[Top 7] MTG Arena Best Packs To Open!

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Cracking packs is in now way connected with packing crack

Card games are about strategy and social interaction. However, there is one moment that every player can unanimously agree is one of the highs they chase when they become addicted to the game, cracking packs. Even digitally on Arena there is something powerful about clicking that open button  and watching the cards reveal themselves.

Since this amazing way to play the game is only three years old it has 15 sets available to crack open. All packs have the same pull rate the more you open the more value you shall find. Which packs you prioritize depends on what format you play. For standard and Brawl you will want to focus on standard legal sets.

These rotate about every year. At max it will contain 8 sets. Historic allows you to use any card that is available on MTGA. Cards you collect in standard will always be legal in Historic. This way those cards and decks you love to play. Ultimately if you love a set’s theme or setting you should crack as much as you want. If you have fun you do the game justice.

With these ideals in mind. Let’s talk about the 7 best backs to open on MTGA that will unlock what makes this game the best card game no matter how you play.


7)Core set 21 

The year if Teferi is upon us

This set broke the curse of the core sets. Instead of being lackluster it featured a lot of amazing reprints that made this normal bust an absolute ball. It was perfect for new players looking to experience the game and give veteran planeswalkers something to look forward to in the summer. Cracking this pack will give you some of the best cards not just available on MTGA but in the entirety of the game

Buy Core 21 if:

  • You are looking to get into the game 
  • Are looking for amazing reprints to add to your collection
  • Powerful cards to buff your decks in standard

Pack Price: 1000 Gold

6) Rivals of Ixalan 

You fight like my sister and seeing as he is a raptor, that’s a compliment!

Dinosaurs, pirates, and vampires unlocked the secrets of the golden city. No that is not the plot of a Disney movie, this was the story of this set. Wield the primal power that comes from the planeswalker trapping world of Ixalan. This is one of my favorite sets in the game of all time.

Buy Rivals of Ixalan if:

  • You love dinosaurs or Vampires 
  • Unleash the primal power this set offers for historic 
  • Collect all of the legendary dinosaurs in the game as of right now

Pack Price: 1000 Gold


Planeswalkers don’t get old they become historic 

 Return to the original plane that started this awesome game. This set was one of the last sets designed by Richard Garfield, the Creator of MTG. It brought with it a frame style change for legendary cards going forward and contained a legendary card in every pack.

Buy Dominaria if:

  • You love the historic mechanic that was a representation of this games legacy
  • Are looking for some of the strongest cards available on MTGA 
  • Want to command the timeravler himself Teferi 

4)Kaladesh Remastered 

Invention comes through trial and error 

Kaladesh was a land of artifacts and fabrication. It was part of the Nicol Bolas story that brought the gate watch here in search of the Palar Bridge. This set has some of the best artifacts in the game and is worth cracking open. It is considered remastered because it was made before arena existed

Buy Kaledesh remastered if:

  • You are looking for some of the best artifact on Arena 
  • Collect the cards in the set 
  • Gain some major power for historic

Pack Price: 1000 Gold

3)War of the spark

For all this, There's only one name you should know

This set was the Endgame for mtg at the time. It had so many planeswalkers in one set that you couldn’t crack a pack without finding one. It gave us some major power worthy of a war and set the bar of the games powerlevel going forward.

Buy war for the spark if:

  • You want a planeswalker in every pack 
  • Want to use the extremely strong cards in historic 
  • Collect all 36 planeswalkers in the set 

2) Ikoria 

Cat dinosaur beasts are tight 

The land of mutation is another one of my favorites and it is mutating standard as we speak. This set gave us the epic mutate ability on some of it’s creatures. The alternate art styles of the Godzilla monsters make it even more of a reason to crack open some packs to see if you get them. 

Buy Ikoria if:

  • You want to collect all the kaiju alternate arts 
  • Harness the awesome power of mutate on the creatures from this set 
  • Are a lover of classic monster movies that the set is based on 

Pack Price: 1000 Gold

1)Zendikar Rising 

Landfall is back baby!

This set earns my number one slot because Zendikar brought along with it this time the party mechanic. It is also the latest set to come out for standard at the time. The power level here is amazing creating some of the most competitive decks in standard right now. Dimir rogues and scute swarm are all originating from the set. These cards will impact not only standard but the entire game after rotation. For now crack it open to find the competitive rares and mythics to make your deck awaken with the power of the roil. 

Buy Zendikar Rising if:

  • You seek the power of landfall 
  • Want to get as many copies of scute swarm to use before it gets banned 
  • Collect the rogues and mill cards that make your opponents want to concede 

Pack Price: 1000 Gold

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