[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Movement Speed Items (Ranked Cheapest To Most Expensive)

In Dota, very minute details can help you win a teamfight, or even help you escape from one if you pay attention to them. Movement speed is a critical factor that many players tend to ignore. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, then you may find it hard to escape if you don’t have high movement speed. This is highly essential in the late game when a minute difference can help you have an edge over your enemies. Having high movement speed right from the early game is always beneficial.

We rank the Best 10 Movement Speed Items, which can help you decide your choice while playing. Ideally, every hero must have at least one movement speed item which can help them commute through the map quickly.

10. Wind Lace (250 Gold)

Wind Lace is the cheapest movement speed item you can buy. It provides 25 movement speed, which may not sound like much, but it is a lot in the early stages of the game. Most supports prefer buying this item before they purchase boots or upgraded boots. 

This item is high value as all players can benefit from it primarily due to its low cost. It also stacks with other movement-speed items, further enhancing your speed.

Why is Wind Lace good?

  • It stacks with other movement-speed items, meaning you can build boots or drums without worrying about wasting gold
  • Highly relevant item in the early stages of the game due to its low cost
  • Can be built on any hero, regardless of the role, as all heroes have decent high movement speed

9. Boots of Speed (500 Gold)

Boots of Speed is a staple item that you see on every hero in the game. It is the most commonly purchased item, this is due to the movement speed it provides in the early game. It provides +45 movement speed, you can also upgrade it into various boots like Tranquil Boots, Phase, or Power Boots. 

This scalability that this item provides is incomparable, and that too at such a low cost. Boots also is an essential item for every hero, and is purchased by every hero due to the massive boost it provides in movement speed.

Why are Boots of Speed good?

  • Highly common item, purchased by all heroes in the game
  • Comes at a low cost, while providing decent movement speed in the early game

8. Power Treads (1400 Gold)

Power Treads are a high-value item as they can be toggled, meaning you can toggle between all of the three stats (Strength, Intelligence, Agility) According to the set stat, you can gain extra HP, damage, mana regen, armor, attack, or movement speed. 

This item is seen primarily on carry or mid heroes who are generally squishy or lack mana, as it can help them sustain a teamfight. The item provides 45 movement speed, which is an extremely high value in the early game.

Why are Power Treads good?

  • Treads can be toggled, providing bonuses based on the stat set currently, making it a suitable item for heroes of all three attributes (INT, STR, AGI)
  • Provide high value if purchased in the early game due to the perks it has to offer
  • If you lack movement speed and basic survivability as a carry hero, this may be the right choice for you due to the increase in both movement speed and HP

7. Phase Boots (1500 Gold)

Another high value on the list is the Phase Boots. There is always a constant tussle between Phase and Power Treads, but in the current meta, it is evident that Phase Boots are marginally better as they provide a lot of benefits. This item is seen on melee carry heroes.

They not only provide 45 movement speed, but they also provide extra percentage-based movement speed when you activate it, while also providing you high armor, attack damage, and allowing you to phase through units.

Why is Phase Boots good?

  • Allows you to phase through allies or enemies, while also increasing your movement speed when activated
  • Phase Boots also increase your turn rate, making it easy for you to escape or dodge certain spells in the heat of the moment 
  • Provides increased armor, attack speed, and attack damage
  • Highly relevant for carry heroes in the current meta as it increases their movement speed while providing decent damage and stats

6. Drum of Endurance (1650 Gold)

The Drum of Endurance is a highly sought-after item in the mid-game as it not only increases your movement speed but it also boosts the same for your allies in an AoE. Not only that, but it also increases the attack speed as well, making both you and your allies swift and agile in a teamfight. 

Drums provide a 13% bonus movement speed upon usage, and a 45 attack speed along with it. This is a great item if you’re a utility offlane hero or support hero. If you lack movement speed or attack speed in the early game, then this item is the right choice for boosting your stats.

Why is Drum of Endurance good?

