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Artifacts can be powerful equipments like this cloak or crazy trinkets.

25 Best Artifacts in Magic! The Gathering

    Magic the Gathering has a long history now and a very faithful community. The game is considered one of the best and longest lasting TCGs ever made and part of that success is the intricate number of cards that you can combine together to make some really entertaining and unique strategies for taking down your opponents. Of these many cards Artifacts are the most versatile of the bunch as they can combine with any deck and can be quite overpowered. Today we are going to look at 25 of the best Artifacts in MTG. 


25. Seat of Synod


    While this card might not be “broken” in the traditional sense it's essentially an extra land card that you can play since it requires nothing to cast and provides land for no tap cost possibly allowing you to get out some of blues more devastating cards in you first turn or in most cases your opponents first turn. If you are playing in modern or standard you can run 4 of these things allowing you to even sub out land slots for this card that doesn’t take up your one land per turn.

24. Phyrexian Processor

    This card is quite broken, as it allows you to summon some truly powerful creatures every single turn. The best part is that you can choose how powerful these creatures are for a one time cost of life and every turn it just reuses that same total over and over and over again. Pay half your life total, get a 10/10, 20/20 or more than equip it with a number of the artifacts that are in this list and get it all back and some. 



    Ahh millstone, the must have for any mill deck. While a lot of the other enchantments and creatures have mill abilities on par or even better than this card every mill counts and this card just brings your opponent to their doom so much faster and for that reason why would you not run this card.


22. Darksteel Colossus

    Darksteel Colossus has a lot of things going for it. It is indestructible which means once you get it onto the battlefield you cannot destroy it and no matter what you do you can not put it into the graveyard, The only thing it has going against it is that it costs 11 mana to bring out and it can be exiled but that's about it. The down side to the exile?? A Lot of cards that exile a creature destroy the creature first so that kinda gets negated by the indestructible part good luck taking this guy down if he's on your side and your opponent doesn't have an answer for it you can pretty much count yourself victorious.


21. Ensnaring Bridge

    This card can become quite broken very easily. Get your hand size down to 0 and your opponent cant attack period. The first thing they would have to do is rid the field of this card which in most cases is easier said then done While there is one card on this list that can make a 0/X creature absolutely devastating the chances of running into that card aren't all that great Leaving our opponents finite instants, sorceries, and creature abilities as the only methods of dealing damage.


20. Aether Vial

    Aether Vial is the king of all Hatebear decks. If you run say 3 of these bad boys you can literally use it to summon any creature your deck has. Being that it says you MAY put a counter on the artifact you don't necessarily have to. You could leave one with 2 counters to summon all your 2/2 for 2s. You could have one with 3 counters for your 3 mana creatures and if you have a “boss monster” in your deck you can build up your 3rd vial for that creature. That is only the tip of the iceberg it can synergize with pretty much any deck. It’s a wonderful card to have and one that your opponents are going to dread.

19. Lotus Petal

    Lotus Petal is truly overpowered, It costs 0 mana and gives you mana of ANY color. Now I hear you, outside of a rainbow deck its usefulness isn’t all it's cracked up to be and while some might agree with you i think you're not thinking deep enough. Turn one you have enough mana for a counter, a 2/2 Bear, some serious aggro, or even. . . .


18. Sapphire Medallion

    This is the card that you wanna run in a blue deck or really any medallion could fit this role. Permanently reducing the mana that your cards cost to cast is perfect. While it might not affect your colored costs most decks these days want those to stay the same as a lot of cards can do increasingly powerful things as your devotion to that particular color grows. Anything that really gives you an edge should always receive serious consideration.

17. Any Signet

    There are a slew of signet artifact cards. Any of them could take the place here as they all do the same thing. It allows you to essentially turn any mana into 2 manaof whichever color combination you choose. If your running a Commander deck of 3 colors or more there are bound to be at least 3 or 4 signets you can have in your deck meaning for 4 mana you can have 8 at your disposal

16. The Great Henge

    This card is just awesome. Not only does this card grant you 2 mana and life but it also buffs every nontoken creature that you summon. The CMC of 9 might seem a little daunting when you first look at it but then you can see in its abilities that its cost is reduced but the greatest creature's power. So simply Giant growth a creature, instantly increasing their power by 3 and that's at least a reduction of 4 mana meaning this thing becomes increasingly easier to bring out. If you have a Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor as your commander you can get this thing out faster than that with his landfall abilities

15.Chromatic Lantern

    The Chromatic Lantern is also a very powerful card. With this one card you can turn any deck into a rainbow deck. Any mana can become any color you need. Never again do you need to worry about having the right colors on the field as with this card you have every color at anytime. 

14.Sword of the Animist

    This card is the perfect card to have in the land’s wrath commander deck. This card will allow you to search your library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped, activating any creature's landfall. If you have Obuun field and Evolution Sage that would allow you to place +1/+1 counters on the field and then add another one to every creature that already has one.

13. Replicating Ring

    Out of artifacts that produce mana the replicating ring would be one that could snowball fairly easily the downside however is that it takes 8 turns before it will go off giving opponents ample time to remove it but if you keep more devastating artifacts and enchantments to keep your opponents attention off of this card it can get really big really quickly. This card will become 9 cards and then 8 of those will multiply by 8 and it will just on and on and on until you or your opponent inevitably lose. 

