MTG Arena Ranking System Explained

MTG Arena Ranking System
And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful rank."

How does MTG Arena rank your play? 

MTG Arena records the results of your ranked constructed games with a bi-layered ranking system. Below is an explanation of that ranking system as it works in the beta.

Ranks & Tiers

The ranks, in order, are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master. The tiers of each rank are 4, 3, 2, 1. Players start the game with preconstructed decks at bronze rank, tier four. You progress from tier four to tier one. When you accrue enough points to surpass tier one, you advance to the next medal rank, tier four. The rank of your opponent becomes visible in matchmaking.\

Ranking & Matchmaking

Your ranking affects matchmaking. Under ideal circumstances, you will only face players with similar ranks. However, due to the small pool of players in beta, it is possible that you will face opponents well out of your rank. It is not unheard of for bronze players to face gold or diamond ranked players when all they have is a starter deck.

Losing Rank

You lose rank when you lose a game. Enough lost games can send you back tiers or even full ranks. Since you’re ranked as an account and not on a per-deck basis, this can lead to difficulty. You will likely rank up using one or two decks that you build as you gain levels. Trying out a new deck can have consequences for your rank which can hurt you in matchmaking, affecting the validity of your testing.

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