[Top 10] Enter the Gungeon Best Mods Every Player Should Use

Enter the Gungeon Best Mods
An Honorable Mention - Fate/Stay Night Skins

Some people like a simple game. Others like their games being pure, unadulterated, fan-made chaos. Enter the Gungeon is a game with mods still being made, and with more (and better) to come.


10. Infinite Keys

This mod is as simple as it sounds. With it, you no longer need keys to open chests.

While it may seem like a cheating-mechanic, and it is, this is also an extremely helpful mod for those uninterested in a game that is annoyingly difficult at its core. With infinite keys, your chances of beating the game skyrocket.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this game is when you can’t unlock a chest, especially a rainbow or black chest that is guaranteed to have a high-tier item. Now there’s nothing stopping you from getting everything this game taunts you with, albeit to an extent. You still need money for the shopkeeper, but at least you don’t need to spend all your cash buying keys.

While it does render some items effectively useless, such as ones that give you a higher chance of getting items from destroyed chests, this mod makes the game arguably more fun. For those reasons, it gets 10th place

Get the mod here


9. Infinite Ammo/Rapid-Fire

Arguably more of a cheat-mod than the previous one, this is a mod that is guaranteed to make an already face-paced and ridiculous game even more ridiculous and quick. While it doesn’t work on beam weapons for obvious reasons, and it largely depends on the quality of gun you’re wielding, this mod can make your game great or crash your computer with how fast everything is.

While running out of ammo is around the middle of annoying things that can happen in the game, if you can’t buy more ammo or it never spawns in the room, not having to worry about finding more crossbows or bullets for your railgun is a load off anyone’s back. What makes this mod insane, though, is the rapid-fire. 

As a toggleable option, rapid-fire is something that could and would decimate nearly every enemy. If you find, for example, a grenade launcher or the sling, you have an infinite amount of high-damage ammo that can kill most bosses in under a minute or two. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t die, but as some say: the best defense is a good offense.

Get the mod here


8. Stat Display

This mod is for those who like information, and for those who want to know how close their enemies are to death. Either/or, the Stat Display mod is one that’s incredibly helpful for those who like statistics.

A lot of this game depends on the fighting, dying, and repeating. You need to learn the ins and outs of the gungeon before you have a chance of beating the game, and that includes learning how power increases over time. A gun that kills Bullet Kin in 3 hits may increase to 4 or 5 later on, but with Stat Display you don’t need to spend time learning those things instinctively.

With Stat Display you can Fight, Die, and Repeat at a potentially lower rate, and because anything that can help your success chances in such a hard game is greatly appreciated, this mod gets 8th place. 

Get the mod here


7. Magic Smoke

The definitive cheating mod, Magic Smoke gives players several commands that they can use to either beat the game, spawn items, or just mess around.

This is useful mostly for the final aspect and works sort of like creative mode in Minecraft. In it, you’re able to spawn any type of chest, including rainbow synergy chests, reveal the map of each floor, or do something minor like increasing your speed.

You’re also able to change stats like enemy projectile speed and damage, allowing you to create any sort of challenging run you set your heart to. You can make enemy bullets as fast as actual bullets if you want, or as slow as a water balloon being chucked halfheartedly.

For how game-breaking this mod is, coupled with how much this mod allows you to change the game however you want, it gets 7th place. 

Get the mod here


6. A Bleaker Item Pack

Self-explanatory, this is another mod filled with items meant to enhance the gungeoner’s experience. Including everything from a Flaming Skull to Popcorn, there are some interesting items in this mod worth downloading.

With 19 passive items, 9 active items, and 1 gun, there’s a decent range of variety. The passive item listed at the top is the Repurposed Shell Casing, which takes any damage used to overkill an enemy and stores it for the next attack, similar to cleave rules in Dungeons & Dragons. Other passive items include Strawberry Jam, Carrot, and a Heroic Cape.

Of the active items, one of the best is called Overpill. With it, your current gun’s ammo is condensed into one bullet, something very useful against bosses, given you can use it 3 times only. Other active items include Telegunesis and Gun Shredder.

The only gun in this mod is called the Glass Prince’s Cannon. It’s similar to the Glass Cannon, a gun with considerable damage that loses all ammo if you’re hit while wielding it; the difference being this gun has infinite ammo and deals less damage.

For those that want food-based passive items and more variety to their run, this mod is a good pick.

Get the mod here


5. Some Bunny’s Content Pack

One of the most popular content packs for Enter the Gungeon, the things made by the titular Some Bunny are interesting and provide new ways to have fun while playing the game. This pack includes a character, artifacts, and a new shrine.