  • Provides increased movement and attack speed for the caster and allies in an AoE
  • Perfect item in the early game due to its cheap price, it is highly suitable for utility-carrying offlane heroes like Beastmaster, Mars, etc.
  • It has 8 charges which can be replenished if you re-purchase the recipe
  • You can upgrade Drum into Boots of Bearing, which is another exceptional item providing immense movement speed among other perks

5. Boots of Travel (2500 Gold)

Boots of Travel is an incredible item that allows you to teleport to an allied unit or creeps, globally. This global presence makes it an impressive item for heroes who have big-ticket ultimates or pusher heroes who can split-push around the map effortlessly.

Boots of Travel is a highly effective item in the late game as it can help you engage and disengage from the teamfights. It provides 90 movement speed which is a massive bonus.

Why are Boots of Travel good?

  • Provides global presence as you can teleport anywhere on the map as long as you have allied creeps or units there.
  • Can be further upgraded into Boots of Travel 2, which allows the caster to teleport on allies
  • Grants massive movement speed bonuses which are highly essential in the later stages of the game

4. Boots of Bearing (4125 Gold)

Perhaps one of the newest items in the game, Boots of Bearing has taken the game by storm. It is essentially an upgraded version of the Drum of Endurance. It provides 65 movement speed passively while also granting 15% added movement speed when the charge is used. 

It also makes the caster and their allies immune to slows for 1.5s upon usage, making it a brilliant item for offlaners or utility carrier heroes. Boots of Bearing is a meta item and is largely popular due to its high provided bonuses.

Why are Boots of Bearing good?

  • It provides increased movement speed to allies and the caster in an AoE.
  • It also provides immense movement speed (65), which is a significant boost for pretty much all the heroes
  • It makes the allies immune to slows for 1.5 seconds, making it a highly sought-after item against heroes with slow potential.

3. Guardian Greaves (4950 Gold)

Upon usage, Guardian Greaves heals you and your allies in a certain AoE and also purges off any enemy debuffs that you may have on you. The best part about this item is that it doesn’t even cost any mana, you read it right. 

You may cast it while getting chased down by heroes that mess up your mana. It provides a modest +50 movement speed, which is not a big deal but considering how useful this item is, it's a great chunk of the stat.

Why are Guardian Greaves good?

  • Has no mana cost for activation, making it an exceptional item for teamfights
  • Heals the caster and their nearby allies, restoring their HP and mana
  • It also purges off basic debuffs of the caster, which can be useful in various situations

2. Swift Blink (6800 Gold)

Blink Dagger is an essential item for most heroes, but the recent upgrade has added three upgraded Blinks which enhance the game even further. Swift Blink provides 35 Agility and 45% movement speed on usage for 6 seconds, which is great for carry heroes, or heroes who lack movement speed or mobility. 

This item is expensive so it's not every day that you get to see this in your pub games, but whenever you do, you’ll be in for a treat. The item is highly purchased in the current meta if the game goes late, mostly due to the bonkers amount of movement speed it provides.

Why is Swift Blink good?

  • Provides a 40% bonus movement speed, making you incredibly fast, and allowing you to initiate a fight or escape from one
  • Also provides increased agility which translates to damage for agi carry heroes, making them stronger in teamfights
  • It is an essential item for most carry heroes in the ultra-late game due to the mobility and damage that it provides

1. Wind Waker (6825 Gold)

The ferocious Wind Waker is an item that is always seen picked up by at least one player on each team if the clock ticks past 60 minutes. The saving and escape potential on this item is quite a deal. It sets up your ally or yourself in a cyclone, making your or your ally invulnerable and moving along in a direction that you can control. 

This item is also highly useful to cancel any enemy channeling spells or items, making it hard for them to get their spells off. It provides a decent +50 movement speed and is by far the most expensive movement speed item in the game, totaling 6825 gold.

Why is Wind Waker good?

  • You can use it to escape or help your allies escape in situations where they can’t control themselves, as you can control them with this item
  • It provides a generous amount of movement speed which is highly useful in the late game
  • Disrupts enemy's spells by whirling them into the air, stopping their channeling abilities.

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