[Top 25] MTG Best Horror Cards

MTG Best Horror Cards
Terror inducing creatures of pure nightmare fuel yes you ca n find them in MTG

25 Best Horror cards in Magic! The Gathering

    When talking about different types of creatures there are few that cause as much fear and contempt like the Horror creatures.l Today we will be looking at 25 such creatures that if you don't have you are definitely going to want to avoid fighting. What these creatures may lack in raw power they make up for with awesome and terrifying abilities.

25. Douser of Lights

    This is one of those creatures that while it doesn’t have any wild abilities it does have awe inspiring power. It only costs 5 mana to summon and it gives you a decent blocker and a nice attacker. 5 hits is all it takes in a standard game with this creature to wipe out any opponent. Throw some vigilance on this or a deathclaw scythe and you won't have much trouble claiming victory.

24.Dread Slag

    This creature has quite a detrimental effect to itself or so one might think even if you get one card it still is a formidable 5/5. Just hold onto this card until it's the last card in your hand and you can throw it down to gain a powerful defender and just keep your hand empty.

23. Dread Slayer

    This is more like the nightmare fuel you would expect when you hear of horror. This creature is capable of resurrecting every creature that it damages as long as you can finish it off before the end of your turn. With the multitude of abilities that can increase the power of this creatures and deal damage to other creatures at your disposal, the number of creatures you can resurrect is endless.

22. Dread Wurm

    What could be worse than a creature that is pure nightmare fuel? How about a Creature that is pure nightmare fuel that you can't destroy. That’s exactly what this card becomes every time you play a land card. There are cards that can't be targeted, gain protection from colors, and even cards that get +x bonuses. This creature scoffs at all of that and just can't be destroyed. The only downside is it only lasts for your turn which is why its so low on this list.


    This creature is a little lackluster to some degree but it can make for a good searcher if you have other cards that cost 4 mana There are actually quite a few that might even be better options to have than this one like another creature you might find later in this list but i'm not gonna spoil that surprise here so let’s move on

20.Horror of the Dim

    This creature is a similar situation to the 22nd entry to this list. Hold on, you say, didn’t you say that indestructible was better than being unable to be targeted? You ask. Why yes yes i did but what makes this creature better is that fact that unlike the last creature that needs lands to enter the field for that cards ability to go off this creature has the ability to get its hexproof every single turn for the cost of only a single blue mana. This allows this creature to get its ability every single turn whereas the other creature needs quite a bit of set up for it to be effective every single turn.  Thus making this creature just a bit more horrifying.

19. Abyssal of Nocturnus


    This creature is definitely terrifying, If you through this card into a mill deck like a Phenax commander deck or a blue black mill style deck in standard this card can become a true monster. Lets say you have Jace’s Erasure already on the field well there is a +2+2 on your draw now you play maddening cacophony which mills 8 congrats you now have added +16/+16 to this creature and god have mercy on your opponent you kicked that card making your opponent mill half their deck. If your opponent doesnt have any black or artifact creatures this card could easily be a one hit kill.

18. Geralf’s Masterpiece

    This card at first glance doesn't seem like much of a threat and if you have a full hand then you would be right this card is not that great but then again no one in their right mind would play this card with a full hand. This card can also make sure your hand stays empty if you resurrect it from the graveyard. It costs 5 mana to summon and you can keep bringing it back to battlefield to keep punishing your opponents time and time again.


17. Advanced Stitchwing

    This card works really well with the last card  in the sense that it can help keep your hand small. This card is a flying which makes it harder to block but not necessarily impossible however this card like the last one can keep coming back time and time again.


16. Bedlam Reveler

    This card can be absolutely broken in a red deck that has lightning helix, lightning bolts, etc. this card could easily only cost 2 red mana to bring it out to the field. The best time to use this card is if you brick or if you have no cards in your hand which would allow you to get 3 free cards. Then when you play any additional lightning helix’s you get and Additional +1/+1 for every one of those cards that you play.


15. Void Beckoner

    This card works really well in a Living End deck. Usually you want to keep at least 1 or 2 monsters on the field to protect yourself while you stack your graveyard until you can get a cascade card onot the field to get your living end onto the field. This is the perfect card to cycle for that because it allows one of your cannon fodders to become even stronger by giving it a deathtouch counter which would allow the weakest creatures to block some of the strongest. Then when you finally get your living end you get this monster for essentially 3 mana


14. Chasm Skulker

    Granted this creature gets more powerful when you face mill decks however there is something to be said about this creature that can leave behind an army essentially when this creature dies. Keeping this creature alive might prove to be difficult but if you can keep him on the field for one turn he essentially leaves behind a clone and every turn after that you keep him is a plus. The best part is as soon as he dies he leaves his “clones” behind.


13. Hell’s Caretaker

    This creature is essentially a creature version of Living End. All you really need is a creature that can produce token creatures and you have got yourself a living end but rather than emptying your field and graveyard you can just bring them back one by one every single turn.


12. Glissa’s Courier

    Hold on i can already hear the groans and see the confused looks when you see this card on this list especially so high. This card has one MAJOR thing going for it. It has Mountainwalk which means it can just walk straight to the life of most of the current meta which surprisingly is an aggro run nightmare. Ath the forefront of that is the red deck as it is well known to get creatures out quickly and end the game before it can even begin thus making this creature truly horrifying for red players. 


