[Top 10] MTG Arena Best Green Decks That Wreck Hard!

MTG Arena Best Green Deck
Dinosaurs are always useful

Green the color of growth and prosperity. Throughout all of magics history, it has ramped up the most powerful creatures and allowed them to stomp out their foes! This list contains the best green decks that ramp hard. While some use it just for mana, others use it to call upon magic’s most powerful behemoths. The arena always loves some solid smashing on the battlefield.


10. Golgari Lilliana Reanimator

Let the bodies hit the board!

Death is not the end for all creatures. The Golgari guild loves to use the powers of reanimation found in black and green mana to raise your fallen creatures from the grave. Harnessing the powers of growth and death, make this deck a never ending threat. Reanimate the dead and wreak havoc in the arena. 

What is great about this deck?

  • What is dead may never die
  • Even if it dies it respawns 
  • Death makes the deck run better 

How to play this deck

  • Deploy lands and get your colors 
  • Use your colors to cast creatures
  • Watch them die,this is all part of the plan
  • Reanimate them 
  • And that's the deck


Creatures (26):

1 Thorn Mammoth

4 Mire Triton

3 Acolyte of Affliction

1 Polukranos, Unchained

4 Titanoth Rex

4 Skull Prophet

3 Fiend Artisan

3 Massacre Wurm

3 Elder Gargaroth

Planeswalkers (4):

4 Liliana, Waker of the Dead

Non-creature Spells (8):

2 Heartless Act

4 Back for More

2 Eliminate

Lands (22):

3 Castle Locthwain

4 Temple of Malady

9 Forest

6 Swamp

9.Mono Green Mutate 

Mutate Might!

Ikoria allows the wonderful mechanic of mutating to exist in the multiverse. Now, you can make your creatures change to your will. This will give them more abilities to help you wreck hard and achieve victory

What is great about this deck?

  • Allows you to ramp fast
  • Play big bulky boys
  • Trample over your opponent 

How to play this deck

  • Use creatures to ramp hard 
  • Wreck hard by casting big boys and swinging 
  • You don’t run a lot of combat tricks use them wisely
  • Your power is your bulk block carefully
  • Cast what you can and use combat to achieve the win


Creatures (34):

4 Pelt Collector

4 Arboreal Grazer

4 Barkhide Troll

4 Questing Beast

4 Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

3 Auspicious Starrix

4 Gemrazer

3 Migratory Greathorn

4 Garruk's Harbinger

Non-creature Spells (2):

2 The Great Henge

Lands (24):

20 Forest

4 Castle Garenbrig

8.The Ugin Killer 

Stand as one

Green and white pair up to take down the dragon that is the bane of standard. Amass counters and turn small creatures into big boys. Gain life and go wide showing the pride of Selesnya.

What is great about this deck?

  • Low mana curve 
  • It goes wide fast 
  • Aggressive if played well 

How the deck is played 

  • Deploy lands and creatures as the game goes on
  • Use the army to deal damage
  • Creature effects will trigger letting your army become stronger
  • Use protection as needed
  • Swing with the powered up army for game


Creatures (21):

3 Gilded Goose

2 Stonecoil Serpent

1 Victory's Envoy

2 Fertilid

2 Basri's Lieutenant

3 Scavenging Ooze

4 Wildwood Scourge

4 Conclave Mentor

Planeswalkers (2):

2 Basri Ket

Non-creature Spells (12):

2 Stony Strength

2 The Great Henge

2 The Ozolith

3 Basri's Solidarity

3 Heroic Intervention

Lands (23):

6 Plains

8 Forest

1 Castle Ardenvale

3 Fabled Passage

4 Temple of Plenty

1 Indatha Triome


7.Abzan Ultimatum 

I’ll give you an ultimatum but it may be eerie 

Ikoria,  land of behemoths, brought a cycle of cards back called the ultimatums. Each matched up with a color pairing. For this deck green, white, and black combine for devastating results. Load up that grave and watch your creatures respawn to kill again. 

What is great about this deck?

