MHW Iceborne Best Bow Builds [Top 7]

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Is Anybody Else Hungry? Wanna Eat This Dragon?

The almighty sleek and sexy yet powerful and diverse Bow is really something to behold in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The element versatile weapon will surely have you checking your hunter’s notes for each monster to make sure the appropriate element damage bow is equipped to match your target’s elemental weakness. This guide will move you in the right direction to keep you carting less and carving more. 

And as for me, meta builds are very much respected but with so much diversity in buildmaking I generally opt for comfortability, accessibility and pure fun factor my doods.

7. Quirky Dragon Piercer Build

Start at 18:40

What’s Awesome about Dragon Piercer Build:

  • Beastking Thunderbow 
  • Velkhana Divinity
  • Velkhana Armor Looks Amazing
  • Dragon Piercer Move Rips Through Large Monsters
  • High Burst Damage
  • Easy to Cut Off Tails
  • No Need to Tenderize
  • Different Playstyle 
  • Acidic Glavenus Bow If You Don’t Have Access to Rajang Yet
  • Critical Draw Skill
  • 100% Affinity for Draw Attacks 
  • Quick Sheathe Skill

Build Details: 

  • Velkhana Divinity Unlocks Frostcraft
  • Frostcraft boosts Attack with a Frost Gauge
  • 100% Affinity Attacks with Dragon Piercer Move
  • Attack and Affinity Increase Weapon Augments
  • Sheathe Often to Proc Critical Draw
  • Quick Sheath speeds Up Weapon Sheathing
  • Good Luck Dropping the Mighty Bow Jewel

Armor Set:​ 

  • Nargacuga Helm beta
  • Rimeguard Mail beta
  • Rimeguard Vambraces beta
  • Rimeguard Coil beta
  • Rimeguard Greaves beta
  • Attack Charm IV

6. Guiding Lands Build

Start at 24:40

  • All Around Build
  • Farm Monsters Effectively
  • Good Balance of Survivability, Quality of LIfe and DPS
  • Maxed Out Frost Attack Skill
  • Maxed Out Partbreaker Skill
  • Namielle and Velkhana Divinity
  • Element Acceleration and Critical Element
  • Fortitude Skill
  • 100% Affinity Against Weak Points

Build Details:

  • Icicle Blizzard II (Barrioth)
  • Replace Element Attack Skill to Match Targets
  • Namielle Divinity Unlocks Element Acceleration’s (Boosts Elemental Dmg)
  • Velkhana Divinity Unlocks Critical Element (Boost Elemental Crit Dmg)
  • Affinity Increase And Element Up Augment
  • Partbreaker Makes It Easier to Break Monster Parts (Great for Farming)
  • Weak Points are Tenderized Areas by Clutch Claw Attacks 
  • Swap Out Bow and Charms to Match Monster’s Element
  • Bow is Gem Hungry,Good Luck Finding All Gems

  Armor Set:

  • Rimeguard Helm beta
  • Kirin Jacket beta
  • Rimeguard Vambraces beta
  • Tentacle Coil beta
  • Tentacle Greaves beta
  • Frost Charm V

5. Amazing Evasion Kjarr Ice Bow Stamina Elemental Build 

Start at 3:05

What Makes Amazing Evasion Kjarr Ice Bow Stamina Elemental Build Awesome:

  • True Dragonvein Awakening 
  • 870-940 Elemental Damage
  • Kjarr Bow “Stream”
  • Highest Weapon Base Element of Bows (450 Ice)
  • Power, Poison and Sleep Bow Coating Compatibility
  • 100% Crit Chance Without Having to Wound Target
  • +70 Weapon Element
  • Lv 5 Constitution with Stamina Surge Skills
  • Never Ending Stamina 
  • Lv 4 Evade Window Skill

Build Details:

  • 2 Element Up, Affinity and Defense Increase Weapon Augmentations
  • Constitution Reduces Stamina Depletion
  • Evade Way More without Stamina Depletion
  • Evade Window Extends Invulnerability Period while Evading
  • Build Requires Good Mobility and Evasion to Avoid Damage 
  • Be About Your Business
  • True Dragonvein Awakening, Lv 7 Critical Eye, Ice Attack, Critical Boost, Critical Element for DPS

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested Belt beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Frost Charm V 

4. Comfy Kjarr Bow Set(s): Master Rank Kulve Bows

  • Some Kjar Bows Can Beat Safi Bows Elemental 
  • Varies for Whatever Monster Element Weakness
  • Normal and Spread Skills
  • Flinch Free Skill
  • Health Boost and Evade Window Skills
  • Blight Resistance Skill (No More Nulberries)
  • Constitution and Stamina Surge
  • No Need for Felyne Black Belt 
  • Dash Juice Easy to Acquire From Elder Melder

