[TOP 50] MTG Arena Best Creatures

MTG Arena Best Creatures
Unleash the magic

Here are the most powerful, impactful and relevant creatures of the current Magic Arena metagame.

The creatures featured on this list have a lasting impact on the format or are just plainly powerful enough to win the game if left unchecked for too long.

50. Edgewall Innkeeper

Ready for an andventure?

  • The Innkeeper is one of the defining cards of the current standard metagame.
  • This card in combination with any adventure card feels kind of like the Wildgrowth Walker package from the previous standard rotation.
  • This card iwll keep your hand stocked full of cards for the whole game.

49. Giant Killer

Take down the gods.

  • It’s an early play with a relevant ability in the late game, with the ability to control the flow of game by tapping creatures.
  • Giant killer has a relevant adventure side that can be used later in the game at instant speed with no downside.

48. Hero of Precint One

Rally for victory!

  • This card goes well in any multicoloured deck that features white.
  • It can produce an abundance of tokens if left unchecked.

47. Worthy Knight

Worthy of excellence.

  • It is a great addition to the Knights Archetype which currently has a very powerful standard deck.
  • This card can make a few tokens every turn when played in the right deck.
  • It will let you win the game very quickly if ignored by your opponent.

46. Cauldron Familiar


  • It is currently one of the most played cards in MTG Arena.
  • It has the best instance of recursion from the graveyard available in magic currently.
  • It deals great amounts of damage and gains you heaps of life-points over the course of a game.
  • It’s a cat, what more do you want?

45. Fervent Champion

Ride to victory.

  • It’s another knight which buffs other knights which is great.
  • Playing a fervent champion turn one and then another one turn 2 is a very quick and sure way to pave your way to victory.
  • It’s hard to block it early in the game due to its first strike ability.

44. Knight of the Ebon Legion

Live or die.

  • It’s an early play that can grow and become a very powerful adversary later on.
  • The activated ability is a great way to spend your mana if you’re not in a hurry.
  • It goes well into any black deck, but shines best in a dedicated knights deck.

43. Risen Reef

Surfs out!

  • This card will draw you so many cards and put so many lands on the battlefield that by the time it is finally removed you will not have to worry about losing the game anymore.
  • It might be small, but its ability is an absolute banger.

42. Chandra’s Spitfire

Light the world ablaze.

  • It’s hard to block and it can win the game outright on the next turn in the right kind of deck.
  • It’s vital to remove it as soon as it hits the battlefield or else you just might lose the game on the next turn.
  • It can finish the game in a single hit, but only under the right circumstances. It needs to be enabled by other cards such as Cavalcade of Calamity along with other one-power creatures.

41. Bonecrusher Giant

Step away or get stepped on.

  • It’s a burn spell in conjunction with a creature, WOW!
  • If the adventure side of this card wasn’t enough, the creature side is more than strong for its mana cost with a relevant ability.

40. Fae of Wishes

Tell us your deepest desires.

  • The adventure side of this card provides such a powerful effect that it puts the creature card on this list.
  • It takes whatever response to the battlefield situation you need out of your sideboard and into your hand.
  • Even thought the creature side of the card is not very powerful it is still a very capable blocker that will stop most aggressive decks from absolutely overrunning you.

39. Syr Konrad, the Grim

It's not personal.

  • Yet another knight on this list. This card is often called a mythic uncommon as it could win games by itself in Throne of Eldraine draft.
  • Offers very good stats and a powerful ability for a reasonable mana cost.
  • It’s one of the five staple knights of the set.

38. Lovestruck Beast

She loves me, she loves me not...

  • It’s an early play in both the adventure and the creature side of the card.
  • Having a 5/5 creature with a very minor downside on turn three is a very powerful play.
  • It has great flavour for the set.

37. Spawn of Mayhem

Chaos, disorder, mayhem.

  • It’s a very powerful creature if you are able to get it out on turn three.
  • It flies above anything, has trample and packs a punch. Great for black aggressive decks.
  • Its ability enables spectacle every turn at the minor expense of only one life point.

36. Midnight Reaper

When Grim is off duty, then the Midnight Reaper does his rounds.

  • It’s the best protection against boardsweeps as it draws a card for every creature that dies.
  • The low cost of this card keeps it relevant. It will stay in the meta for a long time as one of the staple cards in black creature decks.

35. Brazen Borrower

Hide your stuff, or it might get naughty again.

