[Top 5] Enter The Gungeon Best Characters

Enter The Gungeon Best Characters
Fanart of all the main gungeoneers

Every good game relies on good characters. While not evidently apparent, the gungeoneers all have interesting backstories and mechanics, albeit with a definitive hierarchy.


5. The Convict


Her background being based on Hotline Miami, the Convict is a character that’s easy to figure out. With an “enraging image”, molotovs, and a prisoner’s jumpsuit, The Convict is a character whose life took a turn for the worse. Seeking the almighty Bullet, it’s her starting equipment that put her at the bottom of this list.

The Convict’s guns have decent speed, but they don’t deal much damage, as most starting guns don’t. What makes The Convict worth notice is her aforementioned enraging photo, which grants double damage for a brief period. For a beginning setup, The Convict’s is by far the weakest, that bonus damage be damned.

While her revenge plot is satisfying to an extent, it’s not entirely engaging either as she gets revenge on those who wronged her if her past is killed. For those reasons, she gets the #5 spot.


4. The Pilot

The suave personality of the gungeoneers, there are plenty of reasons to like the Pilot. Aside from the aesthetic, The Pilot has a decent starting setup, especially his passive items. What puts him low on the list, however, is whether his items are entirely necessary.

Each gungeoneer comes with benefits that suit certain situations. Aside from his lockpicks, which have a 50% chance of unlocking chests, and his extra active item slot, what makes him worthwhile to play is his “disarming personality” ability, which gives a 15% discount with the shopkeep. This would be useful for buying the Prime Primer, one of the components used to complete the Bullet That Can Kill The Past, but as stated on the Enter the Gungeon wiki, The Pilot’s ability doesn’t affect the price of the Primer.

While it would be nice to lower the price of one of the most important items in the game, The Pilot still has viability as a character with his setup and backstory. For those reasons, he gets the #4 spot.


3. The Marine

The beginner’s choice, there is a lot to like about the big blue ball of malice. With a half-decent setup and a Lovecraftian backstory, there’s more to him than meets the eye.

The Marine’s setup compared to the others is fairly basic, but as aforementioned, his items are good for beginners to the game, because of the armor and ammo supply drop he starts with. He’s a character that has to be built up with whatever items he finds, but because of that, he makes for an interesting character to play every run instead of one that’s defined by an item or two.

For those reasons, he gets the #3 spot.


2. The Bullet

An unlockable gungeoneer, The Bullet is a mysterious figure in Enter the Gungeon lore with not much known of him or his past. 

Only able to be unlocked after killed the past of a gungeoneer, The Bullet’s past is vague, but his starting items are good. His “Live Ammo” item adds a twist to dodge rolling that makes it feel less tedious and slow, and his sword “Blasphemy” is a powerful item, while even more so with its interactions with other items.

For the intrigue of it all, not to mention the Chicken Flute/Zelda parody that is unlocked once his past is killed, The Bullet is the 2nd best Gungeoneer.


1. The Hunter

Aside from being a personal favorite, there’s a lot to like about The Hunter. With a backstory similar to Fry from Futurama, having been frozen for over 1,000 years, The Hutner has a backstory that can be invested in and a decent startup to boot.

The first notable item is her crossbow. While her rusty sidearm is about as useless as the other starting guns, the crossbow is easily the most powerful starting gun amongst the main 4 gungeoneers. It has the power the one-shot most of the weaker Bullet Kin and enough to kill stronger ones in 2 to 5 hits. While it has limited ammo, her other passive item has the potential to make up for those issues.

Everyone loves pets in games, especially pettable ones. According to an article by Gamesradar, for example, the foxes in Ghost of Tsushima have been pet over 10 million times. Aside from her dog being pettable, what’s great is that it has a 5% chance of finding an item upon clearing a room, including ammo refills and health.

For having the most objectively solid starting build of the main 4 characters, The Hunter has the #1 spot.



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