[Top 10] Frostpunk Best Laws That Are Excellent

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Laws are not always meant to be broken, espcially if humany depends on them to survive.

In order to lead your people into surviving the game’s harsh environment, you have to make some tough decisions that ,sometimes, are morally questionable. This list includes my top 10 picks of the best decisions to make in Frostpunk, taking into consideration both the moral aspect and their contribution to the continuation of the human race. Please note that these laws are chosen from the adaptation laws only. None of the purpose laws were included.


10.Child Labour - All Jobs:

“We need all available hands to work if we're to survive. We'll allow children to be employed wherever they can help, no matter the risk.” I left this law in the 10th place because it’s morally questionable. But, in some cases, sacrifices must be made, especially at the start of the game where you have a very limited number of workers and not enough time to launch a whole city.

Child Labour - All Jobs details:

  • The law requires you to pass Child Labour - safe Jobs beforehand.
  • It decrees that children can work all jobs.
  • Hope will fall and discontent will rise slightly.
  • Child workers can get injured or die in work related accidents.
  • You get a 36 hour cooldown after passing it.

Why Child Labour - All Jobs is Great:

  • This law may be the only way you can launch your city at the beginning as it provides you with the most scarce resource at the time, workers.
  • This law also allows children to build roads and construct buildings at no risk.



“Everyone wants to contribute to the survival of our city. If we can bring amputees back to full fitness, we should do it.” People are an essential resource to keep the city up and running. As the weather worsens, more people will suffer from frostbite and eventually have to get some of their limbs amputated. This is where prosthetics come into action.

Prosthetics details:

  • Requires the existence of a Care House.
  • Unlocks a new blueprint: Prosthetics (available in the Factory).
  • After introducing this law, another one can be passed after 1d 21h.

Why Prosthetics is Great:

  • This law gives amputees a chance to contribute to their community and increase the collective chances of their survival.
  • amputees fitted with Prosthetics in medical facilities will be able to work again.
  • Seeing that manufacturing prosthetics requires the Factory, this law is more suitable for late game, which is when the circumstances become more dire and people start dropping like flies. That is why the value of each working hand is increased.


Sustain Life details:

“We can't cure the gravely ill, but we can at least keep them alive. We won't risk dangerous amputations with Radical Treatment.” This law is the most popular one among the community, but it was demoted to the 8th place because it exhausts the collective resources without offering anything in return. At least not immediately.

Sustain Life details:

  • Passing this law blocks an extreme one: Radical Treatment.
  • The gravely ill will be kepts alive but untreated in medical facilities.
  • The player has to pass an 18 hour refractory period before legislating another law.

Why Sustain Life is Great:

  • The moment this law gets approved, Hope will rise slightly.
  • Although the gravely ill will burden medical posts as they will remain untreated, the Sustain Life law allows the building of the Care House (after passing the required law). This would solve the overpopulation problem at the medical facilities and ensure that they run smoothly.
  • This law also enables the ordination of another sub law, Extra Rations for the ill, this law speeds up the healing of those ill or injured and being treated in medical posts on the expense of exhausting more rations than the rest.


7.Fighting Arena:

“Nothing relieves tension better than watching a few rounds of an all-out slugfest.” This law helps citizens decompress after a long day of work and relieve some of the tension accumulated during that day. It helps lift their spirits by keeping them entertained everyday and helping them forget about the hell they are trying to survive.

Fighting Arena details:

  • This law unlocks the Public House law and the Duelling Law.
  • You are also required to build the Fighting Arena.
  • Each evening, bouts will be scheduled to occur in the Arena.
  • This law entails a 36 hour cooldown.

Why Fighting Arena is Great:

  • Each time the Arena is active, discontent will be reduced. This will help tremendously with keeping the community content as the bouts will happen daily after work.
  • Thanks to this law, you can pass a subsequent one called Public House, this law enables the workers to share drinks together, all the while raising hope and decreasing discontent.
  • 6.Cemetery ”We will establish a burial ground so we can lay our dead to rest with dignity and respect.” Thanks to this law, you can establish a place to mourn the dead and ease the process of grief. This law is considered a pillar of an ethical society and is required if you want to keep the morale of your people afloat.


Cemetery :

”We will establish a burial ground so we can lay our dead to rest with dignity and respect.” Thanks to this law, you can establish a place to mourn the dead and ease the process of grief. This law is considered a pillar of an ethical society and is required if you want to keep the morale of your people afloat.

Cemetery details:

  • Passing this law blocks Corpse Disposal law and consequently the Organ Transplant sublaw. 
  • You will be asked to build a cemetery.
  • The dead will be buried in the cemetery from now on.
  • You have to wait 18 hours before passing another law.