  • It quickly became the must have creature in most blue decks.
  • The instant adventure ability is a powerful tempo play that messes with all decks and sets them back.
  • Having a 3-power flying creature available at instant speed is a big plus.

34. Arclight Phoenix

It only takes flight when the Izzet experiment with new elements.

  • It was a staple card in the previous standard format that still finds a place in the current meta.
  • It is very hard to get rid of, as it will just come back the next turn to deal a ton of damage.
  • Still an okay creature even if played out of hand.

33. Angel of Grace

My guardian angel.

  • A powerful flying creature on its own, the abilities make it just so much better.
  • It can turn any game around if played at the right moment.

32. Cavalier of Dawn

It rides at dawn.

  • It’s a big powerful creature for a relatively low cost.
  • It can remove any threat albeit with a minor downside, but it can also get you a 3/3 golem if you destroy one of your less relevant permanents.
  • In the right deck it can devastate your opponent.

31. Cavalier of Gales

It appears for a moment between the waves.

  • It’s a flying 5/5 creature that has to be addressed quickly and even when it dies it still does something!
  • The ETB ability restocks your hand well and sets up your next few turns.

30. Cavalier of Night

That's why there's a curfew.

  • The best of the three riders featured in this list.
  • There is no real downside to playing the Cavalier of Night in any black deck.
  • It stops most aggressive decks in their tracks due to the lifelink ability.

29. Trostani Discordant

The magic of the dryads is powerful and healing.

  • It buffs your whole battlefield and provides a few extra creatures to fill out your field even more. It’s great in conjunction with March of the Multitudes.
  • The second ability of this creature absolutely wrecks some decks.

28. Frilled Mystic

I think not.

  • This is a guaranteed 2 for one basically as it produces a creature and counters any spell.
  • One of the most powerful tempo plays in the current meta.
  • A staple creature in simic flash decks.

27. Wicked Wolf

Oh yes, this one bites.

  • It removes most creatures with mana cost four or less.
  • In conjunction with food tokens it can grow quickly and stays an ever-present threat due to the ability to turn indestructible at a whim.

26. Priest of Forgotten Gods

She worships the forgotten ones.

  • With the right number of recurring creatures and sacrifice fodder, this creature will take over the game.
  • A staple card in all aristocrats decks that are taking over the current meta.

25. Mayhem Devil

Devilish is the word.

  • This creature wreaks havoc in the jund food deck.
  • With the right amount of sacrifices it can deal a huge amount of damage over time.
  • Often times the Devil will swing the game heavily in your favour as it enters the battlefield.

24. Biogenic Ooze

Never stops growing, does it?

  • It just multiplies for a relatively low mana cost.
  • It will take over a game when left on the battlefield for too long.
  • It grows at the end of your turn. Great flavour!

23. Nightpack Ambusher

We're surrounded.

  • This creature will wreck you so hard. Once this creature hits the floor in a simic flash deck you need to remove it instantly or it will roll over you.
  • In multitudes, the Ambusher will end a game very quickly.
  • It’s very hard to deal with as it’s mostly played in decks that most often have a response to your plays.

22. Gadwick, the Wizened

Welcome to my magic show.

  • This is a true monster in blue decks. It will tap all your opponent’s creatures each combat and draw you a handful of cards if played for a bit more mana.
  • Opponents often forget about his second ability.
  • This will stall the board and make way for your other creatures to attack.

21. Runaway Steam-Kin

Your refrigerator is running. Oh, wait.

  • It appears small and harmless at first, but this card can quickly go out of control.
  • This creature enables a red aggressive deck to potentially empty their hand on turn three and just steamroll over your health points.
  • It is absolutely vital in a red deck and is thus so high on this list.

20. Rankle, Master of Pranks

It's just a prank, bro!

  • Rankle has many abilities for such a low cost.
  • If Rankle is played at the right moment, he can take over the game. You will not be able to keep a creature on the battlefield while taking 3 flying damage per turn and discarding cards.

19. Venerated Loxodon

Stay still while I heal your wounds.

  • It can be played very early and has a big impact on the board at such an early state of the game.
  • It’s a real staple card in any aggressive white deck.

18. Shifting Ceratops

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

  • This creature is a powerhouse in any aggressive green deck.
  • It’s big and has an abundance of abilities to choose from.
  • Can’t be countered and it will just obliterate any blue deck.

17. Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

And my axe.

  • Torbran makes all your red SOURCES do 2 more damage. That is insane as red is already capable of doing a lot of damage very quickly.
  • This card combined with a Cavalcade of Calamity is enough to just end you there and then.

