[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Carry Items That Are Powerful

Carry heroes are an essential component of the game which ensures victory for your team in most games. These heroes are known to be very frail in the early game but the late game turns them into menacing beats which deal massive physical damage. You can pick the right hero but you can’t win with the wrong items!

To guide you in your MMR journey, we have compiled a list of the best 15 Carry items which can enhance your gameplay and make it more impactful.

15. Divine Rapier

The almighty Divine Rapier is the ender of all games. You may expect this item to be higher on the list as it provides a whopping 350 attack damage, making it the best item for your carry hero. This is partially true as this item can definitely close the game ideally only if you’re on the winning side otherwise you may have a vicious tug of war trying to fight with this item as it drops on dying, making it easier for the enemies to close the game instead. 

Why is Divine Rapier great?

  • 350 Increased attack damage
  • Can swiftly turn the game around if played properly 


14. Mjolnir

If you’re on a hero that lacks physical and AoE damage then this is the right item for you. Not only do you get increased damage, but you also have a chance to proc on hits, passing AoE damage to your foes, making it easier to farm. The active also allows you to deal damage when the enemies hit you! Or you may put the active on your allies to ensure they deal damage as well! Heroes such as Windranger and Lifestealer profit a lot from this item in the early game. 

Why is Mjolnir great?

  • AoE proc damage helps you farm
  • Increased physical damage 


13. Battlefury

Just like our previous item, Battlefury provides you with AoE damage in the form of cleave which makes your farming stints easier. As every hit cleaves, it makes Battlefury more viable than Mjolnir for most heroes. You may also get this item to counter menacing heroes like Nature’s Prophet, Enigma, Chen, and much more!

Why is Battlefury great?

  • Guaranteed cleave damage on every hit
  • High wave clear and farming potential


12. Armlet of Mordiggian

If you’re a hard-hitting solo carry, this is a much-needed item that will save your life in solo situations, while also providing you with increased attributes, armor, and damage. When activated, the Armlet grants 25 Strength, 40 Damage, and 4 armor at the cost of 45 health per second. If toggled at the right time, this item can make you hard to kill, kiting your enemies or you being able to kill them yourself.

Why is Armlet of Mordiggian great?

  • High Armor and Strength gain
  • Quick HP burst which can save you in teamfights
  • High Physical Damage


11. Bloodthorn

Spellcasting foes can be a thorn in the side as they can interrupt your spells, disable you and ultimately mow you down. To stop this, Bloodthorn serves as a great tool. It is the upgrade of Orchid of Maleovalence, allowing you to silence your enemies for 5 seconds and making them take an additional 30% of all the damage dealt under the duration and a chance to crit 130%. This item shuts down spell casting heroes which are usually squishy, leading to their demise!

Why is Bloodthorn great?

  • Disable in the form of silence
  • True Strike and Critical Damage dealt 
  • Bonus attributes


10. Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade has always been the classic carry item for most new heroes released, as it always is bought for the stat and attribute gain which proves to be useful. It provides you with 15 Agility and 10 Intelligence and the active slows the targeted enemy for 3 seconds. The passive of this ferocious blade is Mana Break which essentially makes enemies lose mana when attacked by you. This item is great on melee heroes like Riki, Naga Siren, and Phantom Lancer.

Why is Diffusal Blade great?

  • Slows enemies for 100% for 4 seconds
  • High stats and attribute gain, making it great in the early game


9. Butterfly

If you’re lacking in the evasion department then Butterfly is the perfect fit for your inventory. Some enemies may deal way too much damage and there aren’t many ways to completely avoid it except by buying the fluttering Butterfly! This item offers 35% evasion along with 30 Agility and 30 Attack Damage and Speed. This item is hence essential for physical damage heroes like Drow Ranger, Morphling, Luna, and many more.

Why is Butterfly great?

