Mass Effect 3: Best SMGs (All SMGs In The Game Ranked)

SMGs in Mass Effect 3
More bullets=more fun

With the introduction of a weight mechanic in Mass Effect 3, it creates a tough decision for players. On one hand, they want to be able to get a fair amount of damage from their gun, and, on the other hand, they want to be able to use their class powers consistently. This is where the SMG shines.

The SMG provides you with the best of both worlds; an automatic rate of fire while keeping the cooldown on your powers as low as possible. But which one is the best, and what should be missed?

Read on as I rank all eight submachine guns available in Mass Effect 3 from the worst to the best, so you know which one you can devote your time and credits towards.

8. Collector SMG

The Collector SMG in action during multiplayer

The Collector SMG is not a bad gun. The reason it is last on the list solely comes from the fact that it is a multiplayer-exclusive gun. To unlock it in multiplayer, you will need to have the Retaliation DLC involved and get lucky in the game's loot box system. Due to this, it is not available at all in the legendary edition of the game.

Its damage looks like this at each level: 33/100/80/22/30 and it has a cooldown rather than back up clips.

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7. M-4 Shuriken

How to find the M-4 Shuriken

The M-4 Shuriken is a great SMG for the start of the game, which is convenient as it is the starting gun for Adapt and Engineers during the Priority: Mars mission. Otherwise, the only way to get this gun is to find it in the security office during the mission.

Overall, it's an OK gun. It’s fairly light and will help you out in a pinch. Its base damage looks like this:   and it has a fair amount of ammo, so you won’t need to remember where the ammo crate is.

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6. M-25 Hornet

The M-25 Hornet in action

The M-25 Hornet is another good choice towards the start of the game. You can find it either during Priority: The Citadel II or after the mission at the Batarian State Arms terminal on the Citadel. It is a solid upgrade from the Shuriken, and the fact that it can be found during a mission for free is an added bonus.

Its base damage looks like this: 33/38/90/18/23 and at a three-round burst rate of fire, it can help whittle down those weaker foes while your powers are on recharge. You do need to be mindful of the fact that this carries less ammo than some of the other SMGs on this list, so it will be handy to use the ammo mods when making your loadout.

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5. Blood Pack Punisher

Gameplay of the Blood Pack Punisher

At number 5, we have the Blood Pack Punisher. This is a powerhouse of an SMG with the bonus of every 8th round being armour piercing. It was a DLC gun for the original Mass Effect 3, and in the Legendary edition you can buy it from Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies on the Citadel for 10,000 credits.

This is a great gun to get as soon as you have the credits, compared to those later on the list, it is relatively cheap. It deals 30/70/65/25/40 damage and also has a fair amount of ammo both in the clip and in reserve.

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4. Geth Plasma SMG

Gameplay of the Geth Plasma SMG

If you are looking to fire as many bullets as you can from one clip, then the Geth Plasma SMG might be the gun for you. It is another DLC weapon which can be found at Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies on the Citadel for 10,000 credits in the Legendary edition of the game.

The Geth Plasma SMG clip holds a whopping 100 bullets, and although it doesn’t do that much damage per hit, it makes up for it with the quantity. Its stats are: 18/80/80/80/10/60. There is a warning though, as the gun only comes with 6 spare clips, so make sure you know where those ammo boxes are if you are fighting something like a brute or banshee. It is also a good idea to pair it with the ammo mods on the loadout page.

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3. M-9 Tempest

Gameplay of the M-9 Tempest

The M-9 Tempest is the perfect SMG that's available before the midpoint of the game. It is acquired during Tuchanka: Turian Platoon or afterwards at the Kassa Fabrication terminal on the Citadel. It is great for shredding enemies and works very well when given to squadmates due to the fact that they don't need to worry about ammo.

It is also paired well with ammo powers and, in the hands of an infiltrator, will make short work of armoured opponents like Brutes or Atlas. Its stats are: 18/72/70/12/30 and it has a fairly economic amount of ammo in reserve, which will allow you to pair it with the high calibre barrel mod to get some damage.

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2. M-12 Locust

Gameplay of the M-12 Locust

It was a tough choice to put the Locust as the second best SMG in Mass Effect 3, but here it is. It can be found during the mission. Priority: Horizon, which is one of the missions toward the second half of the game, or at Kassa Fabrication on the Citadel.

For an SMG, it has a great deal of accuracy, which makes it the ideal gun for many of the classes in the game due to its suitability from a distance and up close and personal. Its stats are: 23/58/58/15/63 and, due to its accuracy, it has a fair amount of ammo. Ideally, you are going to want to pair this with a damage mod so you can really make the most of this gun's stability. 

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1. N7 Hurricane

Where to find the N7 hurricane and gameplay

At the top of our list we have the N7 Hurricane, and compared to our number 2 SMG, you can get it as soon as you have enough credits from Spectre Requisitions on the Citadel for the premium price of 75,000 credits. 

This SMG is a beast, balanced in all the ways that matter. It has the highest rate of fire of all the SMGs while keeping the weight manageable. Its stats are: 30/60/100/22/2015. Its one drawback is that it has a high amount of recoil, so you are going to want to either be up close and personal or invest in SMG stablization mods when you are selecting the loadout. 

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