11. Geralf’s Mindcrusher

    Geralf’s Mindcrusher is the creature card to have if you are running a mill deck. It can mill 10 cards for only costing 6 mana in total. All you have to do is summon this creature to the field let it die and it automatically comes back with no cost, becoming even stronger and milling all over again. This creatures mana cost is understandable for its power and when you include its ability it becomes a small price to pay.


10. Eternal Scourge

    This card essentially has the best protection of all time. On you play lightning helix? Ok i exile him instead, My turn I bring back eternal scourge and repeat cycle. Literally the only way to lose this card is to lose it in battle. Meaning that this is one of the few cards that you can literally choose when and how you lose this card.

9. Guilt Feeder

    So what is more horrifying than a 0/4 attacking you? The fact that the 0/4 is about to kill you when put into a mill deck or specifically a Phenax deck can be absolutely brutal. It is actually quite easy to get 20 cards into your opponent's graveyard and then you just pull this guy out and absolutely wreak havoc on opponents since this creature also has the Fear ability spelled out exactly for you. 

8. Deathbringer Liege

    This card can be used in either white or black decks but if you use it in both a white black deck this card can be absolutely broken. If you use white creatures it gets a +1/+1 if you have a black creature you get a +1/+1 but if you get a white black creature you get a +2/+2. Now what makes this even more broken? Use a white black noncreature spell you can get just straight up destroy anything you want and what can be more broken than that especially since this doesnt even tap this creature allowing it to attack immediately after that with the creatures that this card already buffed. Throw a Jazal Goldmoon on top of that and its just a massive snowball that is truly horrifying.

7. Brisela, Voice of Nightmares

    What is there really to say about this card? It is literally the Gogeta of the Magic world. This card is a fusion of 2 other cards and it has Flying First strike Lifelink and Vigilance. This means this creature can attack and defend the next turn it gives you 9 life for both attack and defence and then on top of that no matter what it block or attacks it ill get the first strike nd not even get any return damage unless the creature also has first strike which gives it protection from most deathtouch unless that deathtouch creature also has first strike which is very rare in and of itself.

6. Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager

    This creature can get pretty broken pretty quickly. There are multiple ways to get +1/+1 counters on cards that you control. While at first this creature doesn't seem too intimidating. It’s a 3/3 when it comes out on the field. Once it does you just need to keep it on the field while you stockpile +1/+1 counters onto other creatures let them die giving thy’re +1/+1 to this creature especially if those were temporary +1/+1 into permanent 1/+1’s then if this creature dies it literally makes a copy of itself thus allowing it to attack every turn possibly with no downside.


5. Abomination of Llanowar

    This card just got a brand new release in the Elven Empire deck as part of the new Kladeim set. I played against this deck not too long ago and my god, when this card came out it was pretty brutal to stop. After destroying multiple elves not to mention the number of elves that were already on the field because of the commanders special ability, it was an absolute nightmare. It can only be blocked by 2 or more creatures which ironically i needed 4 creatures just to not take any damage and all the supprt these cards get is mind blowing. 

4. Creakwood Liege

    While at first glance this creature doesnt seem like much once you put it into play it snowballs wonderfully. This card creates a 1/1 black and green worm every upkeep but wait its not a 1/1 it becomes a 3/3 because they are both black AND green which means both abilities affect them meaning that you dont need to attack with this creature as you can just use the tokens created by this creature to attack instead. You could also just keep a few as defenders and unless your opponent has enough control to remove it before it snowballs your opponent has a truly horrifying creature to try to deal with.


3. Phyrexian Obliterator

    Again this is another creature that is the cause of many nightmares. Do i block it for the kill and lose 5+ permanents. Yes you read that right if i don't have trample and deal more than 5 damage to this creature then i will have to sacrifice more than 5 cards. Granted the loophole to this is to destroy this creature before I have 5 permanents on the field but how do you cast something that can kill this thing for less than 4 mana. Yes if you don’t have enough creatures enchantments or artifacts to sacrifice you have to get rid of land cards. All in all just putting this card onto the battlefield is a horrifying prospect. Also remember earlier the card i didnt want to spoil this is that card.

2. Atraxa Praetor’s Voice

    This card is the perfect card to put into any rainbow deck. Did you put -1/-1 tokens on any creature well on your end step thais card adds another -1/-1 did you put +1/+1 tokens on a creature this creature gives it another one. Poison tokens, yep this card adds yet ANTOHER one. Add vigilance deathtouch and lifelink to that special pool and this is a card that is a force to be reckoned with topped y only one other creature. 


1. Consuming Aberration

    Have you ever seen a Phenax Commander Deck? This is the real MVP of that deck. Added with the commanders special ability and this card can single handedly destroy and entire deck. Just by casting this spell and every other spell you can cause opponents to mill cards until they reveal a land card Then using your commander's ability tap this card to have them mill x amount of cards equal to this creature's toughness can cause even the most luscious locks to be ripped out by the wearer. How do you add even more insult to that injury? Just cast another spell like i dont know how about brain freeze? Which mind you before it’s effect goes off Consuming Aberrations ability would go off and then cause them to mill 3 more on top of it.

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