Dota Underlords Tier List [Best Dota Underlords Heroes]

Dota Underlords Units Tier List
You better bring your surfboards!

What is the best way to ensure a win in Dota Underlords?

It’s very important to know what units you should always go for and what is not viable in your current meta. While some heroes bring a lot of utility, others will guarantee you a win due to their high dps. In this tier list I will present for you every unit in Dota Underlords and what is good to have early and late game. The S tier contains the best units in the game and D tier, the worst.

S Tier - The units in this bracket will most certainly be found in the best builds and will most of the time be picked by the players that usually climb the ladder fast. They are strong stand alone units that everyone should look forward to picking.

  • Tiny 94/100
  • Morphling 96/100
  • Beastmaster 94/100
  • Phantom Assassin 94/100
  • Dragon Knight 95/100
  • Arc Warden 95/100
  • Disruptor 96/100
  • Techies 94/100

A Tier (Most of the early to mid-game carries are part of these units)

1g Heroes:

  • Bat Rider 92/100

2g Heroes:

  • Chaos Knight 92/100
  • Pudge 90/100

3g Heroes:

  • Slark 89/100
  • Treant Protector 89/100
  • Crystal Maiden 88/100
  • Tinker 88/100
  • Terrorblade 88/100
  • Clockwerk 87/100
  • Sniper 86/100

4g Heroes:

  • Tidehunter 92/100
  • Necrophos 90/100
  • Mirana 89/100

5g Heroes:

  • Gyrocopter 92/100
  • Enigma 90/100

B Tier (Stand-alone wise, these units don’t do very well)

1g Heroes:

  • Ogre Magi 85/100
  • Bounty Hunter 84/100

2g Heroes:

  • Queen of Pain 85/100
  • Slardar 85/100
  • Puck 85/100
  • Luna 84/100

3g Heroes:

  • Lycan 85/100
  • Viper 83/100
  • Juggernaut 83/100
  • Abaddon 81/100

4g Heroes:

  • Doom 82/100
  • Alchemist 82/100
  • Lone Druid 81/100
  • Sand King 81/100

5g Heroes:

  • Medusa 80/100

C Tier (The only purpose of these units is to complete a certain Alliance when you don’t have the piece you want)

1g Heroes:

  • Axe 79/100
  • Anti Mage 79/100
  • Drow Ranger 78/100
  • Razor 77/100

2g Heroes:

  • Timbersaw 79/100
  • Witch Doctor 77/100
  • Lina 76/100
  • Windranger 76/100

3g Heroes:

  • Omniknight 78/100
  • Shadow Fiend 77/100

4g Heroes:

  • Templar Assassin 77/100
  • Kunkka 76/100
  • Keeper of the Light 75/100

5g Heroes:

  • Troll Warlord 74/100
  • Lich 74/100

D Tier (You want to usually stay away from these heroes)

1g Heroes:

  • Shadow Shaman 71/100
  • Venomancer 70/100
  • Tusk 69/100
  • Enchantress 69/100
  • Bloodseeker 67/100
  • Warlock 67/100

2g Heroes:

  • Nature’s Prophet 66/100

Tiny ( S Tier – Primordial Warrior ) – costs 1G

Tiny has been the strongest 1G stand-alone unit in Dota Underlords for quite some time now. Being this cheap of a unit, you have at your disposal a unit capable of solo carrying early rounds. More than that, his ability can carry out to be very useful even in mid game and sometimes late game.

Reasons why Tiny is an S tier unit:

  • His Toss ability is physical damage
  • He does AoE damage that is also a stun
  • Tiny is part of the Primordials alliance and acts as core unit for one of the best builds in the game, Primordials/Assassin/Mages
  • Being a Warrior as well, he provides a lot of the damage for your tank line up

Hero Power Rating: 94/100

Morphling ( S Tier – Primordial Assassin ) – costs 2G

Morphling has been the key unit for most magic damage builds. He packs a massive amount of damage in his Waveform ability and provides a good counter to builds that tend to stand clumped up. Regardless of the cost of other units, Morphling is considered to be the strongest unit in the game at the moment.

