[Top 25] MTG Arena Most Powerful Blue Cards

MTG Arena Most Powerful Blue Cards
It’s only fitting for someone named Arcanis the Omnipotent to be a blue mage.

Since the days of Ancestral Recall and Time Walk, the game’s most powerful spells have always been the ones that had blue mana symbols on them. With the ever-growing number of sets released in MTG Arena, it’s time to look at what’s currently the most potent blue cards available to play digitally. Now what’s viewed as powerful can be subjective, so for this list, we've chosen cards that either change the game rules or win you the game if unanswered.

25. Commit / Memory

What is great about Commit / Memory:

  • Commit isn’t worded like a regular counterspell so it works against “Can’t be countered” spells.
  • Similarly, it’s effective against indestructible permanents because it doesn’t destroy the target.
  • Memory lets you reload by shuffling your graveyard in and drawing seven new cards.


24. Midnight Clock

What is great about Midnight Clock:

  • It costs the same as other mana rocks while having a very powerful extra ability.
  • Shuffling your graveyard in lets you draw the cards you've previously played.
  • You have an option to accelerate its triggered ability when you have mana to spare.


23. Spark Double

What is great about Spark Double:

  • Unlike other clones, it has the unique ability to copy planeswalkers.
  • It copies with an added loyalty counter so you can do things like immediately ultimate Garruk.
  • Because it doesn’t copy the legendary type, you can copy legendary targets without problems.


22. Leyline of Anticipation

What is great about Leyline of Anticipation:

  • You can cast spells at any time, so your opponent always has to worry about surprise threats.
  • As an enchantment, it continuously has this effect until the Leyline is destroyed.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have it on your opening hand, you get it on the board for free.


21. Discontinuity

What is great about Discontinuity:

  • It can be used as a pseudo Time Walk by using it on your opponent’s upkeep.
  • Ending the turn exiles everything on the stack so it works against spells that can’t be countered.
  • You can also use it on your turn to avoid your own harmful triggered abilities.


20. Narset, Parter of Veils

What is great about Narset, Parter of Veils:

  • Her static ability shuts off your opponent's ability to draw extra cards.
  • In a deck filled with non-creature spells, her loyalty ability is better than card draw.
  • She turns Emergency Powers into a very unfair card.


19. Sublime Epiphany

What is great about Sublime Epiphany:

  • With up to five different modes to choose from, this spell gives you a ton of flexibility.
  • You can counter abilities and that rarely happens so your opponent will be caught off guard.
  • It’s a potent combat trick since you can bounce their creature or create a copy of yours.


18. Fae of Wishes

What is great about Fae of Wishes:

  • It’s a solid blocker that will buy you time to use its Adventure side later.
  • You get the unique advantage of having access to sideboard cards, even in Best of One.
  • As long as you can pay the discard cost, you can potentially use it multiple times.


17. Torrential Gearhulk

What is great about Torrential Gearhulk:

  • With its huge body, you can Flash it in to ambush your opponent’s attackers.
  • You don't have to pay mana for the instant card that you chose to cast.
  • Because its ability triggers on entry, it's exploitable by blinking/flickering.


16. Agent of Treachery

What is great about Agent of Treachery:

  • Because it’s a creature, there a plenty of ways to cheat the cost like graveyard reanimation.
  • You can target any permanent which means even your opponent’s lands are not safe.
  • It rewards you for stealing more permanents with three extra cards during each end step.


15. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

What is great about Kira, Great Glass-Spinner:

  • It's difficult to kill using targeted removal due to its static ability.
  • All your creatures get the same protection if your opponent doesn't kill Kira.
  • It has a decent body with evasion which can fit in decks like Merfolk or those based on fliers.


14. Nezahal, Primal Tide

What is great about Nezahal, Primal Tide:

  • It's a massive creature that straight up cannot be countered.
  • You get to draw each time your opponent casts a non-creature spell.
  • It's very difficult to kill because of its ability to exile itself to dodge removal.


13. Kiora Bests the Sea God

What is great about Kiora Bests the Sea God:

  • You get to create a giant Hexproof Kraken that’s hard to block thanks to the second trigger.
  • The final triggered ability can steal any type of permanent including lands.
  • Because it’s an enchantment, you can bounce or blink it to gain extra value.


12. Bruvac the Grandiloquent

What is great about Bruvac the Grandiloquent:

  • When used with Maddening Cacophony, you can mill out your opponent in one shot.
  • Because Bruvac is an Advisor, Persistent Petitioners can tap him for their milling ability.
  • As a Legendary Creature, he can be your commander in a mill-based Brawl deck.


11. Emry, Lurker of the Loch

What is great about Emry, Lurker of the Loch:

  • She will quickly get out of hand when paired with Paradox Engine and mana rocks.
  • Emry mills cards on entry so your graveyard has artifacts she can target.
  • In Brawl, she can be easily recast because her cost reduction applies to commander tax.


10. Shark Typhoon

What is great about Shark Typhoon:

  • The spells you cast don't have to resolve for you to get the flying shark tokens.
  • You get to create bigger tokens the more expensive non-creature spells you cast.
  • Its Cycling ability can be done at instant speed and can’t be countered by regular counterspells.


9. Mass Manipulation

What is great about Mass Manipulation:

  • It has an X in its mana cost which means you can steal as many your mana allows.
  • You can target planeswalkers, which makes it unique compared to other steal effects.
  • It’s a Sorcery spell which means it can be reused by playing Archaeomancer effects.


8. Nexus of Fate

What is great about Nexus of Fate:

  • It’s unique among other Time Walk spells because it can be cast at instant speed.
  • The shuffle-back ability prevents you from losing to mill unless it somehow gets exiled.
  • You have a chance to draw it again, which will happen more as your library becomes smaller.


7. Overflowing Insight

What is great about Overflowing Insight:

  • This lets you draw seven cards straight up with no strings attached.
  • You can target your opponent and mill them out if their library has less than seven cards.
  • It's always available in Best of One Standard because it's part of the Arena Beginner Set.


6. Finale of Revelation

What is great about Finale of Revelation:

  • It has an X in its mana cost which means you can draw as many cards as your mana allows.
  • Your graveyard is shuffled back into your library so you can redraw your used spells.
  • Untapping lands and removing the hand size limit negates the drawback for this type of effect.


5. New Perspectives

What is great about New Perspectives:

  • It lets you Cycle any spell for free once you have this on the battlefield.
  • You get to draw three cards so you can start Cycling even when starting with an empty hand.
  • Additionally, the extra copies are still useful even when you already have one on the board.


4. Omniscience

What is great about Omniscience:

  • You can literally cast any spell for free once you have this on the battlefield.
  • Compared to the banned card Fires of Invention, there’s no limit on what you can cast.
  • As an enchantment, it’s continuously in effect unless your opponent destroys it.


3. Pact of Negation

What is great about Pact of Negation:

  • It protects your game-winning combo or stops your opponent’s for zero mana.
  • The upkeep trigger won’t matter when this card is used in the right deck.
  • Because you can cast it even when tapped out, your opponent cannot play around it.


2. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

What is great about Jace, Wielder of Mysteries:

  • It’s one of only two mono-blue cards in Arena that literally says you win the game.
  • Jace overrides the game rule that says you lose when you can’t draw from your library.
  • All of Jace’s abilities work towards milling yourself to win.


1. Thassa's Oracle

What is great about Thassa's Oracle:

  • Like Jace, its triggered ability lets you win the game if it successfully resolves.
  • You only need to have a devotion that’s equal to or greater than your library count.
  • If you have no cards left, you’ll still win even if they kill the Oracle in response.


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