[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Events (Ranked)

Genshin Impact Best Events Ranked
Behold, the Knights of Favonius!

This game has been dominating the charts for more than 2 years. A seemingly simple gacha game that capitalizes on unique characters, a rich story, and beautiful open world landscapes. But this formula, though successful, might not be enough excitement for the daily player such as myself, which is exactly why the game provides time-limited events to partner with its time-limited character banners. Fellow travelers, hold on to your primogems because in this list we’ll be ranking all the previous Genshin Impact events since its September 2020 launch. Let’s get right to it! 


10. Of Drink A-Dreaming

In-game Of Drink A-Dreaming event page

Who doesn’t like a good drink to go along with their favorite game? This event had travelers brewing their own concoctions with different ingredients from Angel’s Share while serving them to the citizens of Mondstadt. This gave the player two major goals, to satisfy all the incoming customers and then to discover all the recipes available.

The traveler brews drinks for the customers of Angel's Share

This event was launched inMarch 2022, giving the players a chance to experience the beverage industry that the nation of freedom is known for. It was very cool seeing Kaeya and Rosaria, the notorious drunkards in the nation, and it was very surprising seeing visitors from Liyue such as Zhongli and the mysterious Shenhe.

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Players got to try a new style of non-combat gameplay.

•    The immersion into the daily life of being in the Mondstadt beverage industry.

•    Meet some of the characters and get to know their favorite drink!


9. The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival

In-game The Almight Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival event page

Think Guitar Hero, but with drums! And our very own Arataki Itto organized an entire event for his gang (though we know Shinobu really did all the work). In the first part of the quest, you must help the gang in finding a venue, but once everything is settled, you are given your own Arataki Great Drum to pound to your heart's content. Several character pieces can be played in a music rhythm mini-game style, and once you complete them, you can make your very own beats!

Beat to the rhythm with Yoimiya 

Released around June 2022, this wasn’t the first rhythm game we’ve had from Genshin Impact. In Ballads of Breeze and Tuned to the World’s Sounds, we experienced the game’s first attempt at this new style. Thankfully, all the kinks were worked out when it came to this latest version of the rhythm game. 

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Hang out and get to know the Arataki Gang led by Itto, the one and Oni!

•    Make your own beats after you finish all the challenges.

•    The game has a dedicated settings area for calibrating speed and responsiveness to get the best experience possible. A much-appreciated detail.


8. Of Ballads and Brews

In-game Of Ballads and Brews event page

One of the more recent entries on our list, this event got us mixed up in the Mondstadt beverage industry once again, but this time, as shop owners! Here we got to run our very own business at the Weinlesefest, serving as helpers once again for the Knights of Favonius while donating income for charity. Anchored with the business decision-making is an intimate story about the origins of our wolf boy Razor, whose history we finally get a glimpse of.

Klee and her friends strolling around the Weinlesefest

The event ran around September 2022, with the event of course having the word “ballads” in it, I personally enjoyed the actual songs performed by Venti which gave the story soothing hints and riddles to think about. The full introduction of Mika and his arrival in Mondstadt was probably the most surprising for me as we’d almost never heard of him up until the event.  

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Beautiful songs performed by the Anemo Archon himself.

•    Run your very own shop by making wise business decisions, did I mention that you can also style how your shop looks?

•    A brief reference to the mysterious Grand Master Varka and his relationship to Razor and his parents were explored.


7. Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog 

In-game Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog event page

Have you ever wondered how it felt to be a detective in Teyvat? The Bantan Sango Detective Agency needed our help in solving a very furry case. This one is for all the animal lovers out there, in this event, we used our Ubiquity Nets to save small creatures all around Inazuma. Warrior dogs tightly guarded these areas and stealth determined if a fight was necessary. 

Ninja dogs searching rigorously for intruders

Going around catching and releasing small animals was a really cute goal that broke my heart every time I had to fight one of these warrior dogs (they had insanely high HP!).. The final boss fight, or should I say dog fight, was against Kageroumaru himself, and his skills are not to be laughed at. Good thing it all works out in the end with him joining your teapot as an official guard dog!

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Animals— need I say more?

•    The story was simple yet touching.

•    Stealth game enthusiasts rejoice!

•    Kageroumaru, the Warrior Dog himself, can be placed inside your Serenitea Pot. 


6. Windblume Festival

Official art for the Invitation of Windblume event

One of the most iconic events of the game, this festival is an ode to the Anemo Archon and the Mondstadt way of life. This really felt like a hearty festival because of all the fun games and activities. Seeing the lively spirit of all the characters come to life only made the festival much more enjoyable.

The beauty of Mondstadt during the Windblume festival

This event, which took place in March 2021, was nothing but positive energy from start to finish. True to the nature of freedom, the colors and themes really brought harmony and peace. Overall, the event felt like one big carnival where you could pick and choose what to do with no pressure at all (except for the event duration of course).

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Explore the festively decorated Mondstadt 

•    Free Windblume Ode (4-star Bow)

•    All-around enjoyment and excitement


5. The Chalk Prince and The Dragon

Official art for The Chalk Prince and The Dragon event

How could we leave this unforgettable event out of the list? The hype for this event was huge, mostly because it came with a new map area. Before then, we only had the base regions of Mondstadt and Liyue. The event came with multiple minigames, such as combat and speed. 

