[Top 5] MTG Arena Best White Green Decks!

[Top 5] MTG Arena Best White Green Decks
Come together, right now over me!

The paring of white and green mana symbolizes a unity between peace and harmony. These colors are paired for their ability to protect and prosper. Gameplay wise, you get to gain a bunch of life and make your creatures grow to stomp. The combination of these two colors results in what is known as Selesnya. So, let us take a look at my favorite guild from Ravnica here are 5 of the best Selesnya decks. 

5) Soul Inversion 

I am Ashaya I speak for the trees 

Ramp big and stomp hard. Green and white grows fast for devastating power. User Ashaya for mana and for the game winning damage

What is fun about this deck?

  • Landfall allows you to ramp up mana fast 
  • Plays devastating spells early on because of the mana production
  • Can out last aggro and keep control players in check with a mid range approach
  • Board Wipes are included to clean up the board
  • Huge stomping creatures 

How to play this deck?

  • Deploy lands for your mana 
  • Ramp asap with cards like the cobra or caryatid 
  • Cast creature spells and start letting them deal damage 
  • Use the landfall triggers to not just gain mana but also buff cards like the mammoth 
  • Play Ashaya allowing your mana and damage to be ridiculous then send it in for the kill


2 Elder Gargaroth (M21) 179

4 Llanowar Visionary (M21) 193

4 Mazemind Tome (M21) 232

4 Fabled Passage (M21) 246

4 Ilysian Caryatid (ANB) 98

4 Skyclave Apparition (ZNR) 39

4 Ashaya, Soul of the Wild (ZNR) 179

4 Lotus Cobra (ZNR) 193

2 Yasharn, Implacable Earth (ZNR) 240

4 Plains (ZNR) 266

4 Forest (ZNR) 278

4 Emeria's Call (ZNR) 12

4 Ondu Inversion (ZNR) 30

4 Kazandu Mammoth (ZNR) 189

4 Turntimber Symbiosis (ZNR) 215

4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258

4) Selesnya Counters

Harmony is an ideal power is the tool to achieve it 

Play creatures that start out tiny but become absolute behemoths with what you will cast. Use spells and abilities to make those monsters grow.

What is fun about this deck?

  • Place counters on creatures and watch them multiply 
  • Of course in these colors it can ramp 
  • Low cost spells for most of the deck 
  • Blinking included to gain extra counters when things return to the board 
  • Even has mutate in it

How to play this deck

  • Drop the forests and planes onto the board 
  • Play low cost creatures we will make them better as we play 
  • Cast spells that allow you to place counters on your creatures and start attacking 
  • Continue to attack and stack those counters on 
  • Once you have enough power on board swing in for the kill


2 The Great Henge (ELD) 161

4 Stonecoil Serpent (ELD) 235

4 Temple of Plenty (THB) 248

2 Gemrazer (IKO) 155

2 Basri Ket (M21) 7

2 Basri's Lieutenant (M21) 9

4 Speaker of the Heavens (M21) 38

2 Elder Gargaroth (M21) 179

2 Primal Might (M21) 197

3 Scavenging Ooze (M21) 204

4 Conclave Mentor (M21) 216

2 Fabled Passage (M21) 246

4 Luminarch Aspirant (ZNR) 24

1 Skyclave Apparition (ZNR) 39

2 Oran-Rief Ooze (ZNR) 198

2 Swarm Shambler (ZNR) 207

1 Plains (ZNR) 266

2 Forest (ZNR) 278

4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258

3) The Retreat of Ashaya 

Kitty wants land-drop? 

Combining the power of landfall and counters with the soul of the wild.  The deck gets its name from Ashaya and Felidar retreat. Having the two out is the focal piece of the deck, which means if you have that you have the game. 

What is fun about this deck?

