10 Things That Make Freddy Krueger Scary

10 Scary Things About Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger’s signature sweater, hate and gloves made him unforgettable throughout the horror movie ages. But he would have never lasted if he wasn’t as scary as his sense of style. Here’s 10 reasons why he’s still in our nightmares.

 10)  How he bloodily rips people apart with his blades

How many other serial killers do you know that can create a blood tornado? Or how about tossing their victims across the ceiling? His iconic blade glove is creepy enough on its own, but seeing it in action brings horrific thoughts to the phrase “like a warm knife through butter”.  

9) His face

Being a burn victim does do some damage to any face, but being a demon distorts what would elicit compassion into terror. The stretched, thin flesh giving way to the muscle fibers that resemble the fiery pits of hell. Your final reminder of where you’re headed once he’s done with you.

8) Once he decides to kill you, he never stops

I think we can all agree that Nancy is a testament to this. No matter how many dreams you escape, he’ll always find a way back in. The target he paints on your back doesn’t go away until he’s had his fun with you. And nothing is more fun to Freddy than some second generation revenge killing

7) He’s taken on Jason

Not many people have been courageous enough to do anything but run away from the invincible monster from the camp crystal lake. Let alone, having a plan of attack that makes a lot of head way. Freddy’s use of tranquilizers is a dangerously direct approach to bring little Jason Voorhees down to his childhood fear of the water that killed him the first time.

6) The Enjoyment of his killing

They always say, you should do what you love. To see a smile on Freddy’s face though is enough to make your stomach turn. The thrill he gets from making you run into his favorite Nightmare Factory will ironically give you chills. Only a true monster would get such an adrenaline rush and direct pleasure from chasing and murdering teenage and adult sized victims.

5) He’s already dead

While most former neighborhood parents thought that this would be a good thing, killing Freddy ended up making him immortal and at least part demon. How can you kill what’s already dead? The terrifying answer is that you must grab him out of his home turf in dream world to be able to compete on an even foot, a foot you’ll be lucky to still have.

4) No one can help you

 Inside your dream it’s just you and him, no one else. No friends, no parents no pre-famous Johnny Depp boyfriend. You can only rely on yourself and whatever control you have over your own actions in the middle of a nightmare that’s literally trying to kill you.

3) We can’t understand his motivations

Seeking revenge on the people that killed him? Sure, that’s understandable. What’s not is being a serial killer in the first place. His sadistic nature of seeking other people’s pain for his personal enjoyment. There’s a level of frightening that Freddy reaches when we can’t comprehend why he wants what he wants.

2) He waits for you to fall into his nightmare

You need to sleep. Your body demands it. No matter how much coffee, cigarettes, jumping jacks or ‘Stay Awake’ pills you take, it’s going to happen. The dream world is where Freddy has the higher ground and he never wants to give up his homefield advantage. Inside the nightmares he’s in control and can change into everything from an unsuspecting hall monitor to a killer convertible. Or stretch out his arms into a size that makes you believe that maybe, this is God.

1) He’s Real

OK, not quite so. But the inspiration for Freddy comes from a real-life death. Wes Craven read an article about a young boy who made it to America with his family out of the killing fields in Cambodia but died due to terror while waking up from a nightmare. He was terrified what was chasing him in his dreams was going to get him so he tried to stay up for as long as possible before.

Everyone grows up with a local ghost story. The doctor that haunts his old house he killed himself in, or maybe just the hook hand hitchhiker. These campfire stories that everyone grew up with bring life to horrific beings. The fact that Freddy’s origin is so relatable to your childhood gives him even more terrifying truth.

The more you focus and think about Freddy, the realer he becomes. Remember, your belief in him is what opens the door to your dream world. You can’t just disbelief him away either. Once he’s in, he’s in.

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