25 Best Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Tips

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Tips
If you're used to seeing this screen, then maybe these tips aren't for you. But if you're new to the game, here are 25 essential tips for Idle Champions.

So, you’ve decided to forfeit your free time and play an idle game. Fortunately for you, Idle Champions is a game that sometimes just even plays itself. Here are a few tips that will have all the bosses shaking in their boots.

Freely was a new character that was recently added to the game via an event. If you missed him this time, don't worry. You can get him in a time gate if you have enough fragments.

1. Events

In Idle Champions there are events that tend to last 12 days. In these events, you will get the chance to unlock limited time available currency. This currency will let you get new champions and event gear for already existing champions by completing special variants.

Tip: If you need help with how to complete these variants, there is a section in Gaarawarr’s guide that details how to complete the adventure to get the new champion and even what the new champion is like.

2. Weekend Events

Every weekend there are mini-events for certain heroes. When first playing the game, it only seems to just boost certain heroes you may or may not have. But there’s actually a bit more to it.

Tip: If you connect your email to the game, you’ll get an email every Friday with information about the new event, as well as a free chest with gear for champions boosted in the event.

3. Potions

Potions are usually obtained through chests that you can buy in the store. Potions often come in 4 different tiers, Small, Medium, Large, and Huge, also each increase in size results in an increased effect and duration. When facing a level that is a higher difficulty, sometimes a lot of potions are necessary, which may seem difficult if you don’t want to just use microtransactions.

Tip: Using the tip mentioned above you can be sure to get one chest every week, and in that chest is usually a potion. Other than that, bosses drop small amounts of gems, and if you play long enough and consistently enough, you’ll have plenty of gems to buy chests with. 

4. Contracts

There are two types of contracts, blacksmithing contracts, and bounty contracts. Bounty contracts come in small, medium, and large variations. While blacksmithing contracts come in tiny, small, medium, and large variations. Blacksmithing contracts add levels to your gear and bounty contracts give you the gold that you would have earned a certain amount of time offline.

Tip: Try to use bounty contracts to cut down on the time that would be spent grinding. Blacksmithing contracts randomly give levels to a champion's gear and you should use them on champions with the best gear rarity.

Here's an example of what gear looks like for the champion Asharra. As you can see the gear changes when you go up in rarity. 

5. Gear

Gear is important because of how much it changes the game. Gear is not only separated by rarity, but also by its level. You can obtain gear through chests.

Tip: If you’re new to the game, just focus on trying to obtain white items for all your champions. If you’re not new, then you should try to get more and more rare gear as you go on.

6. Click Damage

Sometimes it feels as though your click damage is falling off and not doing as much damage. Even if you level it up it isn’t as powerful at higher levels.

Tip: It’s not a problem if click damage falls off. Just make sure to focus on your heroes leveling up instead. And don’t be afraid to step away from the game for a bit so you can grind on a certain level to gain more currency to level up.

7. Ultimates

It’s time to talk about ultimates. You may have noticed these while playing the game naturally. To no surprise, they function like most ultimates in games.

Tip: Ultimates are best used when facing a boss. Try to use them to the best of your ability, because when that hero dies or is stunned, you will lose the ultimate as well.

8. Familiars

Familiars are auto clickers that are purchased with gems. Familiars are very helpful, but much like click damage, at some point, it does fall off. They can also be used to automatically click on champions ultimates.

Tip: If you want to buy a familiar, you can consider buying a bundle with a familiar included, or saving up enough gems in-game to buy a familiar of your choosing.

9. Adventures

Once you complete the tutorial, you will realize that there is a multitude of other campaigns with plenty of adventures of their own in them. In total there are 5 campaigns. The 5th campaign is usually event-related. It’s sometimes hard to decide where you want to go amidst all of this.

Tip: Look for adventures that are marked as easy or green. Starting there should be best, then you can just follow the rest of the adventures that show up next.

The orange tabs on the bottom are different variants, when the adventure is completed it is grey. And if all variants are completed then there will be a flag with an eye on it. 

10. Variants

Variants are simply variations to a basic adventure, variants increase in difficulty by either making the max level to reach higher or adding new restrictions to the formation. This may be in the form of changing the size of the formation or by only allowing certain champions to be used.

Tip: Make sure to do a bit of research before you dive headlong into a variant, make sure you have enough units that fit the restrictions of that variant. If you don’t have enough units, look for the event champions or for a time gate to get the champions you need.

11. Time Gates

Time gates are a means of getting a new hero. You have to gather 6 pieces to start a time gate, and once you do, you’ll have a limited amount of time to get that hero. Time gate events also have a few adventures that reward you with gold chests for that hero as well.

Tip: If you check the time gates section, you’ll see that there is a free time gate every so often. You can do this if you don’t have enough time gate pieces by that point.

