[Top 15] MtG Best Counterspells

MtG Best Counterspells
Spell Queller locks spells away

15. Desertion

What’s so good about Desertion?

  • While it costs 5 mana, which seems like a lot, it gives you control of the spell (if it’s a creature or artifact), instead of putting it in the graveyard!
  • Artifacts and Creature spells are very common card types, so this card has a lot of utility.


14. Forbid

What’s so good about Forbid?

  • Counters a spell for 3 mana.
  • If you discard two cards when you play it, this card goes back into your hand instead of the graveyard


13. Dismiss

What’s so good about Dismiss?

  • For 4 mana, lets you counter a target spell.
  • When you counter the spell, you draw a card, making it easier to get your cards out sooner.


12. Memory Lapse

What’s so good about Memory Lapse?

  • Super cheap to cast, at only 2 mana!
  • Put the countered spell on the top of your opponent’s deck, so it wastes a draw for them!


11. Mystic Confluence

What’s so good about Mystic Confluence?

  • Choose from three options when you cast
  • You can choose the same option up to three times
  • Versatile!


10. Counterspell

What’s so good about Counterspell?

  • Cheap to cast
  • Simply counters a spell. No drawbacks (aside from the negligible cost)


9. Negate

What’s so good about Negate?

  • Extremely cheap!
  • Counters a non-creature spell, simple as that. 
  • Can be thrown out basically at any time.


8. Remand

What’s so good about Remand?

  • Extremely cheap!
  • Allows you to draw a card when you play it
  • Sends the target card back to the owner’s hand, keeping their graveyard empty!


7. Daze

What’s so good about Daze?

  • You can return an island to your hand instead of paying the cost (which is cheap anyway)
  • Will counter a spell unless the owner pays 1 mana (taking away from their ability to cast other spells, or play other cards.


6. Force of Negation

What’s so good about Force of Negation?

  • Allows you to exile a blue card rather than paying the cost!
  • Exiles the targeted spell, instead of putting it into the graveyard
  • Fairly cheap to cast


5. Spell Pierce

What’s so good about Spell Pierce?

  • Counters the target spell unless the owner pays 2 mana
  • Only costs 1 blue to cast!


4. Muddle the Mixture

What’s so good about Muddle the Mixture?

  • Cheap to cast
  • Can transmute, allowing you to search your library for another card with the same cost


3. Cryptic Command

What’s so good about Cryptic Command?

  • Has many applications, from which you can choose two
  • Can tap every creature your opponent has, protecting you for a turn


2. Force of Will

What’s so good about Force of Will?

  • Can pay 1 life instead of the mana cost!
  • This makes it fairly cheap to cast if you aren’t low on life.


1. Mana Drain

What’s so good about Mana Drain?

  • Cheap to cast!
  • Not only does it counter a spell, but it also gives you extra mana
  • This allows you to get your powerful cards out sooner!
  • Multiple applications!

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