Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees: Here's Who Would Win

Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees: Who Would Win

The Movie's ending was a bit vague...would there be a winner?


Freddy Krueger Powers and Abilities

Freddy Krueger Overview

Hands down the most creative of all the serial killers.  Freddy Krueger has the haunting ability to invade and kill people within their dreams.  Morphing into what his victims fear most, he’s brutally dispatched teens in a variety of colorful ways.  Freddy’s made people overdose, exploited their medical weaknesses, pulled them into televisions and beds, and turned them into bugs!  The guy’s a dreamy lunatic who’s all about creativity!

Freddy Krueger’s List of Powers and Abilities

  • God Like Ability to Manipulate his Victim’s Dreams
  • Ability to have your Dream Wounds appear in Real Life
  • Psychic Powers that range in both the Dreamworld and Real Life
  • Soul Consumption to make himself Stronger
  • An expert at wearing a glove that’s equipped with knives

Jason Voorhees Powers and Abilities

Jason Voorhees Overview

Easily the last person you want to call a MaMa’s boy…considering just what he would do to you as a repercussion.  Drowning as a young boy due to horny negligent camp counselors, Jason followed in his Mom’s footsteps in terms of killing horny negligent camp counselors.  Armed with a machete and an insane amount of durability, the notorious serial killer is damn near invincible and has traveled from Camp Crystal Lake to Manhattan and even Space.

Jason Voorhees List of Powers and Abilities

  • Cold and Calculated Killing Tactics
  • Sheer Brute Strength
  • Immortal
  • Insanely Durable
  • Highly Intelligent



Here’s Who Would Win

So this has happened before.  Freddy and Jason fought back in 2003, in the cinematic masterpiece Freddy vs. Jason (I’m not even kidding, I think it’s legit a good, fun horror flick).  In the movie Freddy uses Jason as a pawn to make the teens of Springwood remember him because he feels he’s being forgotten.  Eventually, Jason wants to glorify his kill count and starts going against The Springwood Slayer.  This results in a brutal battle between the two that’s a ton of fun to watch.  The ending however is a little ambiguous.  On the surface it seemed as though Jason won, seeing as the movie closes with him carrying Freddy’s head as he emerges from Crystal Lake, but Freddy winks just before the credits roll.

I think the movie did a good job of getting these two together.  It’s a little corny and a bit farfetched but it works.  The endgame is to see these two beat the hell out of each other and the premise succeeds.  The movie was never going to crown an actual “winner” though, seeing as both icons are far too popular and a clean-cut win would have alienated a lot of fans.  But I also think it’s very difficult to choose a winner seeing as both icons are very powerful in their own right. 

 Both of these icons are essentially invincible, seeing as they’ve been killed and resurrected on countless occasions.  Jason’s been hacked to death with a machete, blown up by rockets, stabbed to death by a “Kandarian dagger” and had his head blown off.  Freddy’s had his powers reversed on him and been torn up by the souls of his past victims, he’s been stabbed to death with his claws, decapitated, and even shot by Ash from Evil Dead.  Both have come back repeatedly to wreak havoc on the world. 

Again, I think Jason killing someone that Freddy had his eye on is a great way for the two to start a confrontation.  Freddy is far more agile and intelligent, but Jason has far more in strength and durability and that’s where Freddy has a problem.  Freddy would use his powers to toss Jason around, but the dude is insanely durable.  It’s believed that the only way to kill Jason is to destroy his heart, and Jason would have to do a tremendous amount of damage to get to his heart.  If Freddy were to pull Jason into the dream world as he did in the movie he could inflict far more damage, but there’s no saying on whether or not Jason would be self-aware.   

I can see Jason just brutalizing Freddy in the long run, cut off some of his body parts, and probably lop his head off at some point for a “win.”  Freddy would also toss Jason around with his powers and do a real number on him.  But regardless, of who kills who, they’re probably coming back in a few years for a bloody rematch.

And The Winner Is…

Draw.  I think the movie had it right, both of these wackos are too powerful.





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