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Greetings, fellow MTG Arena enthusiasts! If you're craving some serious deck devastation and want to leave your opponents green with envy, then look no further than these mighty Green decks. The virtual battlefield has been scoured to bring you the top five powerhouses that'll make your opponents squirm like squirrels in a tornado. Prepare to unleash the fury of nature with these Green decks that not only wreck hard, but also make you feel like the undisputed king of the card-slinging jungle.

Note: Remember that the effectiveness of these decks may vary depending on factors such as skill level, playstyle, and the ever-evolving meta. Adaptation and experimentation are key to staying ahead of the game and conquering the fierce competition that awaits. Win rate percentages are constantly changing, and example decks are given in this article but can be added upon and changed to the user’s liking.


5. Mono-Green Ramp

Nissa, Shakes up the MTG battleground with green mana

We're diving into the wild world of MTG Arena and shining a spotlight on the ferocious Mono-Green Ramp deck. This deck is all about unleashing the power of nature, ramping up your mana like there's no tomorrow, and dropping massive creatures that'll have your opponents questioning their life choices. If you're a fan of summoning hulking beasts and watching your foes tremble, then this deck is your green ticket to victory!

Let's get down to business and talk about why the Mono-Green Ramp deck is an absolute powerhouse with a 45.4% win rate. 

Prepare yourself for some serious leafy goodness!

1. Rampage of Mana: This deck is the king of acceleration, allowing you to ramp up your mana faster than a caffeinated elf on roller skates. You'll be casting those colossal creatures before your opponents can say "Island, go."

2. Behemoths Galore: Speaking of colossal creatures, this deck boasts an impressive lineup of gigantic beasts that will make even Godzilla himself green with envy. Get ready to unleash the likes of Topiary Stomper, Silverback Elder, and Vorinclex on your unsuspecting foes.

3. Unyielding Defense: While ramping up your mana, don't forget about your defense. This deck packs a punch with an array of protective spells and creatures that will have your opponents scratching their heads in frustration. Good luck breaking through our fortress of thorns!

4. It's a Mana Factory: This deck excels at generating an obscene amount of mana, allowing you to cast your big, stompy creatures earlier than your opponents can say "draw a card."

5. Creature Cruncher: With its lineup of massive creatures, this deck is a nightmare for opponents who rely on small, weeny creatures. Squish, squash, they'll be nothing but compost!

7. Land Destruction? Pfft! This deck thrives on pure mana goodness, making it resistant to land destruction strategies that would make others wilt. Try again, opponent!

This deck is a force of nature, my friend. It combines the raw power of Green's mana ramp with the devastating presence of colossal creatures. It's like a stampede of rhinos charging through your opponent's puny defenses. The sheer speed at which you can overwhelm your opponents is simply mind-boggling.

So, fellow planeswalkers, strap on your leafy armor and prepare for the ultimate green rampage. The Mono-Green Ramp deck is a force to be reckoned with, combining mana acceleration, colossal creatures, and defensive prowess like no other. It's time to make the forest proud and leave your opponents in awe of your green-fueled domination!

Example Deck::


  • Nissa, Ascended Animist (2)


  • Armored Scrapgorger (3)
  • Gala Greeters (3)
  • Llanowar Loamspeaker (3)
  • Quirion Beastcaller (4)
  • Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea (2)
  • Nissa, Resurgent Animist (3)
  • Topiary Stomper (3)
  • Tranquil Frillback (3)
  • Silverback Elder (3)
  • Vorinclex (3)


  • Animist’s Might (2)


  • Tribute to the World Tree (2)


  • Boseiju, Who Endures (2)
  • Forest (22)

4. Golgari Fight

Nissa, Ascended Animist heads the toxic force of Golgari Fight

The twisted realm of MTG Arena is where darkness and aggression converge in the formidable Golgari Fight deck. Prepare to enter a realm of primal chaos, where creatures brawl with unmatched ferocity and death is just another tool in your arsenal. 

Get ready to discover why the Golgari Fight deck stands tall among its rivals with a 51.1% win rate. This deck embodies the essence of calculated aggression and cunning strategy, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Get ready to embrace the shadows and revel in the power of decay:

1. Relentless Aggression: The Golgari Fight deck excels at relentless aggression, allowing you to flood the battlefield with a horde of aggressive creatures that hunger for blood. With every attack, your opponents will be on the edge of their seats, desperately seeking a way to escape your wrath.

2. Graveyard Mastery: Death is not the end but a tool in the Golgari Fight deck's arsenal. This deck boasts powerful graveyard manipulation, enabling you to revive fallen creatures, exploit death triggers, and surprise your opponents with unexpected comebacks. It's like having an undead army at your command!

3. Control and Removal: In the Golgari Fight deck, control and removal go hand in hand. You'll have access to a range of spells and abilities that dismantle your opponents' strategies and eliminate threats with surgical precision. Say goodbye to your opponent's precious creatures, artifacts, and enchantments—they won't stand a chance.

