[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Fun Characters

Genshin Impact Most Fun Characters
For those who seek fun in bombastic sounds and bright flashing lights instead of big numbers when killing enemies.

Not every one of us is lucky; most of us can’t even burn the rest of our time to farm. And without much better artifacts, we’re sure to have our damage be as soft as a kitten’s belly, which is not the term we really could go for when we’re trying to kill our enemies across the map.

But how fast you kill them doesn’t matter. How you kill them matters. This time, we’re gonna ignore the tier lists.  We’re gonna check the most satisfying ones, the coolest ones, the one that makes you feel powerful and epic with damage being off the table.

10. Lisa

Lisa raining lightning down.

The peak of mountain climbing. You and I know that her Japanese Voice lines are special. It compels us to dodge. She’s the one that keeps us on edge whenever we’re playing on speakers. But that’s not all. 

She makes us feel powerful. A Grand Mage recognized her as Sumeru Academia’s most distinguished graduate in 200 years, and it shows. At her call, we get the skies to darken, manifest thunderclouds, and gleam purple before blasting our enemies down. It’s amazing. 


What makes Lisa special:

  • Cool aesthetic
  • Beautiful character model
  • Wonderful personality
  • Peak satisfaction with her Elemental Burst and SKills


9. Chongyun

Chongyun throwing his giant ice swords.

The cute exorcist from Liyue. He eats ice cream. He jumps. He slams down his enemies and summons three blades down to make it look “cooler.”

He’s a support. He’s a DPS. He could be anything you want and more because know that he’s going to be a flashy superstar when he’s fighting in the field. 


What makes Chongyun Special:

  • Amazing utility
  • Short cooldowns
  • Makes the “coolest of characters” a pun


8. Venti

Venti ripping his opponents apart with a mini-blackhole.

The trap “ehe” tone-deaf bard where every artifact build or no-build strategy just works. He’s a god, the Anemo Archon, and his Elemental Burst makes us realize how strong he could be. 

The damage does not matter. And at the very least, you just need to switch him in, press a single button, and let out a long satisfying breath as you watch your enemies get sucked into a black hole that tears their bodies to shreds.


What makes Venti special:

  • Has one of the greatest utility skills in the game
  • Wonderful personality
  • Amazing character design


7. Zhongli

Zhongli dropping a meteor after an enemy "tickled" him.

The grandpa. The one who compels us to switch to English whenever we’re about to meet him. He’s the one who we want to read us bedtime stories, and he’s the one we pick when we don’t want to get hurt, or ultimately hurl meteorites to obliterate everything that stands in our way.

His normal attacks would make you feel like you’re tickling Hilichurls, but his Elemental Burst will satisfy your craving for cataclysmic destruction. 


What makes Zhongli special:

  • One of the greatest utilities in the game
  • Amazing burst damage
  • Cool character design
  • Wonderful voice lines


6. Beidou

Beidou swinging her sword back after asking enemies to hit her.

The pirate that you want to kick you as she does with her sword. The BAEDOU. The poor man’s Electro Archon. 

She has an amazing Elemental Burst that you could see once a decade when you play her, but, goddamn, it’s pure bliss whenever you see her cast it. 

She’s the only one who can block and counter enemy attacks, and when you pull off that counter along with a well-timed critical hit… You might as well kiss your fingers like a chef because you’ve cooked something beautiful.


What makes Beidou special:

  • Fun block and counter mechanic
  • Amazing Elemental Burst
  • Wonderful voice lines


5. Jean

Jean yeeting an enemy to oblivion.

The jack of all trades. The master of none. The Yeeter. The curse of the 50/50 pity that isn’t Qiqi. The ultimate queen of tactical drowning. The embodiment of having too much workload that you couldn’t even afford to die.

She has utility for days. If you want her to heal, she could do it. If you want her to deal damage, she could do it. If you want her to stall and take hits so you could revive your main DPS that died in one hit, she could do it too. She can’t die. And if you don’t even want to fight, just yeet your enemy into a nearby body of water or cliff and you’re good to go.


What makes Jean special:

  • Great utility
  • Great heal
  • Great burst of damage
  • Basically lifesteal
  • Yeet


4. Xinyan

Xinyan being a true rockstar.

The rockstar. The poor man’s Diluc. The one that you could hire to give you a well-deserved extra flair during your funeral. 

She’s basic. She hits her opponents with her blazing guitar and proceeds to smash her claymore deep in their skulls until they die. The best part is, you can hear the drums on her back bop whenever she jumps. It’s cute. But the best part about her is the satisfaction she brings whenever you use her Elemental Burst. It’s bright, amazing, and awesome.


What makes Xinyan special:

  • A barrier that bursts pyro damage
  • Good and consistent physical DPS
  • An Ult that makes you feel like a rockstar


3. Xiao

Xiao bringing destruction after someone referred to him as a certain plumber.

First name, Mario. Last name, Mario. You could almost hear him scream “Here we go” as he dons that killing mask and proceeds to jump up and down to obliterate everything around him. 

He has great mobility. The fun comes at his Elemental Burst where you’ll accept the true edgy essence of an anime protagonist before going ham and laugh at the destruction you’re causing.


What makes Xiao special:

  • Mobile
  • High-burst damage
  • High DPS whenever ulting
  • Coolest Elemental Burst sequence


2. Razor

Razor bringing the pain after calling forth his "Stand"

The Jojo reference. The wolf boi. The work of an enemy stand. One of the first characters you’ve probably used when you started playing. 

He’s as simple as his vocabulary. You walk up to an enemy, hit them, and use your elemental skills in between. But the fun comes whenever his Elemental Burst comes up. 

You would howl like the total beast you are. And what’s next would be a total beatdown where every hit, every explosion, and every crackle of electricity would just matter and build into a bomb of pure bliss. 


What makes Razor special:

  • Simple mechanics
  • Attack speed
  • High DPS
  • One of the coolest elemental burst, second only to—


1. Keqing

Keqing proving her power through her Elemental Burst.

Atheism at its finest. The embodiment of power. The storm that is approaching. The min-maxer’s nightmare and greatest dream. 

Although she’s not for everyone, everyone would understand why she’s fun with a single button. Her Elemental Skill gets her places. She’s flashy as hell. She has the best options when it comes to fighting. 

But her ultimate, her elemental burst, has so much edge, that you could just imagine a blast of metal music whenever she unloads that skill to erase her enemies every single time. 


What makes Keqing special:

  • Complicated but rewarding mechanics
  • Mobility
  • High Burst and DPS
  • The coolest elemental burst, regardless of how strong it is. 



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