[Top 25] MTG Arena Most Powerful Green Cards

MTG Arena Most Powerful Green Cards
We don't need lands only ramp

Green is one of my favorite colors in the game to use. It represents the harmony of nature throughout the multiverse. The power of stomping behemoths and elves are under your command. Sure, you may be called a tree hugger, but you can send in the elementals to hug them to death. Ramping up and casting explosive spells are what this color does best. Show off that primal rage with this list of the most powerful green cards. 

25. Moss Viper

This is a nope rope

A good old fashioned danger noodle with deathtouch. A small cheap snake that can be valuable. 

What is great about Moss Viper?

  • This creature is a one-drop
  • It has deathtouch
  • Great for eliminating threats

24.Commune with Dinosaurs

Who’s a good boy?

Life finds a way, for one mana of course. This card helps you find those dinos that you want or a land.

What is great about Commune with Dinos?

  • Allows you to get a land or a dino
  • Let’s you dig through your deck for what you need
  • Cheap to cast 

23.Pollenbright Druid

Time to multiply

Putting counters down and raising them up since last year. A two drop worth having.

What is great about Pollenbright Druid?

  • Two-drop
  • Allows you to place counters on creatures
  • Proliferate to give more counters 

22.Knight of the Stampede

Yabba Dabba Dooo

The whispers always entertain roars. Dino ramp for the win. 

What is great about Knight of the Stampede?

  • Reduces the cost of dinosaurs 
  • Has a high toughness to make it a good blocker
  • Four mana for extra ramp

21.Colosal Dreadmaw

Aggressively chomps at you 

The biggest common dinosaur in Ixalan. A staple of Ixalan draft for its power and toughness. 

What is great about Colossal Dreadmaw? 

  • This creature has trample
  • A 6/6 for six is a fair trade 
  • Great blocker even better attacking

20.Hunt the week

It reminds me of the hunt

The hunt is on at sorcery speed. Make creatures fight and empower one of your own

What is great about Hunt the Weak?

  • Can be used to kill threats
  • Allows the creature to get bigger
  • Having your creature take damage can trigger effects

19.Evlish ArchDruid

Elves of the world unite 

A mana dork and an elf anthem. This card is the definition of value

What is great about Elvish Archdruid?

  • cost three mana 
  • adds mana equal to the amount of elves you control
  • Buffs all other elves on the board 

18.Evolution Sage

We are out numbered but not for long 

Proliferating uncommon from war of the spark. Landfall but without actually calling it that 

What is great about Evolution Sage?

  • Proliferate whenever a land enters the board
  • can proliferate any amount of targets 
  • cost three mana 

17.Allosuars Shepard

Roar till death!

A card that cannot be countred that stops countering. Maximum value personified 

What is great about Allosuars Shepard?

  • one mana to cast 
  • it cannot be countered
  • all green spells cannot be countered 

16.Migratory Greathorn

It has a horn, it is pretty great

Mutate is what the growth of green in all about. It can even get you more lands 

What is great about Migratory Greathorn?

  • 4 mana to cast 
  • can mutate onto another creature
  • when it mutates you may deploy a land from your deck

15. Auspicious starrix 

The most beautiful elk in all the land 

An elk that loves to help other beasts in the wild. Weather as the host or mutation it is a powerful green card

What is great about Starrix?

  • Powerful mutate ability 
  • can mutate onto any nonhuman
  • the ability stacks if you have multiple mutated on the same host

14. Gilded Goose

Honk! Honk!

The goose that let oko break loose. An excellent form of ramp.

What is great about Gilded Goose?

  • Turn one play 
  • Provides ramp 
  • Can make more food for more mana 

13.Llanowar elves

Tree Huggers for the win 

One of the oldest and best mana dorks in the game. One mana for one mana is a perfectly balanced trade.

What is great about Llanowar Elves? 

  • The definition of ramp
  • Perfect turn one play
  • Only costs one mana 


Damage is your friend

This card has amazing combo power and loves to take damage. Whether used for blocking or attacking it can become a real problem real quick.

What is great about Polyraptor? 

  • Makes clones wherever it gets hurt
  • The toughness makes it harder to kill
  • Able to go infinite with the right cards 

11.Verdant Sun’s Avatar

Let the sun share it’s light 

The sun’s avatar glows bright in the arena. Gaining life is something even the dinosaurs could do.

What is great about Verdant Sun’s Avatar?

  • Gain life for having creatures enter the board 
  • Counts tokens too 
  • Allows you to gain life when it enters the board 

10.Renata, Called to the Hunt

The hunt is on

Theros worships the huntress for her spreading of power. Pile up the counters and stomp them out.

What is great about Renata?

  • The more green on your board the stronger she gets
  • Makes other creatures stronger with counters
  • Costs only 4 mana 

9.Questing Beast 

Stomp them out

Eldraine has many beasts but this one is legendary. A fun card that is amazing for it’s cost and aggressive.

What is great about Questing Beast?

  • The beast has haste 
  • Can’t be blocked by small boys
  • Deathtouch makes him very scary to block

8.Craterhoof Behemoth 


The biggest beast!

Flood the board with creatures and watch them all become devastating hitters. The fact that it has haste just makes this card even more ridiculous 

What is great about Craterhoof?

  • He has haste 
  • Gives other creatures trample
  • Makes your creatures big boys

7.Nissa, Who Shakes the World

The land awakens when she calls

An amazing static ability for one of the most famous green planeswalkers in the game. Watch the trees sing and even roar with her under your command.

What is great about Nissa?

  • Doubles your mana 
  • Makes lands become creatures
  • Allows you to play all your forests in your deck

6.Ghalta, Primal Hunger 

Godzillas younger cousin

If godzilla wasn’t already this would be a solid doppelganger. Unleash that primal rage with one of the most ferocious beasts of Ixalan.

What is great about Ghalta?

  • Reduces its own cost 
  • Wrecks hard with a large stomp
  • Ghalta has trample

5.God-Eternal, Rhonas 

Twice the stomping power 

After being turned into a zombie Rhonas came stomping into the war. Use his ability to double the power of everything you have for hard wrecking damage. 

What is great about Rhonas?

  • Has deathtouch 
  • When it enters, it doubles all your creatures powers 
  • If it dies or is exiled, you get to put it back in your deck


Lands have feelings too

One of the best legendary creatures in the set and an amazing commander. The power it offers is something needed to keep pace with a lot of threats out in the arena right now.

What is great about this card?

  • Turns every creature into a land 
  • It’s power and toughness are equal to the amount of forests you control
  • can be an amazing commander 

3)Ancient Greenwarden 

Landfall triggers twice

This card is expensive to cast but once it is out the land will rise to compensate. Doubling value is always a great way to earn one of the top 5 cards in the entire set

What is great about this card?

  • Doubles landfall triggers 
  • It has reach 
  • It is a 5/7 tank of a creature 

2)Scute Swarm 

Bugs are the bane of the roil

The insect that is so good it should be banned. Look at that effect and imagine it gets doubled.

What is great about this card?

  • Spawns in hoards of tokens with landfall
  • Can be mutated to make even stupider overpowered tokens 
  • The tokens are exact copies that are extremely difficult to stop without a board wipe

1)Lotus Cobra 

This is a danger noodle 

The best card in this set is a mana generator. You can’t have any of these bombs go off without the mana to cast it. 

What is great about this card?

  • Landfall ability gives you more mana 
  • It is a two drop
  • Spectacular piece of ramp 


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