Build Details:

  • Kjarr Bow Stream = 1323 Elemental Dmg / -24 RAW (Less than Safi)
  • KB Water =1282 / +12 RAW
  • KB King (Fire) = 1228 / +6 RAW
  • KB Spark (Thunder) = 1174 / -12 RAW
  • KB Decay (Dragon) = 1174 / +12 RAW
  • Close Range, Power and Sleep Coatings
  • Blight Resistance Grants Protection Against All Elemental Blights
  • Blight is LIke Status Damage (Fireblight, Waterblight, Thunderblight, Iceblight)
  • Dragon and Thunder Safi Bow’s May Be Better ED than Kjarr Bows

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest alpha
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safie Crested Belt beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Frost Charm V

3. Lightbreak Raw Bow Build

What's Awesome About the Lightbreak Raw Bow Build:

  • Lightbreak Bow
  • Brachydios Will and Kulve Tarroth Essence
  • 378 Raw Attack
  • 240 Blast Attack
  • 100% Affinity to Enraged Monster
  • Agitator Level 7

Build Details:

  • Lightbreak Bow is Made From Raging Brachydios Materials
  • Affinity Increase, Health Regen and Element Up Weapon Augmentations
  • Brachydios Will Maxes the Agitator Skill Level
  • KT Essence Allows You to Withstand an Attack That Would Normally Kill You
  • Agitator, Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit and Power Shots for DPS
  • Power Shots Increase the Attack Power of Power Shot Arrows

Armor Set:

  • Brachydium Helm beta
  • Kulve Taroth’s Ire
  • Brachydium Braces beta
  • Tentacle Coil y (Arch Tempered)
  • Kulve Taroth’s Wrath beta
  • Challenger Charm V

2. Infinite Dragons Build

What’s Amazing About Infinite Dragons Build:

  • Kill Monsters without Firing a Single Arrow?
  • Use Slinger Ammo Instead of Bows
  • Only Use 1,000 Dragons Move 
  • Crazy High Raw Attack with Only -15% Affinity
  • 1800 Dmg on Training Wagon
  • Hit 100% Crit WIth Affinity Booster while Monster is Enraged
  • Still 90% Crit without Affinity Booster and Monster is Enraged
  • Silver Rathalos Essence
  • Farming Set 
  • High Defense
  • Full Health Boost 
  • Non-Elemental Boost Skill
  • Slinger Capacity Skill

  Build Details:

  • Accursed Arc Bow (Tigrex)
  • 1,000 Dragons Uses Slinger Ammo in Bow for Exceptional Raw Dmg
  • Each Monster Drops a Different Type of Ammo (Clutch Claw Attacks) 
  • Piercing Pod Slinger Ammo is Highest Dmg
  • High Attack Damage with Decent Affinity Usually Found Only In Melee Weapons
  • Silver Rathalos Essence Unlocks Slinger Ammo Secret 
  • Slinger Ammo Secret Maxes Slinger Capacity Lv (Boosts Slinger Ammo Cap)
  • Critical Boost,Weakness Exploit and Non-Elemental Boost for Crit Hit Dmg
  • Non-Elemental Boost Powers Up Non-Elemental Weapons 
  • Timing Affinity Booster when Monster is Enraged is Highly Affective
  • Stone Slinger Ammo do Stun Dmg

Armor Set:

  • Fulgur Helm beta
  • Rex Roar Mail beta
  • Silver Solbraces beta
  • Ruinous Coil alpha
  • Silver Solgreaves beta
  • Challenger Charm IV

1. Meta DPS Kjarr Bow Build(s)

What’s Awesome About Meta DPS Kjarr Bow Build(s):

  • True Dragonvein Awakening
  • Kjarr Bow Stream
  • Various DPS/Comfort Builds for Each Element
  • Righteous Dumb DPS
  • Max( Ice Attack+ Resentment+ Critical Boost+ Weakness Exploit+ Normal/Spread/Power Shots+ Bow Charge Plus+ Critical Element= RDDPS
  • Resentment Skill
  • Normal/Spread/Power Shot Skills
  • Evade Window Skill

Build Details:

  • Kjarr Bow Stream can get the Highest Elemental Dmg of All Bows
  • Resentment Boosts Attack when Red Part of Health is Recovering
  • True Dragonvein Awakening Boosts Attack, Affinity and Element
  • Normal/Spread/Power Boosts Attack for Matching Arrow Types

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested Belt beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Fury Charm V

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