  • This deck will not lose any cards when standard rotates 
  • Plays a strong mid-range game
  • Plenty of removal 

How the deck is played 

  • Gain access to your colors by playing lands
  • We have green, time to ramp.
  • Once you have enough mana start playing creatures
  • Remove annoyances as you go
  • Play the ultimatum when you enter the late-game and win because all your value returns


Creatures (12):

2 Gilded Goose

2 Mire Triton

1 Polukranos, Unchained

1 Baneslayer Angel

1 Massacre Wurm

2 Elder Gargaroth

3 Solemn Simulacrum

Planeswalkers (5):

1 Garruk, Cursed Huntsman

2 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

2 Liliana, Waker of the Dead

Non-creature Spells (19):

2 Elspeth Conquers Death

3 Shatter the Sky

2 The Binding of the Titans

1 Soul-Guide Lantern

2 Extinction Event

3 Mythos of Nethroi

3 Eerie Ultimatum

3 Cultivate

Lands (24):

2 Temple of Malady

2 Temple of Silence

2 Castle Locthwain

2 Temple of Plenty

4 Indatha Triome

5 Forest

5 Plains

2 Swamp

6.Infinite Spiders 

Crawling on my skin

Oh what a tangled web we weave, but first we need to make tokens to force our opponent to concede.This deck gets out of control so fast it is scary. Watch your spiders hatch and give them haste to kill your opponent 

What is great about this deck?

  • Make a spider army 
  • Goes wide quick
  • Plays low to the ground cheap spells

How the deck is played 

  • Get your colors and start spamming out creatures
  • Swing as you go to keep the damage going
  • Play Sporeweb Weaver and Terror of the Peaks 
  • All you have to do is find a way to deal damage to the Weaver 
  • Once it is dealt damage it makes a spider token triggering terror and going infinite


Creatures (19):

3 Pelt Collector

3 Questing Beast

2 Bronzehide Lion

4 Selfless Savior

3 Terror of the Peaks

4 Sporeweb Weaver

Planeswalkers (4):

2 Domri, Anarch of Bolas

2 Samut, Tyrant Smasher

Non-creature Spells (8):

2 Rhythm of the Wild

2 Chandra's Pyrohelix

2 Shared Summons

2 Heroic Intervention

Lands (24):

4 Plains

4 Mountain

7 Forest

1 Sacred Foundry

4 Temple Garden

4 Stomping Ground


5.Stomp Stomp

Audible thwack 

Green stomps. Many stomps do green. Use green to wreck hard by making the team stomp.

What is great about Stomp Stomp? 

  • Ramps quickly to wreck hard
  • Relentless creature casting
  • Play big bombs often

How to play Stomp Stomp

  • Play mana ramp to cast large boys 
  • Stomp em out with the large boys
  • Make even more large boys 
  • Keep stomping
  • Stop only once they are stomped to death


Creatures (31):

4 Gilded Goose

3 Questing Beast

3 Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

4 Stonecoil Serpent

4 Ilysian Caryatid

4 Gemrazer

2 Elder Gargaroth

4 Garruk's Harbinger

3 Scavenging Ooze

Non-creature Spells (6):

2 The Great Henge

4 Ram Through

Lands (23):

18 Forest

4 Castle Garenbrig

1 Bonders' Enclave

4.Gruul Aggro

To war!

Was just playing red not aggressive enough for you? Do you need some bigger boys on your squad to confirm that win? Adding some green gives the ramp needed to go big and slam that win home.

Why you should play Gruul Aggro

  • Ramps up insanely fast to play big spells early game
  • Green adds larger creatures which means they can’t be removed as easily
  • An additional color adds more variety to the deck making it more unique than just mono red

How to play this deck

  • Play a land and a decent sized creature that helps you ramp
  • Play more ramp while casting creatures your creatures will begin to grow rapidly
  • Play as much ramp as you can and unleash one of the bigger creatures this can happen as early as turn three
  • Secure the kill by playing every creature you draw and use them to beat your opponent to death
  • If the boys are not big enough make them bigger with instants and sorceries  until victory appears on screen


Creatures (30)

4    Pelt Collector    

4    Robber of the Rich    

3    Scavenging Ooze    

3    Zhur-Taa Goblin    

4    Bonecrusher Giant    

1    Klothys, God of Destiny    

1    Radha, Heart of Keld    

3    Gemrazer    

4    Questing Beast    

2    Shifting Ceratops    

1    Elder Gargaroth    

Spells (3)

1    Shock    red    

2    Soul Sear    

Artifacts (3)

3    Embercleave    

Lands (24)

2    Fabled Passage        

9    Forest        

5    Mountain        

4    Stomping Ground        

4    Temple of Abandon


3.Temur Elementals 

Who littered in Zendikar again?