  • High evasion
  • High agility and attribute bonuses


8. Upgraded Blinks 

These three special Blink Daggers have been essential items since their release. As these items provide their own sets of perks, Swift Blink provides 35 Agility and 45% movement speed on usage for 6 seconds, which is great on carry heroes. Arcane Blink provides 25% mana cost reduction, 20% debuff application, and 50% cast point reduction for 6 seconds, making it an essential item for spellcasting heroes. Overwhelming Blink, on usage, makes enemies slow and makes them take damage which is equal to 100 + 150% of your base strength, making it a great tool for tank heroes. 

Why are the Upgraded Daggers great?

  • Players can choose which dagger to build according to the hero.




7. Desolator

Desolator is a great armor corruption item that shreds through the enemy's armor, making them privy to more physical damage. It also provides 50 Attack Damage and reduces 7 enemy armor for 6 seconds. When a hero dies under this passive, the desolator gains 2 damage, with a maximum of up to 25 kills, which amounts to an additional 50 damage which can be pretty lethal in the later stages of the game. Prominent carriers like Phantom Assassin, Weaver, and Clinkz love making this item.

Why is Desolator great?

  • High Armor Corruption
  • High Attack Damage


6. Eye of Skadi

Eye of Skadi turns most of the squishy carry heroes into tanky monstrous beasts! This item provides +22 of all 3 attributes along with the passive lowering enemy movement and attack speed. It also slows the enemy regeneration by 40%, making it harder for them to heal while being hit with Skadi. This item is seen a lot on right-click carries, or against heroes which are known to heal fast or deal immense damage.

Why is Eye of Skadi Great?

  • Reduces enemy HP regen and movement speed
  • Increased stats and attributes


5. Abyssal Blade

An essential on all melee carries! Abyssal Blade is that item that is rarely mentioned yet is built a lot in both pro and pub games. This item provides you with the much famous bash which stuns your target due to the Skull Basher component and also provides damage block due to the Vanguard component. You also get 10 strength and 250 health along with 25 attack damage, making a great accessory for carry heroes.

Why is Abyssal Blade great?

  • Active Stun that locks down enemy
  • Bonus attributes 
  • Bash potential on normal hits


4. Monkey King Bar

If your enemies have heroes that can evade physical attacks or you just need extra attack damage then Monkey King Bar will fit like a glove! This item provides you with 40 Attack Damage and 45 Attack Speed. The passive grants you an 80% chance of piercing through evasion essentially dealing true strike damage which also deals additional 70 magical damage. This item works wonders against heroes like Phantom Assassin and items like Butterfly.

Why is Monkey King Bar great?

  • Grants true strike
  • High attack speed and damage bonuses


3. Daedalus

Daedalus is extremely great right off the bat, no matter when you purchase this item, it will always be effective. You get 88 Attack Damage from Daedalus along with the passive of Critical Strike which grants you a 30% chance of dealing 225% damage, which is labeled as critical damage. Heroes such as Sven, Kunnka, and Faceless Void benefit greatly from this item.

Why is Daedalus great?

  • Very high attack damage bonus
  • High Critical Damage


2. Satanic

A hard-hitting carry can’t always rely on his allies to heal him and keep him healthy throughout the fights. Sometimes, you have to be self-reliant and buy lifesteal items which can help sustain you in the fights, and none better than Satanic when it comes to lifesteal. When activated, it provides up to 200% lifesteal for 6 seconds, making it quite easy for you to go from 0 to 100% in one hit if you have enough physical damage! Along with the lifesteal, you also get 25 Strength and 40 Attack Damage, providing you with enough sustain for days!

Why is Satanic a great item?

  • High lifesteal which can change the trajectory of the game
  • Low cooldown 
  • High sustain with the increased strength 


1. Black King Bar

This may be an odd choice for the number one item on this list of the best carry items but hear me out guys, Black King Bar saves lives! You may be on a roll, killing enemies and gaining net worth left and right, but in the case of a 5 man gank, you can lose control and die pretty quickly. A Black King Bar can prevent that and make you last longer or scare your enemies away. We can never stress the importance of this item much, no matter your MMR bracket or matchup, this item will always be a crucial component of the game.

Why is Black King Bar great?

  • Magic Immunity for 9 to 6 seconds, depending on use.
  • Even if the spell pierces magic immunity, it won’t deal any damage but the effect will go through.


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