Named The Modular, this character’s main quirk is that it cannot use any gun other than its starting gun. Instead, it turns guns that it picks up into upgrades and passive items, all of which can be found in a doc attached to the link below. It’s a mechanic that’s unique, and certainly worth testing.

Artifacts are more simple to explain. This mod introduced a new character called The Artifact Monger, who can give you 1-10 artifacts also listed in the below link. The items are fun to toy with, even though this adds another level of challenge you have to complete to unlock all of the weapons and items. 

The Shrine of the Whisper can be found in the Breach and can reroll your stats. While this more than likely guaranteed to make your character weaker, it provides a gambling aspect to the game that some players may like.

For all of the potential that this mod has, it gets 3rd place.

Get the mod here


4. Prismatism

While this mod only introduces passive items, it’s one of the bulkier mods on this list in regard to how much it introduces. Described as “wacky” and “fun”, all of the items in this mod are well-balanced and should make for a more interesting, and potentially trippy game.

Because there are a solid number of items listed, I’ll go over a few of them across the tier list. One of the items towards the top is Slightly Larger Bullets that increase the bullet damage by, you guessed it, slightly. As a C tier passive item, this isn’t game-changing but can be fun when mixed with other items with similar effects, so you can double or maybe triple your damage. 

In the middle of the pack is an item called Stick-on RPG that fires a homing missile on reload, similar to an Artemis boon in the game Hades that fires a missile every time you hit an enemy. This, again, isn’t game-changing, but it is nice to have a guaranteed hit on an enemy every 5 seconds or so. 

At the top-ranked S-tier is the Magic Vulture Feather, which has a chance to spawn an item on a room clear. Because it doesn’t specify whether the item will be something useful like an ammo reload or something amazing like an Owl of Seven-Leaf Clover, this item has the chance to drastically change your chances of beating the game.

Get the mod here


3. The Lich

One of the 3 mods on this list that provide new playable characters, the Lich is a PC with a lot of potential. With their starting items, this is a character that can be a welcome experience with long-time players looking for something new to toy with.

With their starting items, the starting gun is D-Tier like all the other starting guns, except you can control the trajectory of The Lich’s bullets remotely, similar to the Origuni. This makes it easier to hit your targets and is particularly useful when paired with his passive item.

The Lich’s Book is an item that works like a Magazine Rack, granting unlimited ammo for 8 seconds. While it takes a while to recharge, the Book is a useful item to have when it comes to high-damage guns, so you can spam your enemies to hell. Or you can get the infinite ammo mod, whatever floats your boat.

For the interest this mod can pique, it gets 3rd place.     

Get the mod here


2. The “Crewmate” Character

Two of the biggest games right now are about people in the shape of jelly beans beating each other to achieve their goals, one of those games being Among Us. With its intense popularity currently, it’s only a matter of time before modders take note of the craze.

There are 2 main points to this mod aside from providing a playable Among Us character, the first being your ‘Lil Buddy. The mini-you, similar to the Owl or Baby Mimic, is a passive item that blocks bullets that touch it. This could be useful if you manage to get him in the right position as a permanent shield, even if he’s not 100% controllable. Not to mention it’s fun having a pet, or a buddy for The Hunter’s dog.

The 2nd part is the “Voting Interface”, which is an active & rechargeable item. For 8 seconds, you can go into stealth mode and attack enemies with a knife for “massive damage”. In addition to the starter gun that is also described as “slow but powerful”, this character addition is a force to be reckoned with, and for those reasons (plus the general fun of it all), this mod gets 2nd place.  

Get the mod here


1. Gungeon++

This mod is multifaceted. Simple but fun, this mod improves items and the overall quality & enjoyment you get from playing Enter the Gungeon.

One of the worst experiences one can have when playing this game is getting the wrong item, like when you’re low on hearts and the only thing the shopkeeper sells is unicorn horns and monster blood. This mod primarily focuses on improving a few select items.

For example, the buffs you get from Broccoli are increased greatly, the orange guon stone’s fire rate is quadrupled, and hearts turn into armor sometimes if you play as the robot. It also changes the description for the sawed-off shotgun so it no longer says it has a wide-spread since its spread is actually smaller than the regular shotgun’s. 

Overall, this mod is smaller than some others, but it also focuses solely on improving the game in ways that don’t break its mechanics or make them moot, like the infinite keys mod. It’s a good mod all around, and for those reasons,it gets first place.

Get the mod here



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