4. It's Great at Shaking Things Up: This deck thrives in disrupting your opponents' plans and throwing them off balance. It's like pulling the rug from under their feet, leaving them stumbling and confused. With a dash of chaos and a pinch of darkness, you'll keep your adversaries guessing at every turn.

This deck harnesses the dark synergy of the Golgari colors to create a relentless onslaught. It combines the raw strength of creatures with powerful graveyard manipulation, resulting in an unstoppable force. It's like watching a macabre ballet of death and destruction unfold before your eyes.

So, my devious comrades, grab your scythes and embrace the shadows of the Golgari Fight deck. It's a thrilling blend of relentless aggression, graveyard manipulation, and calculated disruption that will leave your opponents trembling in their boots. Get ready to dance with death and revel in the wicked pleasures of victory!

Example Deck:


  • Evolved Sleeper (4)
  • Evolving Adaptive (4)
  • Quirion Beastcaller (4)
  • Reclusive Taxidermist (4)
  • Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor (2)
  • Shakedown Heavy (2)
  • Glissa Sunslayer (4)
  • Archfiend of the Dross (4)
  • Sheoldred, the Apocalypse (4)


  • Go for the Throat (4)


  • Fight Rigging (2)


  • Swamp (8)
  • Forest (7)
  • Deathcap Glade (4)
  • Llanowar Wastes (4)

3. Selesnya Toxic

Phyrexia: All Will Be One in MTG Arena

Gather 'round, nature enthusiasts and aspiring healers, as the Selesnya Toxic deck is unveiled in the enchanting realm of MTG Arena. This deck combines the harmonious forces of Selesnya colors with a touch of venomous beauty and boasts a 52.2% win rate. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where toxicity becomes a weapon, as we explore the captivating powers of the Selesnya Toxic deck!

This deck weaves together the delicate balance between nurturing and toxic elements, creating a symphony of strategy and devastation that sets it apart from the rest. 

Get ready to embrace the beauty in toxicity:

1. Proliferating Venom: The Selesnya Toxic deck excels at proliferating poison counters, transforming even the gentlest creatures into lethal threats. With each poison counter added, your opponents will squirm in their seats, contemplating their impending doom.

2. Resilient Creatures: This deck boasts a wide array of resilient creatures that can withstand both physical and magical onslaughts. They're like nature's guardians, enduring the harshest of environments while delivering a deadly sting to those who dare challenge them.

3. Healing Touch: Amidst the toxicity, the Selesnya Toxic deck possesses the power of rejuvenation. It incorporates healing abilities that can mend your wounds and bolster your forces, ensuring you outlast your opponents in the long run. It's like drinking a refreshing elixir while your adversaries struggle with poison coursing through their veins.

4. It's Great at Countering Control Decks: The Selesnya Toxic deck thrives against control decks, turning their intricate plans into a tangled mess. As they struggle to maintain their grip on the battlefield, you'll dance through their defenses, leaving them bewildered and helpless.

This deck embodies the essence of nature's duality. It draws upon the Selesnya's strength in unity while infusing it with a venomous twist. The resulting synergy creates an intoxicating concoction of growth and destruction, capable of overwhelming opponents with lethal precision.

So, my nature-loving comrades, embrace the toxic beauty of the Selesnya Toxic deck. It's a mesmerizing fusion of growth, destruction, and a sprinkle of wicked humor that will leave your opponents both enchanted and terrified. Get ready to unleash the venomous might of nature and revel in the intoxicating pleasures of victory!

Example Deck:


  • Crawling Chorus (4)
  • Skrelv, Defector Mite (3)
  • Venerated Rot Priest (4)
  • Jawbone Duelist (4)
  • Slaughter Singer (4)
  • Annex Sentry (3)
  • Bloated Contaminator (4)


  • Tamiyo’s Safekeeping (2)
  • Tyvar’s Stand (4)


  • Ossification (2)
  • Skrelv’s Hive (3)


  • Eijanjo, Seat of the Empire (1)
  • Plains (5)
  • Boseiju, Who Endures (1)
  • Forest (5)
  • Brushland (4)
  • Razorverge Thicket (4)
  • The Seedcore (3)

2. Gruul Aggro

Gnarled Proffesor rages onto the MTG battlefield

Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-fueled rampage through the explosive realm of the Gruul Aggro deck. This deck is like a raging inferno, combining the primal fury of Gruul colors with relentless aggression. Get ready to charge into battle with a ferocious horde of creatures and witness the sheer might of the Gruul Aggro deck!

Hold on tight, because the Gruul Aggro deck is about to blow your mind. This deck embodies the essence of untamed chaos and unbridled aggression, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield with a win rate of 53.6%! 