16. Massacre Girl

Last one standing wins.

  • She will clear the board anytime she enters the battlefield and will leave a 4/4 body with menace behind.
  • The ability needs some getting used to but once you got the maths down, the bodies hit the floor every time.

15. Murderous Rider

Ride with me.

  • It can get rid of the peskiest creatures and planeswalkers easily with the adventure side of the card.
  • The great thing about this card is lifelink, a big butt and it doesn’t really die as it just goes back on the bottom of your library, potentially giving you another go at removing stuff.
  • So far it has been included in every black deck in the meta and is the most common source of removal in standard.

14. Kenrith, the Returned King

Baby, I'm back!

  • As a true King, he rules over all colours with a staple ability for each of the five colours in magic.
  • The way he is currently played in Fires of Invention decks, Kenrith slays so hard. Being able to play this card and activate any of its abilities in the same turn is insane.

13. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

The justice system has gotten an overhaul lately.

  • If anything, this card is not just. At least not for the opponent.
  • Aurelia is the quintessential angel of the Boros colours. She truly takes over the game in the right deck.

12. God-Eternal Bontu

The gods demand a sacrifice.

  • Bontu draws all the cards, has manace, is big and considering his mana cost, is an absolute beast.
  • In conjunction with Mayhem Devil, it is possible to clear the board when Bontu hits the battlefield.
  • Even with all of the extra text removed, Bontu is still a very powerful creature for five mana.

11. Feather, the Redeemed

Don't run, I'll help you redeem yourself.

  • Feather has a deck built around it, enough said.
  • The ability on this card is just so mind-bogglingly amazing that it deserves a high place on this list. Although, admittedly it doesn’t work outside a dedicated deck.

10. Thief of Sanity

It stalks the visitors of the asylum. They always return, just one more time.

  • There was a time when if Thief of Sanity resolved and you had no way to remove it before it dealt damage you just conceded to spare yourself the pain.
  • It might not be a big and crazy creature, but the ability it carries is one of the most powerful in the game.

9. Hydroid Krasis

How many heads can you count, sir?

  • Hydroid Krasis can be as big as you can afford it to be.
  • Even when this creature is countered, its ability still resolves so not much was lost.
  • A staple in most U/G decks.

8. Sephara, Sky’s Blade

I have to protect my followers.

  • Sephara is a big, expensive, flying creature that makes all other creatures with flying indestructible.
  • It can be played early by tapping other flying creatures, kind of like Venerated Loxodon but with a crazier ability.

7. Agent of Treachery

Whatever they're offering you, I'll double it.

  • This creature is expensive, but not very big. Its ability is huge though.
  • Stealing the most powerful permanent that your opponent has on the battlefield is often a game ending play.

6. Rotting Regisaur


  • This is a true definition of a powerful creature.
  • Plain and simple, a low-cost huge creature with great stats.
  • Although it has a significant downside, it is still such a strong turn three play that it is always worth it.

5. Realm-Cloaked Giant

Come under the covers.

  • Everything about this creature is powerful.
  • It is big and very hard to deal with, if you don’t have removal.
  • It removes your entire battlefield with the adventure side of the card.

4. Questing Beast

The king of the forest.

  • Questing Beast is just unfair. It only gets the fourth place because it costs four and has four power and toughness.
  • It’s big, it doesn’t cost much, it has a ton of relevant abilities and it looks cools as hell.

3. God-Eternal Oketra

Join me and become immortal.

  • Oketra is truly a godlike creature.
  • The stats on this card are amazing, the mana cost is reasonably low and the ability just takes it all a step beyond.
  • Oketra will take over the battlefield and then when you remove her, she will come back a few turns later to do it all again.

2. End-Raze Forerunners

They won't stop until they feel safe.

  • This creature is not played in any standard decks but holy hell is it strong if you get to resolve it.
  • This card can unleash so much damage in one turn that it deserves a number two spot on this list.
  • I just hope this gets a deck someday.

1. Niv-Mizzet, Parun

It recognizes no authority, but it excercies authority over all.

  • It is crazy how good Niv-Mizzet is. It can’t be countered and any play you make against it will cost you something, be it life, a small creature or even a planeswalker if its loyalty points are low enough.
  • Getting to draw a card each time any player casts an instant or sorcery is beyond crazy and will most likely win you the game.
  • Niv-Mizzet is one of those cards that has to be removed as soon as it enters the battlefield.

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