Why Cemetery is Great:

  • Dead bodies will no longer present the risk of disease.
  • Upon approving this law, Hope will rise slightly.
  • Having a cemetery is more effective in fighting diseases and keeping the community healthy than building medical facilities that treat citizens.
  • Choosing Cemetery allows the player to pass a subsequent law called Ceremonial Burial, which halves the loss of hope caused by death.
  • If the player delays passing this law or the Corpse Disposal, corpses will start piling up. This will decrease the city's overall productivity as citizens will be too sick to work and engineers will be pulled away from more productive activities to treat the endless number of sick.


5. Care House:

“The gravely ill and amputees will be kept in dedicated buildings.” This law keeps the unproductive members of the commonwealth (cripples and gravely ill) in a special home at a sensible cost.

Care House details:

  • To pass this law, you need to have already passed either Radical Treatment or Sustain Life.
  • Signing this law will oblige you to build at least one Care House.
  • This law transports most patients from medical posts to care houses.
  • This law cooldown is 36 hours.

Why Care House is Great:

  • The gravely ill who are kept alive in Care House will no longer burden Medical Posts.
  • cripples and gravely ill in Care House eat half as much.
  • Signing raises Hope and doesn’t have any effect on the level of discontent.
  • You will get an anonymous note of thanks which will cause Hope to rise slightly.
  • This law unlocks Prosthetics.


4.Medic Apprentices:

“Education is the key to our future. Let's teach our children medicine so they can help with the sickness.” You might notice in the early game that you are putting all of your engineers into research and almost none of them into medical facilities. That’s normal as research is more vital, but that doesn’t mean medical attention isn’t crucial for the survival of your community. That’s why this law introduces medicine to children.

Medic Apprentices details:

  • Child Shelters must have been built in order to enact this law.
  • This law gives children who live in the child shelter the opportunity to help at medical facilities between the hours of 11:00 and 18:00.
  • The cooldown period for this law is 36 hours.

Why Medic Apprentices is Great:

  • Children’s help at the medical buildings will generate a 20% increase in the building’s efficiency which decreases healing time for sick patients along with the number of deaths.
  • Teaching children medicine from a young age is an important step in preparing them to become pioneers in the future you are creating.


3.Engineer Apprentices:

“Education is the key to our future. Let's teach our children engineering so they can help with new designs.” Enacting this law helps your progression towards prosperity as it helps speed up the research pace and gives the children something productive to do. 

Engineer Apprentices details:

  • To pass this law, you have to legislate and build Child Shelters.
  • This law entitles children from the shelters to learn engineering and help out researchers in Workshops.
  • You have to wait 36 hours before being able to pass another law.

Why Engineer Apprentices is Great:

  • A noticeable 20% increase in productivity in workshops will be added during Child Shelter hours of operation.
  • 1 full (15 children) Child Shelter can provide 20% research speed for only 2 Workshops, but can further provide bonuses for more workshops with multiple child shelters.
  • You can feel good about the future of your community as education is an important part of progress.


2.Organ Transplants:

“Death doesn't have to put an end to productivity. We will use the bodies of our fallen to save lives and restore fitness.” This is one of the few laws that benefits the surviving community without hindering its progress.

Organ Transplants details:

  • This law requires Corpse Disposal to be legislated before it can be validated.
  • This law permits medical staff to harvest the organs of the deceased and perform transplant in order to save lives.
  • After passing this law, a 36 hour refractory period is implemented.

Why Organ Transplant is Great:

  • This law is not unpopular, because upon passing it, discontent will not rise.
  • This law grants a 20% increase in the efficiency of various medical buildings. 
  • The efficiency bonus applies even if no one in your city dies.
  • This law paves the way for Organic Fertiliser.


1.Extended Shift:

“Building a city in this frozen hell requires sacrifice. People will get more done if they work longer shifts.” This law takes the first place because it offers much without significant drawbacks if used moderately. 

Extended Shift details:

  • This law requires the Emergency Shift law to be passed before activating it.
  • Upon passing this law, discontent immediately rises slightly.
  • Passing this law allows the player to increase workers’ shifts in certain buildings from 10 hours a day to 14 hours a day (6:00 to 20:00).
  • This feature must be manually turned on by toggling the on/off switch found on the top left when you click on the building or resource pile.
  • After passing this law, the player gets an 18 hour cooldown before they can approve other laws.

Why Extended Shift is Great:

  • The increase in shift length means that productivity will shoot up and more stockpiles will be accumulated. This helps tremendously especially in Workshop research and Coal production.
  • This law is flexible, meaning that the player can use it according to their needs and can, in some cases, never even resort to it.
  • Working overtime may cause discontent, but a 2.5% increase doesn’t have much impact and can be buffed right out.
  • Compared to the emergency 24 hours shift, this law causes little to no deaths and has a significantly lower sickness rate. Of course this percentage varies depending on differences in the heat level between the workplaces and the workers' accommodations.


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