amazing when dealing with information networks or important data.

Why Encode Thoughts Is Great:

  • Keep your precious plans safe by turning key information into a tangible object that can be kept away from prying eyes.
  • Turn the tables on your foes by ripping out their memories and delivering them as evidence to the king!

Encode Thoughts details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:encode-thoughts

3. Shocking Grasp.

Unlimited Power! I mean, strips of lightning spring from your hands to shock a creature you touch, dealing lightning damage and it can’t take reactions until your next turn.

To top it off, you get advantage on this attack if they are wearing metal armor.

Why Shocking Grasp Is Great:

  • Metal Armor is the most common kind of armor in 5th edition, meaning you’ll always have a good chance to hit with this spell.
  • No reactions mean no attacks of opportunity, no Shield spells, no pesky ways to interrupt your turn.

Shocking Grasp details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:shocking-grasp

2. Message.

The most reliable communication spell, message lets you whisper a message to a creature you point towards, and only they can hear it.

Since it has a 120 feet range, you can coordinate with your allies in any situation without blowing up your cover or stealth.

Why Message Is Great:

  • Communication is the key to teamwork, by taking this spell you can make sure that distance is never an issue when dealing with critical information.
  • Since it’s a whisper, you can deliver eerie thoughts and creepy messages towards a creature you can see, potentially messing with them.

Message details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:message

1. Minor Illusion.

You create a sound or an image within a 5-foot cube, forcing a creature to make an Intelligence check to disbelieve your illusion, otherwise taking it for real.

This spell can be top-notch if used creatively, making up cover where there is none, fake walls to divert pursuers or even the promise of a more dangerous foe approaching!

Why Minor Illusion Is Great.

  • A fake bridge, a fake door, the possibilities are limitless. Used properly, this can be the most versatile cantrip available for the threats it can make your foes believe exist.

Minor Illusion details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:minor-illusion

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