Top 5 Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Best Formations

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Best Formations
If you're wondering, the beholder in the logo for Idle Champions is named Iris. I'm sure I don't need to explain that one to you.

Idle Champions is a game that’s all about how your characters affect each other. This means you must think a lot about placement and formation. Let’s go over the top formations in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm. I’m doing two formations in the grand tour of the sword coast campaign because it’s where most beginners start, the rest will progress through the other campaigns.

 5. Vanilla Formation

Hitch is a human rogue, who started off with some bad luck having his home overrun by goblinoids. Since then he has been making up for that luck, always seeming to end up in the right spot.

This formation should be immediately saved in your first slot. Just make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can use Hitch, and if you feel like it, you can switch out Jarlaxle as your main DPS.  When you reach higher levels, you’ll have access to different DPS champions.

  • Uses mainly core champs
  • Gives a fairly high gold find
  • Affordable formation

Champions and Specialization recommendations:

Nayeli - Oath of Vengeance

Bruenor - Shield Master, Jarlaxle - Your Choice

Asharra - Bond: Elves, Celeste - War Domain*, Calliope -College of Valor*

Hitch - Charismatic, Makos - Dark Blessing

Tyril ~ Moonbeam

*If you feel like you need more healing, switch out these specializations for their alternates.

4. Waffle Crew Formation

A warlock in a pact with the fiend Arikas, Makos may have grown up as a street urchin, but he has grown to become something much, much more.

This formation is interesting, a few of the champions are a little difficult to acquire. This formation uses Makos to buff instead of Hitch. Fun fact: The Waffle crew actually did get its name after the group’s fascination with waffles.

  • One main champion does high DPS
  • Good for farming/playing offline
  • Known to reach level 352 if optimized

Champions and Specialization recommendations:

Evelyn - Compel Duel

Xander - Follow Closely, Makos - Dark Blessing

Strix - Panic, Celeste - Life Domain, K'thriss - Efficient Bookkeeping

Gromma - Circle of the Arctic, Paultin - Your Choice*

Tyril ~ Moonbeam

*Depends on whether you need gold find or if you can sacrifice it for higher damage.

3. Custom Vanilla Formation for Tomb of Annihilation

Walnut Dankgrass is not just a druid but is also the official documancer for the C-Team. Essentially meaning that she is in charge of recording events, describing situations and also controlling contracts

This is my own variation of the Vanilla formation that I’ve been using in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign. I’m not entirely sure it’s fully optimized, but it’s been working for me in terms of completing a few adventures.

  • Relies on buffing champions in 2nd row
  • Highly customizable
  • One extremely high DPS unit

Champion and Specialization recommendations:

Nayeli - Oath of Vengeance

Bruenor - Shield Master, Jamilah - Bruiser

Calliope -College of Valor*, Celeste - War Domain*, Walnut - Extended Warranty

 Makos - Dark Blessing, Asharra - Bond: Humans, Minsc - Whatever Works, Tyril - Moonbeam

*See Above

2. Vanilla Formation B

Asharra is a champion that is best at buffing units based on their race. In the formation below, it's important to have Asharra buff Dragonborn, but the actual specialization includes Firbolgs, and Tieflings as well.

Since there are now two available slots for a tank champion, it doesn’t change too much but it doesn’t really need to.

  • 2 Tank option expands survivability
  • Arkhan is not an ideal tank, but this formation makes up for it
  • Overall fairly balanced

Champion and Specialization recommendations:

Nayeli - Oath of Vengeance, Arkhan - Usurped Power

Hitch - Charismatic, Bruenor - Battle Master, Makos - Dark Blessing

Calliope - College of Valor, Celeste - War Domain

Tyril - Moonbeam, Asharra - Bond: Dragonborn, Minsc - Up to you

1. High DPS formation

If you've read any of my other articles, you'll know that I've mentioned the comic book series this is from. It's called Legends of Baldurs Gate, all the heroes in it are in the game also.

This formation uses a lot of champions that are not a part of the core set so it’s more difficult in that sense. Decent into Avernus is also a difficult campaign, so it makes sense.

  • Focused solely on dealing damage
  • Unique champions and synergies
  • Patron Viable

Champion and Specialization recommendations:

Gromma- Circle of the Arctic, Walnut - Extended Warranty, Aila - Stormcaller

Zorbu - Lead the Pack, Bruenor - Shield Master

Shandie - Explosive Arrows, Pwent - Bloodstained Armor

Paultin - Additional Secrets, Korth - Group Tactics

Catti- Brie - In The Zone

Main guide referenced:

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