Albedo and the Traveler take on the Cryo Regisvine

A nice Christmas gift due to its December 2020 launch, the event complimented the Dragonspine release so well that I remember pushing myself to find all the area collectibles as soon as I finished the story. Of course, the Festering Desire sword was the cherry on top. It was rewarding to do all the sword related tasks and actually receive it at the end. Every other free event weapon after this seemed subpar and forgettable. Maybe it was a little too good? 

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    We got the Festering Desire, one of the best 4-star weapons in the game, for free!

•    Exploring Dragonspine became so much more rewarding because of the scattered events in the area.

•    Alchemy, one of the fundamentals of the game, was well explained, as was how it works in the world.


4. Hues of the Violet Garden

In-game Hues of the Violet Garden event page

One of the more content-heavy events of the game. Here we’re staying in Inazuma to celebrate the Irodori Festival. The region had just recently opened its borders to outsiders, and guests from afar are expected to participate. We dive into The Legend of the Kasen, a story about renowned Inazuman poets and the tragedy that struck them. In a similar way, we experienced all the events in the poem in real time. Spoiler alert! It was Ayato who orchestrated everything, hoping that the guests would have a great time.

Beautiful artworks produced by Albedo for the festival

The story of the Kasen, which took place in April 2022, was interesting on its own, but the real heart of this event was seeing all the characters from different regions come together. Seeing Klee meet Yoimiya was absolutely adorable and terrifying at the same time, considering their explosive tendencies. One more underrated part of this was the beautiful artwork and narration provided for each part of the story. Oh, and we got another Scaramouche easter egg!

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    We got to see characters from different regions interact with each other..

•    The story was well thought out, and doing so many quests didn’t seem like a chore because they were all entertaining.

•    The remodeled Ritou area was absolutely picture perfect and a dream for all the Kamera enthusiasts.

•    Free Xingqui!


3. Summertime Odyssey

In-game Summertime Odyssey event page

The Golden Apple Archipelago is back! This time we’re joined by Fischl, Mona, Xinyan, and Kazuha to hold the Immernachtreich. This was another lore-heavy event that dove into the backstories of the mentioned characters. We learn the deep secrets of Amy (oops…I mean Fischl), the struggles of our resident astrologist Mona, the discrimination and strength of Xinyan, and last but not least, the history of the Kaedahara clan.

Fischl's domain in The Golden Apple Archipelago

Launched in July 2022, the storyline and execution of this event were unforgettable. The newly designed islands were maximized and flaunted personalities,  which made exploring so entertaining. I would say that some of the games could’ve been simpler or faster paced, especially the one with the talking ravens. Nonetheless, this release only made me hopeful for the next adventure to the Golden Apple Archipelago! 

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Fischl and a Fischl skin are both free!

•    Large castles, strange domains, and music all around.

•    A dream for lore enthusiasts.


2. Fleeting Colors in Flight

Official art for the Fleeting Colors in Flight event

Another Liyue-centered event, but this time, we celebrated the 2nd Lantern Rite Festival. This was a jam packed event with not only the challenges but also a daily login mission and a free Liyue 4 star character. The story was also one of the most unforgettable so far, with some of the best overall artistic approaches. We get to experience the “Divine Damsel of Devastation” or Shenhe’s backstory performed by Yun Jin herself through one of her VA’s who’s a legit Chinese opera singer; this was complemented by fantastic illustrations and animations, which only made the experience more captivating.

Yun Jin giving off another spectacular performance in Liyue

Held in January 2022, I remember setting my sights on getting the free Yun Jin from the event as soon as it began, which pushed me to finish it as soon as possible. By far, one of the most innovative challenges introduced was the Wondrous Shadows challenge in this event, where we had to twist around pieces of wood to form images from the shadows. Together with all the lore and character interactions, we get a free classy Ningguang skin at the end. 

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    Choose one of the Liyue 4 star characters as a free reward (including the newly released Yun Jin).

•    Free Ningguang skin.

•    Limited-time boss battle against Beisht (The sea monster).

•    Stunning Chinese opera performance to wrap up the entire event.


1. Midsummer Island Adventure

Official art for the Midsummer Island Adventure event

No event has even come close to the greatness of Midsummer Island Adventure, not even its successor, which is number 4 on our list. Imagine having an entire map/region dedicated just for this event. Here, we follow our Mondstadt companions to the Golden Apple Archipelago, a segmented island that slowly reveals more areas as time passes. How did we get there? Of course, by riding Dvalin, the game's very first big bad boss! Let’s not forget this was also when we were first introduced to skins being included in the game.

Our heroes from Mondstadt uncover the mystery of the island

Launched in June 2021, this event was a breath of fresh air with its relaxing summer theme and no-pressure mini games. The storyline was also top-notch, with funny interactions between Diluc and Kaeya, Jean getting a well-deserved vacation, and everyone just being good guardians for Klee. We get mind-blowing twists as we discover that the archipelago was a result of the Anemo Archon slicing up mountains during the war and that Alice was the one behind the entire adventure.

Here is a summary of why this event was great:

•    We got an entire map to explore just for this event, and we got our very own Waverider.

•    Summer themed games and skins

•    We finally got to hear the voice of Klee’s mother, the mysterious and world-renowned mage, Alice.

•    The overall story was well written, and the wholesome ending was the icing on top.


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