Reasons why Morphling is an S Tier unit:

  • Waveform gets empowered by mages which is when you will most certainly see Morphling getting played
  • Provides a carry through early game/mid game/late game
  • Has a lot of mobility due to him also being an Assassin
  • His attack rate is at 1.10 which means he will get at least one ability off before he dies
  • AoE magic damage is the perfect burst damage in the game right now

Hero Power Rating: 96/100

Beastmaster ( S Tier – Brawny Hunter ) – costs 2G

It has been proven time and time again how AoE can affect early game to the point where one unit can bring win streaks and eventually create an economy that can win you the game. Beastmaster excels at being that unit as it is also very cheap and can  act as an off tank as well. On his own ,he will take you out of sticky situation but together with his fellow Brownies, Beastmaster is a force to be reckoned with.

Reasons why Beastmaster is an S tier unit:

  • His ability, Wild Axes is an AoE physical damage burst
  • Has a very low cooldown (7 seconds)
  • The more he kills the more HP he gets
  • His ability also amplifies the damage enemy units take

Hero Power Rating: 94/100

Phantom Assassin ( S Tier – Elusive Assassin ) – costs 3G

Phantom Assassin is a one woman assassin army. The strength of this unit comes from her ability, Coup de Grace which will completely devastate enemy backlines if they are not well protected. She is versatile and due to the value of this unit, she can be played in any build and make it worth your gold.

Reasons why Phantom Assassin is an S Tier unit:

  • Strongest 3G cost stand-alone unit in Dota Underlords
  • Key unit for the Assassins and Elusives builds
  • Can kill multiple units in the backline on her own
  • Has very high base damage: 1 star[70/90]2 stars[140/180]3 stars[300/400]

Hero Power Rating: 94/100

Dragon Knight ( S Tier – Human Dragon Knight ) – costs 4G

Dragon Knight has definitely provento be the strongest of Knights and has shown a lot of potential alongside his fellow Dragons. I’ve had a high amount of success with this unit in my Dota Underlords experience due to his tankiness and his high potential for devastation in mid game to late game.

Reasons why Dragon Knight is an S Tier unit:

  • His Breathe Fire does 200 damage at level 1
  • It’s the backbone of the Knights alliance
  • Will carry you mid game to late game
  • He is a power house once you hit level 2 and a monster at level 3

Hero Power Rating: 95/100

Arc Warden ( S Tier – Primordial Shaman ) – costs 4G

Being part of one of the strongest alliances in the game, Arc Warden has become a power house in terms of value. With the latest buffs that reduced his ability cooldown to 3 seconds, this unit has worked its way up on the ladder. General rule of thumb, when you see Arc Warden, you pick him, he will always make it worth your gold.

Reasons why Arc Warden is an S Tier unit:

  • His ability Tempest Double can potentially be an infinite source of damage
  • One of the best units to work with items 
  • Multiplies your army and his clone deals damage to your opponent once the round is over
  • As a Shaman, he works very well with his other fellow Primordial Shaman, Enigma

Hero Power Rating: 95/100

Techies ( S Tier – Scrappy Inventor ) costs 5G

Scrappies have had a strong come back after the changes that increased their costs but on the 30th of August, Inventors received a buff due to one creature who now is an Ace, Techies. Techies has the potential to be good in general but works best with his fellow Scrappies. With high amounts of burst damage, this bad boy can delete enemy armies  in an instant.

Reasons why Techies is an S Tier unit:

  • Now has the Chain Reaction  bonus and this will empower your other Inventors
  • His ability, Remote Mines deals a massive amount of damage
  • Has the strongest physical damage ability in the game
  • Will carry your late game

Hero Power Rating: 94/100

Disruptor ( S Tier – Brawny Warlock ) – costs 5G

Disruptor has been one of the most impactful units in Dota Underlords for the past couple of patches. With it being a Brawny and a Warlock, this unit can disable most of the compositions due to his ability, Static Storm.  With him becoming an Ace unit, the Brawnies took a big hit but Disruptor is the hero you want in every composition you have.

Reasons why Disruptor is an S Tier unit:

  • Static Storm is the best CC ability in the game
  • Viable in almost every composition
  • Disables every other hero in Dota Underlords, which makes Disruptor the best unit in the game

Hero Power Rating: 97/100


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