[Top 15] MtG Best Equipment Cards

MtG Best Equipment Cards
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15.  Loxodon Warhammer

Why is Loxodon Warhammer so great?

  • Gives +3/+0 to an equipped monster
  • Also gives lifelink to that monster
  • Also gives trample to that monster
  • Turn any run-of-the-mill monster card into a death machine!


14. Godsend

What’s so great about Godsend?

  • Gives the equipped creature +3/+3
  • Exiles any creature that blocks or is blocked by the equipped creature
  • Once those cards have been exiled, the opponent cannot cast cards with the same name as the exiled card.


13. Umezawa’s Jitte

What’s so great about Umezawa’s Jitte?

  • The equipped creature generates charge counters every time it deals damage
  • Can remove charge counters to get +2/+2
  • OR Can give a target creature -1/-1
  • OR Gain 2 life.
  • Lots of different applications. Can be used in many ways.


12. Swiftfoot Boots

What’s so great about Swiftfoot Boots?

  • Super cheap to cast and equip!
  • Non-legendary! Equip more than one!
  • Gives equipped creature Hexproof so it cannot be the target of spells, and haste, so it can attack immediately.


11. Basilisk Collar

What’s so good about Basilisk Collar?

  • Gives equipped creature deathtouch AND lifelink
  • Cheap to equip
  • non-legendary!

10. Darksteel Plate

What’s so good about Darksteel Plate?

  • The equipped creature is indestructible. Has to be removed in a way that does not destroy it.
  • The card itself is indestructible. Cannot be destroyed by an opponent.
  • Only costs 3 mana, which is cheap for indestructibility.


9. Sword of the Animist

What’s so good about Sword of the Animist?

  • Gives the equipped creature +1/+1, which is nice.
  • Whenever the equipped creature attacks, you can search your deck for a land and play it, tapped.
  • Allows you to crank out land cards swiftly, allowing you access to your better cards sooner.


8. Cranial Plating

What’s so good about Cranial Plating?

  • Non-legendary! Use with your other non-legendary artifacts!
  • Gives the equipped creature +1/+0 for EVERY artifact you control.
  • Pay 2 black to equip this card instantly!


7. Hammer of Nazahn

What’s so good about Hammer of Nazahn?

  • While it seems expensive, you likely won’t have to pay to equip it, or any other equipment you play later
  • The equipped creature gets a nice +2/+0 buff, as well as indestructible!
  • Makes other equipment free to equip.


6. Nim Deathmantle

What’s so good about Nim Deathmantle?

  • Gives equipped creature +2/+2
  • Gives equipped creature intimidate, and turns them into a black zombie
  • Can pay 4 mana to return a slain creature to the battlefield, with this card equipped.


5. Lightning Greaves

What’s so good about Lightning Greaves?

  • Gives equipped creature haste and shroud (perfect for commanders)
  • Costs nothing to equip
  • Non-legendary! Equip this with other artifacts!


4. Blade of Selves

What’s so good about Blade of Selves?

  • EXTREMELY useful in Commander games. 
  • Make copies of your attacking creature for every opponent you aren’t attacking.
  • This essentially means you can give yourself more than one of your best cards, and attack with all at once.


3. Masterwork of Ingenuity

What’s so good about Masterwork of Ingenuity?

  • It is dirt cheap to cast.
  • Can copy any equipment on the battlefield (not just on your side. You can copy an opponent’s equipment too!
  • Because most equipment costs more than 1, you save a lot of mana with this card!
  • Non-legendary!


2. Batterskull

What’s so good about Batterskull?

  • Living weapons are just neat.
  • When you use this card, you get a free 0/0 black Germ token, with this card attached
  • Equipped creature has vigilance and lifelink
  • Can return this card to your hand to protect it from an opponent, and when you cast it again, you get another germ!


1. Sword of Feast and Famine

What’s so good about Sword of Feast and Famine?

  • The equipped creature gets +2/+2 and protection from black and green
  • Allows you to untap all of your lands when an equipped creature deals damage to an opponent.
  • Non-legendary, so can be equipped along with the others from the “Sword of” set, of which this one is the best.

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