This deck uses red, blue, and green to play big spells and respond to anything that stands in its path. Wrecking is an understatement when this deck allows the largest creatures to bring havoc to the board early game. You win by flooding the board with creatures and watching the monsters grow to win the game.

Why you should play this Temur Elementals

  • Allows you to ramp up fast and play devastating cards early on
  • Mana production is not an issue because most of the creatures give you the mana you need
  • The creatures make eachother stronger so the more you put into play, the better your odds of winning 

How to play this deck

  • Use the mana dorks to get the colors and power you need to play the big boys
  • Play the big boys and keep on playing them until you overwhelm your foe
  • Take advantage of the powerful titan uro using his ability to neutralize most threats
  • The elementals allow you to look for the cards you need, do this as much as possible
  • Against other control decks use your mana wisely if fighting aggro decks use the big boys to take the damage so you don't have to



1    Yorion, Sky Nomad    

Creatures (29)

2    Hydroid Krasis    

4    Leafkin Druid    

4    Paradise Druid    

3    Bonecrusher Giant    

4    Risen Reef    

4    Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath    

4    Omnath, Locus of the Roil    

4    Cavalier of Thorns    

Planeswalkers (6)

2    Nissa, Who Shakes the World    

4    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon    

Spells (6)

3    Aether Gust    

3    Genesis Ultimatum    

Lands (39)

4    Breeding Pool        

1    Castle Vantress        

4    Fabled Passage        

5    Forest        

3    Island        

4    Ketria Triome        

1    Mountain        

4    Steam Vents        

4    Stomping Ground        

3    Temple of Abandon        

3    Temple of Epiphany        

3    Temple of Mystery    


2.Temur Adventures

Fit for a king

The growth of green, the speed of red, and the draw power of blue all in one deck. There is only one deck in standard right now that is beating this one. Go on some adventures and climb your way to the top of the food chain with ease using this deck.

What is great about this deck?

  • The three colors combined are ridiculously powerful
  • The adventure ability on almost every creature lets them function as spells in addition to bulking up your board
  • It is one of the top 3 decks in standard right now 

How the deck is played 

  • Use instants to prevent anything that you do not want to happen
  • Adventures will provide you with ways to deal damage and effect the board cast the spell before the creature for maximum value
  • Use ramp as needed to make sure you can gain the colors you need early on
  • Using the creature abilities together makes for an easy win
  • Do not hesitate to remove threats 


Creatures (27)

4    Edgewall Innkeeper    

4    Fae of Wishes    

3    Goblin Electromancer    

4    Bonecrusher Giant    

4    Brazen Borrower    

4    Lovestruck Beast    

4    Beanstalk Giant    

Non-creature Spells (3)

3    Escape to the Wilds    

4    Lucky Clover    2    

Lands (26)

4    Breeding Pool        

6    Forest        

4    Island        

1    Ketria Triome        

2    Mountain        

3    Steam Vents        

4    Stomping Ground        

1    Temple of Abandon        

1    Temple of Mystery



Sultai, counter or die!

Sultai, the best of blue, black, and green. This is the dominant deck in standard right now. It plays fast and makes wrecking hard look slow. Counter everything and control the game. 

What is great about this deck?

  • Ramps fast
  • Has so many responses 
  • For a control deck it is oppressive 

How the deck is played 

  • Play a land and get some mana
  • You do not need to cast anything during your turn if you don’t need to
  • The power comes from exploiting cards like Uro and the walkers, do that a lot.
  • Counter anything you do not like being done, because you can
  • If you play this right you will just make your opponent concede otherwise, swing out with the big boys 


Creatures (8):

4 Hydroid Krasis

4 Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Planeswalkers (6):

4 Nissa, Who Shakes the World

2 Teferi, Master of Time

Non-creature Spells (18):

3 Thought Erasure

2 Casualties of War

2 Aether Gust

2 Agonizing Remorse

3 Extinction Event

3 Heartless Act

2 Eliminate

1 Cultivate

Lands (28):

4 Overgrown Tomb

4 Breeding Pool

4 Temple of Deceit

4 Zagoth Triome

4 Fabled Passage

3 Island

2 Swamp

3 Forest

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