12. Formations

It’s important to keep in mind that the placement of your champions means everything. Because certain champions will buff other ones depending on their placement in relation to that champion. A common problem is that the slots available for your champion may change depending on what adventure you’re on, or you may be unable to use certain champions altogether.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to switch things up, remember that at a certain point you’re playing 

your own unique game, don’t be too reliant on what formations other people have. 

13. Gaarawarr

The reason why I have this on the list of tips is that it’s important to have role models and people you can look up to in a game’s community. People who inspire you to do better in the game in order to be where they are.

Tip: One of the top streamers and foremost experts on Idle Champions is Gaarawarr. You can find his name over just about every guide in Reddit, and with good reason. I would recommend his expertise as it helped me a lot when starting the game.

14. Feats

Feats are champion specific upgrades that you can unlock when you reach a certain level. That level changes between heroes, they may seem unimportant, but they’re actually very useful. 

Tip: Once you unlock a feat, it persists no matter what level you are. So make sure to unlock it as soon as possible.

No, this isn't the newest boss, it's actually the newest Patron added to the game. Strahd von Zarovich may be known as a vampiric villain, but it's important to know that he is first and foremost, a count and a scholar.

15. Patrons

Patrons are a late-game focus as they require gems and some other items. Once you unlock your patron, they give a restriction. Then, as you gain their favor, you’ll get more bonuses.

Tip: Don’t prioritize patrons, you’re more likely to coincidently come across the necessary requirements to unlock them.

16. Favor

It seems you can’t escape man’s insatiable greed in video games, but at least you can get some cool stuff with it. Favor is a currency that you get from completing adventures in one of the 4 campaigns. Favor gain is based on total gold earned regardless of how complete the adventure is.

Tips: To earn as much gold as possible to gain the most favor, make sure to try and increase your gold find percentage.

17. Blessings

Blessings are tiered upgrades you can buy with favor. These blessings may affect only adventures in the campaign that the favor is tied to or it may affect any and all adventures.

Tip: If you feel as though you are losing progression or not progressing at all, try investing your favor in blessings.

18. Gold Find

Gold find is a percentage increase to how much gold you will find during an adventure. If you want more gold, use champions that increase it like Jarlaxale or Azaka.

Tip: Gold is used to factor how much favor you will get for an adventure, if you’re lacking in favor, use characters that increase gold find.

19. Guides

There are a number of guides online to rely on for any extra information or insight and changes to the meta. Here is a link to the subreddit and on the right side, you should find a few guides where you will find any information you may need, click here.

Tip: Idle champions as a game is inherently different for anyone. So don’t rely too heavily on what the meta is until you have reached the endgame portion

See that yellow lightning enveloping the enemies, that's the effect of Nayeli's ultimate. It stuns all enemies after doing massive damage to one unit in particular. If you think that's cool, wait till you see all of the other champions ultimates.

20. BUD

Base Ultimate Damage is the highest damage hit against a single enemy done by your Champions. After some calculations to find the watermark for the high damage, it is used to determine the overall damage of an ultimate or the potion of fire breathing.

Tip: If you are on an adventure that restricts your formation, you can use BUD manipulation or spiking, you can find more information on it here.

21. Saving formations

Saving formations is very important in Idle Champions. If you’re not sure how it works, click the button in the bottom left of the screen that looks like a save icon. This means that you will know what your formation was for the next variant.

Tip: Saving your formation is an important part of BUD manipulation.

22. Meta

For now, the meta seems to be focused around using time gates to unlock certain champions and to farm gear for those champions using the time gate variants. Some other important meta-features are patrons, familiars, and blessings.

Tip: The champions most important to the meta are Drizzt, Azaka, and Dragonbait; in that order. So make sure to try and unlock those whenever you can.

23. Prioritizing

An important part of playing Idle Champions is prioritizing. Being able to decide what is most important to you and to act on that information. Maybe you feel like you’re hitting a wall, if so, focus more on your champion progression. If you feel solid and like you’re progressing well, maybe explore a bit into new metas and champions.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to look at guides to find out where you are, they were made to help out people who are lost.

24. Skins

Skins are non-essential and like most games only change up appearances and do not make any large scale changes to the game. If you want to get a skin, go ahead, just know that it won’t make you progress any further.

Tip: Sometimes, getting skin for a champion is unavoidable like when you buy a bundle. I’m not shaming the purchase of skins, just warning you against making it your priority.

Dragonbait is an evergreen champion. He's unlocked by completing a variant in Tomb of Annihilation by getting to level 400, which is a pretty daunting task.

25. Evergreen Champions

Evergreen champions are new characters that are obtainable outside of events. Whether it’s from the newsletter or an in-game reward.

Tip: All of the champions that are important to the meta are evergreen champions. If you need help obtaining them, refer to the guide here.

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