12.Aetherflux Reservoir

    How can you do an artifacts list without this card? This card has a slightly confusing effect for beginners as you don't just gain 1 life for every spell you cast. You get cumulative life for each spell you cast. So let's say you put down your land for turn then cast a creature followed by an enchantment. You gain 1 life for the creature then you gain 2 life for the enchantment thus giving you a total of 3 life this one turn. This is gonna bring you up to 23/43 in one turn depending on your format, In Commander that means that you can get a death shot on your opponent within 3 turns unless they manage to massively beef their life total or decimate yours which would be hard to do within 3 turns.

11. Whispersilk Cloak

    What can you say about an equipment that gives a creature unblockable and shroud. You can give this card to a 3/3 creature that buffs other creatures, a 8/8 with trample and vigilance or any creature really that can put a serious hurting on your opponent. This would definitely be an artifact that your opponent would focus ignoring that repeating ring of yours. 

10.Bow Of Nylea

Could there possibly be a more versatile artifact?  This card has the perks of an equipment without the annoying hassle of actually equipping it. You can use this card to reinforce a monster, your life, or your deck every single turn or you can deal extra damage to flyers. With all of this going for it what could possibly make this card even better? Well hold onto your britches because it also gives every attacking creature under your control deathtouch as well as only costing 3 mana to cast and 2 mana to use its ability. If you run a green deck and dont have this card in your deck do you even have a green deck?

9. Blackblade Reforged

    This card is perfect for Legendary creatures (any commander basically) and it gives them +1/+1 for every land you control. Definitely worth adding to the Land's Wrath Deck if you wanna tweak it a bit. It equips to your Obuun for 3 mana and would give him at least a +3/+3 if your using your 2 color land to summon him otherwise typically it would be a +4/+4 Which would also increase the power of the elemental land creature that Obuuns ability would bring out  for you.

8.Helm of the Host

This Card can be absolutely broken. Hands down some of the best things you can do with this card is play it on sun titan so that you can get his EtB ability as well as a get 2 more cards for them both attacking bringing back 3 permanents from your graveyard or you can play it on Phyrexian Obliterator or Phenax god of deception for so many mills. The possibilities are endless and the uses can be priceless.

7.Vanquisher’s Banner

    This card is the perfect card for archetyoe decks. One of the new commander decks called elven empire is full of just that, a ton of elf cards making this card incredibly useful in that deck. With so many cards in that deck giving elf cards +1/+1 already this can give you an army of 5/5 tokens meaning you never have to attack or defend with your regular creatures while your army just grows and grows and your hand along with it for every card you play that is an elf you draw yet another card. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this card only works for creatures tho since that deck also has elf sorceries and enchantments as well.

6.Crucible of Worlds

    This card is brutal for land cards. Lets take my Land’s Wrath card. There is an enchantment that allows you to play 2 lands every turn. You have Crucible of wrath on the field so you play evolving wilds.activating landfall then you activate evolving wilds to sacrifice it to your graveyard and bring out a land from your deck activating landfalls. Then you use crucible of worlds ability to once again play your evolving wilds activating landfalls. Then you once again activate Evolving wilds to bring a land from your deck to the battlefield yet again activating landfalls. With the right cards on the field (namely Obuun , Evolution Sage, and your Omnath, locus of rage) you have just gotten 4 elemental creature tokens 4 +1/+1 counters and then proliferated every creature 4 times and that was just in one turn.

5. Sol Ring

    Sol Ring is such a powerful card it is one of the few cards that actually earned a place on the ban list in modern games. Normally when you talk about TCG’s like for instance Yu-Gi-Oh! There are many cards on their ban lists, some that are on there for trivial reasons such as Pot of Greed or Monster reborn. In Magic’s case very few cards get banned and it is usually for very good reasons. In this case this card can snowball super quickly almost multiplying your mana allowing you to have 3 mana on the second turn which can give you some powerful cards really quickly. Definitely not something to scoff at.

4. Shadowspear

    This card can be a literal godsend at the right time. Creatures with Indestructible can be absolute nightmares to remove from the field especially if they are 8/8 giants monsters. With this card those creatures will have something to fear. Removing theyre indestructible and hexproof buffs would allow you to simple murder them to death or show them to fear your monsters, instants, sorceries, and enchantments. 

3.Haunted Cloak

    This card ranks this high admittedly due to personal bias. I love this card so much it is in pretty much every deck that i make. This card grants some of the best abilities in that game. Vigilance Trample and haste. All you need is Lifelink and perhaps first strike and those you can get from Angelic skirmisher or double strike from honestly a number of enchantments equipments or creatures

2. Door to Nothingness

    While this card seems like a devastating card to play requiring 10 mana, 2 of each color. It really isn't if you have this card in the same deck as your Chromatic Lantern paying for this card is as easy as it gets. In a 1v1 this card is an instant victory add this to your wishclaw talisman and struggle/survive and keeping this card in your hand also becomes extremely easy. Thus allowing you to reuse this card again and again to instantly defeat all opponents. 


1. Mindslaver

    What could possibly be more powerful than this card. Like have you ever tried to play yourself? You literally don't have to really do anything other than activate this card every single turn played all your land to activate this card thats ok your opponent doesn't have to play any card gets max hand limit and just keeps discarding all of their cards while you mill them to death end game. Wanna do some damage, throw out all of his weaker cards and waste their instants. 

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