  • Token production with Feldiar retreat 
  • Mana ramp included as always 
  • Relatively cheap spells for most of the deck 
  • Ashaya is back and probably not leaving any of these lists
  • Counter stacking potential is high 

How to play this deck

  • Deploy lands for mana you will need it 
  • Use that mana to cast the cobra for ramp 
  • Abuse landfall to ramp and also to place counters on creatures 
  • Play Ahsaya and Feldiar retreat to just start spamming cats on the board 
  • Swing out with the large fluffy counter heavy cats 


6 Forest (DAR) 266

4 Plains (DAR) 253

2 Return of the Wildspeaker (ELD) 172

4 Fabled Passage (ELD) 244

2 Temple of Plenty (THB) 248

4 Conclave Mentor (M21) 216

3 Fearless Fledgling (ZNR) 15

4 Felidar Retreat (ZNR) 16

2 Ashaya, Soul of the Wild (ZNR) 179

4 Inscription of Abundance (ZNR) 186

4 Lotus Cobra (ZNR) 193

4 Oran-Rief Ooze (ZNR) 198

4 Swarm Shambler (ZNR) 207

4 Murasa Rootgrazer (ZNR) 229

4 Kazandu Mammoth (ZNR) 189

2 Turntimber Symbiosis (ZNR) 215

3 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258

2) Yorion Food

The sky serpent is never satisfied! 

Yorion’s hybrid mana costs allow us to feed him in these colors. This blinking deck makes Nabisco's food production look lame in comparison. Make food by blinking permanents that's all you gotta do and once you’ve had enough of the food swing out for game 

What is fun about this deck?

  • Yorion allows for plenty of blinking 
  • Food token creation in bulk 
  • Plenty of tasty ramp to go with the food
  • Mid range strategy allows you to play offense and defense 
  • Let your creatures fight to kill without having to enter combat 

How to play this deck

  • Deploy lands you know you have to
  • Start off ramping with the goose 
  • Use removal as needed you can exile a bit but not often time it cautiously 
  • Play Yorion as soon as you can when you have something blink worthy 
  • Blink and make food til your overwhelm the board 


4 Gilded Goose (ELD) 160

2 Charming Prince (ELD) 8

2 Glass Casket (ELD) 15

2 The Great Henge (ELD) 161

4 Trail of Crumbs (ELD) 179

4 Wicked Wolf (ELD) 181

2 Elspeth Conquers Death (THB) 13

2 Omen of the Sun (THB) 30

4 Temple of Plenty (THB) 248

1 Kogla, the Titan Ape (IKO) 162

4 Yorion, Sky Nomad (IKO) 232

4 Llanowar Visionary (M21) 193

4 Skyclave Apparition (ZNR) 39

4 Plains (ZNR) 380

6 Forest (ZNR) 384

2 Emeria's Call (ZNR) 12

2 Tangled Florahedron (ZNR) 211

3 Turntimber Symbiosis (ZNR) 215

4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258


I’d rather put a picture of the Ozolith then another Scute Swarm top slot picture

During Zendiakr standard it is no surprise that a deck using this mechanic takes the top of the list. Deploy those lands and multiply the swarm. Seriously, can we please ban this card already? 

What is fun about this deck

  • Features the insane ban worthy power of Scute Swarm
  • Tons of landfall triggers that get out of hand rapidly 
  • You even can stack counters on creatures 
  • Shockingly it doesn’t have mutate because it is that strong without it 
  • Oh and how could I forget the deck can ramp because of the lands you will constantly have entering the board \

How to play this deck 

  • One last time, deploy lands for mana 
  • Play your ramp and play more lands 
  • Developed an overwhelming board state as the triggers continue to multiply 
  • At this point you should have the swarm on board if not proceed to windmill slam that insect under your control 
  • Spam out as many lands as you can and let that swarm do what it wants and watch all the landfall triggers just dominate the game and win with the absurd tokens you will make.


1 Chainweb Aracnir (THB) 167

1 The Ozolith (IKO) 237

2 Conclave Mentor (M21) 216

4 Fabled Passage (M21) 246

4 Fearless Fledgling (ZNR) 15

3 Felidar Retreat (ZNR) 16

2 Ancient Greenwarden (ZNR) 178

3 Lotus Cobra (ZNR) 193

4 Roiling Regrowth (ZNR) 201

4 Scute Swarm (ZNR) 203

4 Territorial Scythecat (ZNR) 213

3 Murasa Rootgrazer (ZNR) 229

2 Yasharn, Implacable Earth (ZNR) 240

5 Plains (ZNR) 380

9 Forest (ZNR) 384

2 Kazandu Mammoth (ZNR) 189

2 Tangled Florahedron (ZNR) 211

3 Turntimber Symbiosis (ZNR) 215

2 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258


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