Get ready for some reasons to embrace your inner berserker:

1. Relentless Aggression: The Gruul Aggro deck knows no mercy. It excels at relentless aggression, allowing you to flood the battlefield with a horde of ferocious creatures that hunger for victory. Your opponents will be left scrambling to defend themselves as your creatures trample over their meager defenses.

2. Explosive Speed: This deck wastes no time in making its presence known. With a flurry of low-cost, high-impact creatures, you'll be attacking your opponents like a bolt of lightning before they even have a chance to react. Fast and furious is the name of the game here!

3. Creature Synergy: The Gruul Aggro deck thrives on the powerful synergy between its creatures. From boosting each other's power and toughness to triggering devastating abilities, your creatures will form a fearsome pack that strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents.

4. Great Against Control Decks: Control decks beware! The Gruul Aggro deck is a relentless force that can break through their carefully constructed defenses. With its fast pace and overwhelming aggression, you'll have control decks scratching their heads and desperately searching for answers.

This deck is a blazing inferno of raw power. It combines the unruly strength of Gruul colors with lightning-fast aggression, allowing you to overwhelm opponents before they can even utter 'ouch.' It's like watching a pack of wild boars charging through your opponent's feeble defenses.

So, my fiery comrades, buckle up and prepare to unleash the primal fury of the Gruul Aggro deck. It's a blazing blend of aggression, synergy, and a dash of fiery humor that will have you grinning like a mad goblin. Get ready to ignite the battlefield and show your opponents the true meaning of destruction!

Example Deck:


  • Monastery Swiftspear (4)
  • Phoenix Chick (4)
  • Shivan Devastator (3)
  • Bloodthirsty Adversary (3)
  • Feldon, Ronom Excavator (4)
  • Squee, Dubious Monarch (2)
  • Samut, Vizier of Naktamun (4)
  • Rampaging Raptor (2)


  • Play with Fire (2)
  • Lightning Strike (3)


  • Kumano Faces Kakkazan (4)


  • Invasion of Tarkir (3)


  • Mountain (10)
  • Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance (1)
  • Boseiju, Who Endures (1)
  • Copperline Gorge (4)
  • Karplusan Forest (4)
  • Rockfall Vale (2)

1.Selesnya Enchantments

Calix, Guided By Fate weaving magic on the battlefield

Fellow enchantment enthusiasts and lovers of the mystical! Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating realm of the Selesnya Enchantments deck in the mystical realm of MTG Arena. This deck weaves together the harmonious energies of Selesnya colors with the ethereal power of enchantments. It boasts a 57.8% win rate. Get ready to embark on a journey where spells come alive and enchantments shape destiny!

Hold onto your spellbooks, because the Selesnya Enchantments deck is about to cast a spell on you. This deck is a masterpiece of enchantment synergy, offering a unique and powerful playstyle that sets it apart from other decks. 

Prepare to be enchanted:

1. Enchantment Synergy: The Selesnya Enchantments deck thrives on enchantment synergy, where each enchantment empowers others in a web of magical interconnectedness. By combining and stacking enchantments, you'll create a cascade of effects that can overwhelm your opponents and shape the battlefield to your advantage.

2. Resilient Defenses: This deck bolsters your defenses with enchantments that grant protection, hexproof, or regeneration to your creatures. It's like wrapping them in a magical cocoon, making them resilient and nearly untouchable. Your opponents will struggle to break through your impenetrable wall of enchantments.

3. Aura Mastery: Auras are the heart and soul of the Selesnya Enchantments deck. By enchanting your creatures with powerful auras, you'll enhance their strength, grant them additional abilities, and create formidable champions that your opponents will fear. It's like outfitting your creatures with magical armor and arming them for victory.

4. Great Against Aggro Decks: Aggressive decks beware! The Selesnya Enchantments deck is a sanctuary of resilience and control. With enchantments that bolster your defenses and disrupt your opponents' strategies, aggro decks will find themselves stumbling in the face of your enchanting arsenal.

This deck is a tapestry of enchantments, where each thread weaves a story of boundless possibilities. It harnesses the beauty of Selesnya colors and amplifies their power through enchantments. It's like conducting a symphony of magic, where every note resonates with sublime harmony.

So, my enchantment enthusiasts, prepare to immerse yourself in the magical realm of the Selesnya Enchantments deck. It's a captivating tapestry of enchantment-synergy, resilience, and a sprinkle of whimsical humor that will have you casting spells with a twinkle in your eye. 

Example Deck:


  • Skrelv, Defector Mite (2)
  • Generous Visitor (4)
  • Spirited Companion (4)
  • Kami of Transience (4)
  • Weaver of Harmony (4)
  • Jukai Naturalist (4)
  • Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr (1)
  • Calix, Guided by Fate (4)


  • Commune with Spirits (1)


  • Audacity (4)
  • Michiko’s Reign of Truth (4)
  • Ossification (4)


  • Plains (5)
  • Forest (5)
  • Brushland (4)
  • Overgrown Farmland (2)
  • Razorverge Thicket (4)

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