[Top 5] Enter The Gungeon Best Guns

Enter The Gungeon Best Guns
The Huntsman - A Common but Good Gun

It's in the title. Enter the Gungeon is a game about guns, with some guns being cosmetically cool, gleefully overpowered, or simply cool. With its tier rating, it's easy to pick out which guns are the best in this game.


5. Railgun

One of the best guns you can buy from Ox and Cadence early in the game, the Railgun is slow to charge but worth the wait.

This gun is a charged gun, firing a laser that bounces around the room once it’s ready. It has a max ammo count of 40 and can only fire once per reload, but that’s all that’s necessary for certain situations. 

What makes this weapon great is its infinite range, high damage, and the fact that you don’t need to charge it through its entire charging animation in order to fire. Because of all that, this gun gets 5th place.


4. Disintegrator

A beam weapon, the Disintegrator does exactly what it says it does. It kills with things and kills them quickly.

Selling for 54 shells from the Sell Creep, this gun is great for its price. It deals considerable damage (70 DPS) from a decent range in a concentrated area. The only downside to these types of weapons is its knockback, as you can see from the picture above with the player against the wall. 

However, knockback isn’t an entirely bad thing if you use it to dodge from bullets quickly, and for an extra speed boost (albeit in the wrong direction). Not to mention it’s a delight to pair with other items, such as firing the gun into a Singularity as multiple deadly beams shoot out of the black hole.

For those reasons, this gun gets 4th place on this list.


3. AU Gun

A nod to James Bond, the Golden Gun is another weapon that fires one bullet, but one with a sizeable impact. With 80 DPS and the same sale price from the Sale Creep as the Disintegrator, this is a great gun to pull on bosses and tough enemies.

As a semiautomatic, there are 2 downsides to this gun: you have max ammo of 22, and can only fire a bullet at a time; but paired with items such as the Ammo Belt or similar things found in the game, those problems can be mitigated.

As aforementioned, some guns are best in certain situations. If you can get a good hit in or two on a boss in between hitting it with crossbow bolts and poisonous balloons fired from a live ant, you’ll do great at this game. For those reasons, it makes it halfway up this list.

2. Makeshift Cannon

The odd duck of this list, the Makeshift Cannon is more than meets the eye. Another charged weapon, this weapon has low ammo but overshadows its competitors with a DPS of 571.    

An homage to the Stark Trek episode Arena, this is a gun worth saving if given by the Sell Creep after completing Frifle and the Gray Mauser’s hunting quests. While it has good range, the problem is still its ammo count, which can be mitigated by playing as the Pilot, or by duct taping this gun to another. You can also refill the gun with items such as the Holey Grail.

Overall, this weapon is a perfect big-boss killer. Maybe not the Bullet King or Ammoconda, but late-game bosses. If you want to kill the High Dragun without giving it much say in the matter, this #2 gun is perfect for you. 

1. Gunther

The “Jealous Weapon”, this gun is in a league of its own. With infinite ammo and increased DPS after each room cleared, this is a guaranteed best gun on any gungeon run if found early.

Only unlockable if you defeat the High Dragun with the Sorceress’ blessing, this semiautomatic has infinite potential depending on which items are picked up on your run. With its high damage mixed with its unlimited ammo, this gun is a perfect pair to guns such as the Makeshift Cannon or AU Gun - guns with high damage but low ammo.

Most semiautomatics are either fairly weak in this game or share the ammo count issue with the AU Gun, but this gun doesn’t have those problems. It only has ways it can get better, and that’s why Gunther gets the #1 spot.


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