[Top 10] Horror Movie Villains We Want To See More Of

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We just can't get enough of these 10 brutal horror movie villains.

Any medium from horror may feature the best cast of characters and sport some of the most inventive deaths that the genre has ever seen, but those are all nothing without a memorable villain that will make your skin crawl.

So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Horror Movie Villains We Want to See More Of.

10. Julia Cotton (Hellraiser)

Although most people may have forgotten, Julia was originally intended to serve as the Hellraiser franchise's recurring antagonist. She is a cruel, vicious villain who committed murders and went to hell out of passion, hence she is deserving of that title.

She had killed her own husband as a sacrifice for her other lover, returned from hell to commit murder once more, are just some of the few things that Julia had done. 

Although Julia may not be as well-known and terrifying as the cenobites, she should still not be underestimated. 

9. Esther (The Orphan)

Children are never a good sign in horror movies because they usually only appear to frighten the audience and the main characters, case in point, Esther of the Orphan franchise.

Esther may appear to be an innocent young girl, but don't be fooled - this little girl is capable of committing a number of sadistic acts, as evidenced by the fact that she has manipulated and murdered everybody who tries to stand in her way.

Esther's iconography was established after her plot twist in her debut film, which made us drop our jaws to the ground. The same is true for its prequel, First Kill, which took the franchise in an even more absurd route.

8. Pearl (X)

Ti West's newest outing is a surprising and shocking reinvention of the slasher genre, with it taking inspiration from the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, in place of a skin-wearing maniac is a creepy old lady whose seeking fame. 

Pearl managed to wreak havoc in two movies in her two outings released within the same year. From murdering her own family to killing a group of adult filmmakers, she will do anything to get what she deserves. 

Pearl is one of the most grounded and promising slasher villains we have seen in recent years, and with the upcoming announcement of Maxxxine, the third installment in the trilogy, we are eager to see Pearl return. 

7. The Mother (Barbarian)

Barbarian is one of 2022’s surprisingly refreshing entries, giving us many disturbing and uncomfortable moments, as well as hilarious ones that make it a film worth remembering. One of the film’s memorable elements was its villain, The Mother. 

With such a grotesque appearance that it just wants to look away, The Mother never fails to make each of her scenes such an excruciating watch, especially with her initial appearance and the infamous breastfeeding scene. 

And to think that The Mother is just one of the few monsters that house hides below its walls, we’re definitely excited to see what a sequel to Barbarian could bring us. 

6. Kayako (Ju-On: The Grudge)

No matter how many movies and series are made about the infamous Japanese ghost duo, we just can never get enough of them. Ju-On’s Kayako provides some of the most traumatic and haunting moments ever seen in the genre. Their first appearance was in the short film Katasumi and 4444444444.

Kayako’s rage is something that no one ever in the franchise has ever managed to escape from. With 14 movies under its belt and not a single survivor in sight, it’s easy to say that Kayako is a force to be reckoned with.

Her ghoulish appearance and death rattle makes for such a haunting sight that will leave even the most die-hard horror fans traumatized. Along with her ghost son, Toshio, seeing these two might just scare you to death.

5. Tiffany Valentine (Bride of Chucky)

First appearing in 1998’s Bride of Chucky, as the girlfriend of the titular Chucky, played by Jennifer Tilly. Tiffany proves herself to be just as stylish and sadistic as her lover, for all the different reasons. However, deep within their urge to kill, Tiffany also longs for a happy family, giving her a bit of depth as a character.

Tiffany and Chucky have engaged in a lot of crazy things. From impregnating Jennifer Tilly and possessing her body, then later holding her captive in her own home trapped inside their switched body, to dismembering Nica’s limbs so that she couldn’t escape her. 

And while her character in the second season of Chucky may have suffered by becoming a stumbling mess of a psycho, Jennifer Tilly's performance of the character still remains an enjoyable watch. Come on, we all know Tiffany also merits her own spin-off.

4. Art the Clown (Terrifier)

Clowns are already terrifying enough on their own, and the existence of Art the Clown further demonstrates this. Delivering us with one of the most disturbing and eerie depictions of a clown character ever seen in the genre. With no motivations, only darkness, Art the Clown might just become one of horror's modern icons.

From sawing a girl in half, eating a girl’s face, to keeping a girl alive only to then slowly kill her. Art the Clown has done lots of acts that even the evilest could not imagine.

Art’s appearance and menacing stares, together with the film’s masterful use of stinger, can easily make someone shiver Art has only just begun terrorizing the genre yet thousands are already traumatized, and everyone’s eager for his next film.

3. Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Yes, Freddy Kruger may have gotten 9 films under his belt but we just can’t get enough of him. Murdering every child and teenager that has a connection to his past and death, Freddy is one evil nightmare you would want to wake up from.

Don’t be deceived by his wise-cracking jokes; Freddy is still a psychopath who can carve you up in creative ways, just like what he did to his previous victims. Killing them all while they’re vulnerable in their sleep.

Sure, Jason may be powerful and Michael Myers may be menacing, but Freddy remains one of the horror icons that we just want to see keep on coming owing to his devilishly hilarious and iconic one-liners and dreamlike kills.

2. Pinhead (Hellraiser) 

Although Pinhead may have appeared in a dozen of Hellraiser films, he was never really the central focus after Hellraiser: Bloodline, the final film in the franchise that was written to be an actual sequel. As a character, Pinhead doesn’t exactly have any motive, instead, he plays the role of an angel to some and a demon to others for those who solve the infamous puzzle box’s configuration.

Despite being a powerful being, however, Pinhead was originally a human before becoming one of the cenobites. And following his ascension, he would then send those who solve the box into a world full of pleasure and suffering, leading to many creative and unthinkable deaths across the franchise.

And with an excellent portrayal by Doug Bradley, Pinhead is solidified as one of the genre’s best villains. And is one that we’d love to see more in other Hellraiser films.

1. Carrie White (Carrie)

What separates Carrie White from other movie villains on the list is that she isn’t some psychopath who kills for fun nor a supernatural creature from hell, but rather a sympathetic and misunderstood girl who was mistreated by everyone around her.

However sympathetic Carrie may be though, she is fondly remembered most for causing a massacre at her high school prom after witnessing her date, Tommy, dies from an accident in front of her. And here is where she lets her powers loose and kills everyone who stands in her way.

Carrie’s story is such a timeless classic that every single rendition of it, whether it be the 2002 adaptation or the 2013 remake, still strongly evokes a sense of sympathy. And it's the kind of feeling that no other characters on the list can ever match.

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